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Chinese creators from Easy Tech produced the worldwide strategy game World Conqueror 4 with the Cold War and World War II as its themes. Become a military commander and actively participate in the conflict. The player starts his journey to the pinnacles of power around the world by selecting one of the contending nations. In order to succeed, a country must build up an army that is equipped for battle and create diplomatic ties with other nations.
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World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk v1.5.8 Unlock All Levels Download

World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk is distinct from playing other strategy games. The game’s fights take place on a world map that has been miniatured in order to accurately and thoroughly depict a worldwide battlefield. From there, the player can show off his abilities and strategies for commanding the battlefield. You are free to select your own allies or fascists before the game even begins. The player can entirely alter the scenario and overturn the war’s outcomes in the story, therefore picking a side is not crucial. After all, this is a cerebral and strategic game.

Chinese creators from Easy Tech produced the worldwide strategy game World Conqueror 4 with the Cold War and World War II as its themes. Become a military commander and actively participate in the conflict. The player starts his journey to the pinnacles of power around the world by selecting one of the contending nations. In order to succeed, a country must build up an army that is equipped for battle and create diplomatic ties with other nations.

Developed by EASY TECH, World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk is the most recent game to be made available. We will continue to design and produce the finest war system distraction. When compared to other types, crucial war games are also incredibly engaging and demand strategy from the player. World Conqueror 4 is the most recent game in EasyTech’s World Conqueror series, one of the war game series that any player who likes the methodology kind is interested in. I’m also here to introduce you to this captivating war strategy game.

We, humans, have engaged in conflict resolution through violence from the dawn of time. Even though there is no longer any battle, each soldier’s recollections of the tragedy still exist. Numerous natural disasters were brought on by the country’s economic hardships, the conflict, and the suffering it inflicted on those who remained. When no other course of action is available, people resort to war. Talented individuals can demonstrate their innate leadership abilities in times of war.

In contrast, four separate strategy games have offended four different world champions. Find a complete and thorough global war game with little models simulating battles on the world map. The player can then demonstrate their command of strategy on the battlefield. You must select the right of their own allies or fascists before the game can begin. But though players do not entirely alter the situation, this is significant because the choosing side changes the course of the war in history. World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk

Thousands of people will be fighting alongside you as a strong military leader, but they will be fighting to rule, not to fight. Win the battle Excellent match and overwhelming opponent presence. includes artillery, missiles, tanks, aircraft, submarines, ships, and marines in-game. Look for enemy bases, ports, food-interaction points, and other significant intersections. Careful consideration of the chosen weapon’s attributes is necessary to maintain the balance of forces and avoid losing the weak enemy, who is not a formidable opponent for the teams on the weak side.

Compared to its predecessors, World Conqueror 4 mod apk for Android is a mobile application that focuses more on military tactics. The gameplay offers expanded options for creating their combat force, a variety of resources, and dozens of different possible outcomes in addition to outstanding visualization. Here, you will gain knowledge of the most important military campaigns of the middle of the 20th century and have the opportunity to participate directly by taking on the role of a warrior commander. You can also download Bloons TD 6 Mod Apk.

Practice shows that it is easy to take and capture the city as a variant, at least, ineffective. It can create a lot of losses and diminish your influence all over the world, and to rise from the knees and return the power; it’s a matter of impossible. You will therefore be tasked with first coming up with the best possible maneuvers. Being a military leader requires you to think critically and attempt to see things that a regular combatant would not be able to. To master the standard techniques, you can pass a training battle. It will highlight the most egregious tactical mistakes.

Our history lessons were primarily focused on discussing military strategies. Then you tell yourself, “They would have won if only they had done this and that.” Why don’t you test your strategies to the limit? Use World Conqueror 4 APK to execute your strategies without having to engage in combat. Because they lack a compelling story that we can connect to, strategy games lose our attention. With World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk, you can recreate significant historical events that were previously only depicted in literature and film, so that will never happen.

The player’s talents will be put to the ultimate test in this military game. The player doesn’t want to cope with a complicated user interface or controls. EasyTech, the game’s creator, was considerate enough to leave out those unneeded concerns. World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk user interface (UI) is very easy to use. The user will have no trouble finding what they need. Whether it be in-game options, a shop, or army upgrades. The controls in the game are also made to be easy to 25use and the appropriate size to prevent you from pressing the incorrect button and destroying your entire strategy.

You may play the RTS (Real-Time Strategy) video game World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk on Android. You take on the role of a war general in this game, commanding troops to battle on the front lines. This game’s historical backdrop is the conflict in the first and second world wars. You can command a wide variety of soldiers, weaponry, and war machines in this game. encompassing both contemporary and first world war relic weapons.

As in the first three installments of the franchise, World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk pits players against armies of various superpowers. Following your decision to support one of them, you must engage in combat, diplomatic discussions, and military alliances. As an alternative, you may make your own to intensify your attacks on neighboring states. With the aid of more than 230 renowned generals, the battle for global dominance. You can benefit from their individual talents, military knowledge, and strategies. In order to successfully deal with a vast arsenal of weapons, military hardware, and contemporary military innovations, developers supplied a variety of missions and tasks.

A smart strategic game among the many android games is World Conqueror 4 Mod APK. In contrast to other android strategy games, this one features a global battlefield, traditional action, appealing graphics, and a lot more. By creating an intriguing military tactic, the creator makes sure that game enthusiasts have a fantastic time. The addition of a reward in the form of medals would provide the player with even more incentive to succeed in the game.

A video game called World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk is based on historical occurrences, particularly the bloody battles of World War 2. On a global basis, there is a conflict going on that is killing a lot of innocent people. Conflicts between several nations are the main reason for wars, and the commander will decide how those murders will proceed. You will now get the chance to see the fierce battles firsthand and lead a nation as its leader. The game not only keeps you entertained, but it also provides you with a wealth of knowledge on historical wars that will help you comprehend them better. Everything has been meticulously recreated to give you the impression that you are traveling back in time.

The weapon systems will start and load to prepare for war as soon as you declare that you will attack any nation. Since weapons are essential in combat, World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk has provided you with a sizable selection of extremely potent weaponry. The majority of weapons are extremely destructive and cause significant damage, easily wiping out an entire region. Nuclear weapons are the only things that can kill and cause fear in everyone, not only guns or atomic bombs. Each victory will help you get several advantages and increase your territory.

Because many users haven’t utilized the customized version of the World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk on their cellphones, many people are perplexed when they hear about it. This version, however, is merely a customized game that will provide you with

a ton of premium features that are exclusive to it that you can use to completely dominate any stage or level of the game. The fact that you have an endless amount of money, men, weaponry, and weapons is what I enjoyed best about this edition. Additionally, this updated version was created by highly qualified programmers, so you don’t need to worry about upgrades or bug-related difficulties because everything has already been addressed.

Since every combat in this game is on a global scale, you can predict how harsh and fiercely contested it will be over time. The fact that the World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk hacked version is based on many real-world events is its strongest feature. It becomes quite obvious what kinds of methods you need to employ to remain ahead of your adversaries and save your troops in the bloodiest war you will ever witness as you play the game that previously occurred in history. There are many missions because more than 100 excellent campaigns that are based on historical events exist.

World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk

What is World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk?

You may play the RTS (Real-Time Strategy) video game World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk on Android. You take on the role of a war general in this game, commanding troops to battle on the front lines. This game’s historical backdrop is the conflict in the first and second world wars.

You can command a wide variety of soldiers, weaponry, and war machines in this game. encompassing both contemporary and first world war relic weapons.

To win the fight on every battlefield, you must have the flexibility to combine various military tactics. To be able to defeat any foe that stands in your way, build a powerful and deadly army.


There are two primary gaming modes in World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk. You must go through the battles in the campaign mode, which are ordered from simple to challenging objectives. With over 1000 missions available, this campaign mode will take you through two world wars and a number of other historical engagements. You will be allocated a nation on the map, your army’s commander when you are in conquest mode. Here, your main goal is to rise to power and conquer other nations.World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk

Features of World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk:

Play Using Several Strategies

The gameplay of this game is really sophisticated, therefore you must play it with a lot of methods, tips, and techniques in order to fully conquer the globe. You must build an army and conquer numerous cities in order to fully rule the world.

100 Incredible Campaigns

You will find many campaigns in this game that are so exciting and exhilarating, as well as more than a hundred distinct campaigns that are really difficult. You must complete all of these campaigns in order to control the planet and the cities.

Learn from your victories and defeats in battle.

Because this game requires a lot of technical skill and is challenging to play, you will both succeed and fail to play it. Since you must learn the game by playing it once or twice, you will fail and have to restart the game from scratch.

Create A Strong Army

In this game, you must create your own powerful army by choosing the most fiercely competitive players. You must be extremely picky when choosing army members because the success of your entire strategy rests on the strength of your army.

Take the medals home once you’ve won

There are a total of 12 medals available in this game, and by winning them, you can also unlock in-game skills. You will also receive a lot of other things after finishing the game and campaigns. In this game, there are 42 skills that you must acquire by earning medals.

A substantial map for the players

In order to win the game, you must make use of the huge map that is offered to you as you explore the 50 various nations represented by the game’s 230 generals and 216 Army units.

Construct Your Army in Command

A loyal army is a first and most important thing that a good general needs. No military power in the world can defeat a general if he has a powerful, devoted, and loyal army at his back. As a result, you must first prepare your force in headquarters. In order to carry out their training, this place is meant to offer defense and a tranquil setting.

Create Your Army in the Headquarters

A godly general’s loyal army is the first and most important basic requirement. No army in the world can beat a general if they are supported by a powerful, devoted, and committed army. You must therefore first prepare your army in headquarters. This location’s function is to offer protection and a tranquil setting so that they can complete their training.

Give your officers rewards

The majority of individuals on this planet naturally desire recognition and compensation for their service. Additionally, it serves as a source of inspiration for more productive work. In this instance, you will give out awards to both officers and soldiers. Their morale will rise as a result. You will earn a reputation as a caring commander thanks to this deed. Your militaries will all be devoted to you.

World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk

Boost Your Ordinance

A strong army’s weapons and supplies are one of its distinguishing characteristics. The entirety of a soldier’s equipment consists of these weapons and ammo. You now have the added responsibility of giving them access to modern weapons and ammunition. You will be able to peer into your enemy’s eyes once you have enough reservoirs of these weapons.

Expand the potential for conflict

One of the qualities of a strong leader is that he maintains a careful eye on every facet of combat. When you foresee the horrors of war, you take all the necessary precautions, such as building a sizable arsenal, and a sizable supply of food and water, training your soldiers rigorously and assigning precise duties to each officer. A strong general in times of conflict will primarily take all of these possibilities into account.

Free and open funds

In the official version, you have to work extremely hard to make more money so that your army can function, which appears rather taxing. However, our modified version, which gives you infinite money, solves this problem.

You can upgrade all of your combat potential with this money. You can also access a lot of premium features. With the help of this currency, you may reward your leaders and skilled warriors in numerous ways. Therefore, you are not required to pay anything to use any aspect of this game.

Become a major battle General

It’s challenging to run a gang when engaged in combat. Please read the advice before engaging in combat. You must choose among the top generals. Give soldiers all the resources they need, including food and water. Wisley employs all the resources. But you can control everything very simply. Spread your army around the land and take over whatever location you like.

Setting or History

The engaging game World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk is set in the past. The game’s content also has historical elements. You can rule anywhere, not just in a certain area. Keep an eye on your adversaries and watch for openings to attack. For instance, you can easily deploy firepower to demolish the enemy base when a contender’s morale is low. You can discover the best accommodation at the towers of rivals, which include more than 40 missions and 230 senior generals. After you triumph in combat, you will also receive medals.

Improve Your Team

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you should enhance all of your teammates. Update your infantry, ammo, rockets, infantry tanks, nuclear weapons, and so forth. Additionally, don’t forget to select force captions with high power. You will chastise in conflicts alongside aviation, bombs, and nuclear missiles. Your soldiers’ strength and power are greatly increased by medals. Protect your bases and shoot down any missiles that are headed for your towers.

Images and audio

The game’s graphics are its most amazing feature. In terms of visualization effects, this version outperforms the previous three-game iterations. More beautiful and cozy effects will be yours to experience. Real-world warfare is suggested by the background music and fast pace. It also has a recognizable user interface and vibrant backdrop colors. The game’s controls are fairly straightforward. There are no problems with moving about freely.

World conqueror unlocks everything

There is nothing to purchase in the revised version. You can shop for nothing. Unlock all of the game’s strategies, awards, and maps, in addition. All of the generals are unlockable. Erich von, Dwight Eisenhower, and Georgy Zhukov are the three top-rated generals in the game. You can participate in the game’s automatic warfare mode

Player Reviews:

Very difficult, and makes you think a lot. extremely challenging to learn and perfect. The best mobile game I’ve ever played is this one. Period. 200 hours have been devoted to it. I easily defeated 1939 and 1943, but 1950 is just too challenging for me.

This is fantastic! I spent a lot of time playing World Cup 3 and really enjoyed it. I only now discovered that the new one was created last year. I quickly understood that it does exist.

World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk


What nation is the simplest in World Conqueror 4?

Yay! Spain: The most straightforward two-star conquest in 1939. Assault Toulouse in Europe first, then when the French troops in Dakar are ready, wait for them to attack your small army in Africa. Once you’ve vanquished the French army, start attacking all of Africa’s cities.

What World Conqueror 4 general is the best?

Panzer and Guderian The best commander in the game is Guderian. With the three best panzer skills in the game, plus the option to add machinist and rumor, nothing can stop him.

How is 1943 World Conqueror 4 unlocked?

1943 is the second conquest that is reachable. It becomes available after finishing all of the Second World War: European Theatre Scenarios.

In World Conqueror 4, how does one accumulate collections?

The Collection is made up of the General Medals earned through completing Achievements. These Medals can be worn by generals to aid in the development of the corresponding skills. Completing dominance missions, conquest levels, or marvel milestones are the main ways to acquire medals.

Which generals in World Conqueror 4 should I purchase?

The best starting general in the game, Messe may help you with daily invasions as a commander of tanks or an infantry unit (but don’t upgrade him). When you get Guderian, you should swap him out and get an 80% return.

What are the World Conqueror 4 tasks?

In Domination mode, missions are regular tasks that grant the player resources. Every day or after it is finished, the mission is updated. You must raise your ability, skill, and military rank in order to receive more rewards after completing the assignment.

In World Conqueror 4, how do you enhance your technology?

There is a bar at the top of Conquests that represents your current technological level. The meter will fill up and your technological level will increase as you create and upgrade Institutes, allowing you to access new structures and upgrades for your Cities and Strongholds.

In World Conqueror 4, how do wonders function?

The third portion of the map has wonders, which are places where you can go to enhance your combat, accumulate more resources over time, or acquire achievements. In rare circumstances, a wonder must be recreated after it has been opened. The wonder will continue to help people long after it has been repaired.


This game is perfect for you if you enjoy playing World War II-themed games and are looking for a good strategy game. With World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk, you have the ability to command your army and direct them to victory.

Before attacking an enemy’s position, you must develop a strategy since, without a sound plan, you risk losing the battle. If you enjoy the game’s hacked version, then.

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