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The Nextwave Multimedia studio created and distributed WCC Lite Mod APK. The developer is concentrating on multiplayer and casual games. It is a stand-alone division of Nazara Technologies, the top mobile game publisher in India. They began in 2015 with the intention of creating games, digital content, and toolkits for creators. The developer has served more than 200 casual games as a publisher. Overall, they have over 100 million downloads and 17 accolades. Nextwave Multimedia has released a total of 7 games on Google Play.
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WCC LITE MOD APK v5.7.5 (Unlimited Money/Token) Download 2022

WCC LITE MOD APK’s most played cricket game on mobile devices is called World Cricket Champion, and Wcc lite is a lighter version of it. This game’s huge popularity is a result of its excellent graphics and excellent optimization. The number of reviews for this game is in the millions, and millions of users use android devices to play it. All low-end Android devices can play this game without any issues. It features incredible 3D graphics and gaming components.

The Nextwave Multimedia studio created and distributed WCC Lite Mod APK. The developer is concentrating on multiplayer and casual games. It is a stand-alone division of Nazara Technologies, the top Mobile Game publisher in India. They began in 2015 with the intention of creating games, digital content, and toolkits for creators. The developer has served more than 200 casual games as a publisher. Overall, they have over 100 million downloads and 17 accolades. Nextwave Multimedia has released a total of 7 games on Google Play.

Play the most realistic cricket simulation game on your phone for free by downloading the most recent version of World Cricket Championship 3 MOD APK (WCC3 Mod Apk) (Unlimited Coins). You’ve probably played WCC 1 and WCC 2 at least once on your phone. In addition, the same firm that created your favorite cricket games, such as WCC Rivals, CSK Battle of Chepauk 2, WCC Lite, WCC Lt, WCC 2, and others, also created the WCC3 unlimited coins MOD APK. Now that you know how fantastic the WCC3 MOD APK limitless is, let’s discuss it. I’ll explain how to get the WCC3 NPL to unlock the MOD APK in this post.

Everyone can agree that they all played cricket as children. Everyone enjoys playing cricket, however, nowadays everyone is too busy to play on the pitch. The WCC3 MOD APK NPL Auction Unlocked app is a means to play cricket with your preferred team on your phone. Your preferred team is now available for play. You may play cricket on your phone whenever you want, from wherever, thanks to the WCC3 Unlimited Coins MOD APK.


We are aware of your love of cricket. Therefore, we have placed the top Android cricket game in your hand. Nextwave Multimedia created the World Cup Championship Lt game. More than 50 million people have downloaded this game. Even now, the number of downloads is rising steadily. Additionally, it has a 4.2 rating on the Google Play store. It has been presented in a variety of ways by the World Cricket Championship Lt Mod Apk producers, surprising you and giving you the impression that you are playing a real game. So use the fantastic multiplayer mode to find hard games and raise your score.

A lighter version of the WCC game, the WCC Lite Mod Apk, may be played on mobile devices with as little as 512 MB of RAM. However, despite its compact size, the WCC Lite contains all the characteristics of the WCC, therefore no functions have been sacrificed. You can do a tonne of stuff in this game. The only game that you can play at any time is quick matches. You simply launch the game in these and choose any team and opponent you like. Set the various options, including the number of overs, pitch, and stadium. And you’re all set to go.

WCC LITE MOD APK is an absolutely realistic sports game where you play cricket. The game’s creators devoted attention to both the gameplay and a realistic chart that will impress you right away. However, the game requires a significant amount of resources, which your device should have. If you’re a fan of sports games, the game WCC2 mod apk will keep you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning.


One of the best Android cricket games is WCC LITE MOD APK, which has a tonne of incredible features. In the game, you can play matches with any of your favorite cricket teams. The game offers a variety of game styles, including ODI, Tournament, Test Match, and T20 series.

You can adjust the time of day and night for your match. The Hindi commentary option in this game is its finest feature. To make it sound more professional, you can enable Hindi commentary or switch to using English voice commentary.


You don’t need to wait for cash or tickets to play the game because this version of the Walk Cricket Academy Lite Mod Apk has infinite amounts of both. By including various players, such as Stick Cricket, in this game, you can assemble your own cricket squad. You can decide on their roles in each segment later and determine their costumes.

You’re in luck if you enjoy watching T20 cricket leagues because you can do so right now from this location! Additionally, you can daily spin a wheel to win some pretty awesome things. For the game, are you prepared? Play the game now. It was created with cricket enthusiasts in mind. When a batsman in this game smacks a sixer or four, it is a wonderful sensation.



You may use a lot of fantastic features in the WCC LITE MOD APK. Now let’s discuss them. You may hear the match commentator in this game. They will be provided by a well-known cricket commentator. The athlete will receive support from everyone who likes them. The player will feel good about himself and play better as a result. Additionally, WCC LITE MOD APK contains a tonne of features that I won’t go into here because you should just download it and use them all for yourself.

The mode’s type

You can use it in more than one mode. You may play in a variety of settings with the WCC3 MOD APK, including career mode, overseas leagues, and more! There are more than 400 games available, distributed over 25 series and three brackets. Create a team of seven players by choosing seven players from each cricket-playing nation. If you choose, you can even select the team for your own nation. You can participate in every league and international match with the WCC3 MOD APK.

Control a group

Making ensuring your team is adequately managed is the most crucial aspect of league competition. Where you play and who you allow playing as a wicketkeeper, bowler, batsman, etc. are both examples of this. The WCC3 MOD APK, which features much other various stuff like that, allows you to control your squad. In the first league, you can be a captain, manager, or coach. After that, you can participate by becoming a player. You must devote a lot of time to managing your team if you want to improve it.

Playing a genuine game

You should know that the WCC MOD APK will have a very realistic playstyle if you consider how it will appear and sound. With that in mind, allow me to inform you that you can now take advantage of the 3D graphics’ realism and immersion. You can enjoy a cricket match in its entirety in this manner. You won’t let me down, I’m sure, with these captivating images. You’ll enjoy the graphics and the included WCC3 MOD APK as soon as you start playing the game. You will also receive a tonne of lovely music and sounds from it. You will hear crowd cheers.

Premium is opened up

All of a game’s premium features are available for free when you purchase the game’s premium features. Think again if you believe that you can have all of those characteristics for nothing. The WCC3 APK will come in a MOD version, which I shall demonstrate in this post. The MOD version of our website is free. You are not required to pay anything. Now is the perfect moment to download the WCC MOD APK and start taking advantage of the added features.

A lot of cash

The goal of this game is to win money. If you possess the original edition, you will receive very little of it. Therefore, you must play games and earn money in order to use the original version to earn more money. To make it simpler for you to get all the money you desire, we supplied you with the MOD version.

Now that everything is open

There are numerous options available when you download the original edition from the Play Store. Career mode, international leagues, and other things are among these. The best way to play all leagues and games is with WCC3 MOD APK. You can play all of the leagues and games on it, along with the skins.


You might notice a lot of commercials while playing the game. With WCC 3 MOD APK, you may escape those annoying commercials.

Testing Games

The idea of a test series is intriguing. In cricket, a test match is a contest between two players in which the victor takes home the trophy. A test series tries to determine whether a team performs better and has the stamina and ability necessary to win such a protracted competition. For this challenge, you can select any team or opponent you like, and if all goes according to plan, you’ll play through a full series until a winner is determined.

Incredible graphics

The game’s milder version, WCC Lite, maintains the same harsh and intense graphics. When you play it, everyone has traits that resemble their real-life counterparts, and your character has an exact replica of your appearance. The stadiums include intricate decorations on the ground and in the people seated there, making them appear exactly as realistic as they do in real life. This game is outstanding and beautiful because to the enhanced visual effects and animations.

Multiplayer Obstacles

The game also has a multiplayer mode that lets you play online against actual players. This implies that someone else is also participating in solo play and will use methods to manipulate another team in addition to you. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you scored as many runs as you could during your turn. The player with the most runs scored wins the game.

Various game modes

There are numerous different game modes to choose from. Play tournaments to collect trophies, pick your favorite team or teams, and guide them to victory in the championship round to earn hefty payouts. Playtest matches and other contests with various organizations all through the year. Which games you choose to play and why is entirely up to you.

Performing Eleven

You can choose XI players from various groups to build your team in this game, which is a fantastic feature. For instance, you could create a brand-new cricket team from scratch, give each player a name and jersey, and assign them to various positions depending on their individual skills. You can then give roles to each of these players in this manner. For instance, the batsman might be well suited for batting but not have a lot of stamina.


Different Stadium Types

The WCC LITE MOD APK hack is really entertaining, and the stadiums feel quite authentic! The stadiums in this game are incredibly realistic and stunning. The crowd can be seen supporting their preferred teams. Choose the field where you want to play and the venue that best suits your needs. There are various stadiums and fields available for you to choose from. To make your game more exciting and enjoyable, choose the weather before the play and whether it will be day or night.

Incredible Touch Controls

This game’s action is simple to control with your finger. You can play conveniently from your device thanks to the controls’ simplification for touch screens. For instance, if you are batting, you may swipe across the screen to smash the ball, or if you are the fielding captain, you can determine the length and direction of a throw. Even without these modifications, you’ll be able to fully enjoy Wcc Lite. You also have a few extra settings accessible within various modes to tailor how you wish to play.

Play for Free

There are enjoyable free games as well as games that are free. This game is a complete throwback that lets players experience the well-known sport of cricket with a contemporary spin on its rules. It’s reasonable to argue that this is one of the best cricket video games ever made, especially for those looking for something with quick-fire, arcade-style gameplay, excellent visuals, and a simulation feel akin to basketball or baseball.

Numerous Tickets

The ability to obtain infinite items in the game is one of the best features of Wcc Lite Mod. You won’t be required to pay for any of the tickets needed to take part in tournaments and elite leagues. You can immediately join any game or club because tickets are free and fully unlocked! Additionally, customizing your team’s players is cost-free and gives you access to all the tools you need.

Matches from the premium T20 league:

For cricket fans, the WCC Lite Mod for Android contains premium T20 league system matches. The software now allows you to create your own PSL, IPL, BBL, BPL, LPL, CPL, and favorite league team.

Unlock All Competitions:

For its customers, the WCC Lite Mod APK offers a variety of cricket competitions. They can now participate in free tests, ODI, t10, and t20 tournaments on their smartphone.

Premium Test Matches

Cricket is transitioning to a shorter format. The majority of players in the new generation enjoy playing T20 and ODI. Tests are important, but die-hard cricket players and fans can’t overlook them. Traditional test matches are included in the World Cricket Championship Mod APK as a result.

Exciting Mini Games

The WCC Lite Mod’s newest version APK has a tonne of mini-games for cricket fans to choose from. They can enjoy the game’s super over, 5 over, super chase, and numerous other short-format cricket modes.

Unlimited Coins

The WCC Lite Mod Android App will grant users access to an infinite supply of gold coins for their accounts. They can access premium bats, matches, games, and many other items from the store with those gold coins.

Create a Strong Playing XI

In the mod world cricket championship, you can use infinite coins to build a strong team. Other than them, all outstanding players will be easily accessible.

Quickplay & Simple Matches

You can quickly play quickplay and simple matches using the modified WCC Lite App. Challenge your friends on the app and impress them with your cricket prowess.



  • Free of Charge
  • Safe
  • Modes: Offline and Online
  • Countless Downloads
  • Easy to Play


  • File Size is Large
  • Hanging
  • really addictive
  • App Store Purchases


  • Android 4.4 or later is the minimum requirement for WCC Lite for Android.
  • Android Device Installation Needs at Least 4GB RAM
  • a strong internet connection is necessary
  • WCC Lite for Windows
  • Get the APK by visiting our website.
  • Install the “Bluestack” emulator on your device after downloading it.
  • Open the application after setting up the emulator on your computer or device.
  • Launch the game after opening the APK in the emulator.

How To Download WCC LITE MOD APK?

  • The WCC LITE MOD APK may be downloaded by clicking the button below. Once the download is complete, check for the APK in the “Downloads” section of your browser. Before installing it, make sure that third-party apps are allowed on your device.
  • The procedures for doing this are largely the same as those provided below. To enable your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store, go to Menu> Settings> Security and check the box next to Unknown Sources.
  • Go to your browser’s “Download” tab after finishing the previous step, then tap the downloaded file. Before you can begin the installation, a popup window will appear and request your consent.

How To Install WCC LITE MOD APK?

  • Install the (World Cricket Championship) MOD APK apk you obtained.
    Com.NextWave.acclimate folder should be extracted and copied to “Android/Obb/.”
  • Open the app and have fun.
  • I’m done.



Is it secure to install or download WCC Lite MOD APK?

Yes, downloading and installing a mod apk is safe. The APK does not include any malware. Please feel free to download it from our website, install it as directed, and then start playing around with your preferred style.

Does my smartphone need to be rooted before installing MOD APK?

You won’t need to root your device, though. The game may be installed without root access.

How do I install WCC Lite on my computer?

On your computer, you must download the Blueastack emulator. This program makes it simple to play Android games on a PC.

Does this version of the app differ from the first one?

No, it’s just the identical app to the first app. Because it offers all the premium capabilities, you can use our website’s services indefinitely for free.


You are now familiar with the WCC light mod apk after reading about all of its incredible features. This application is the perfect choice for you if you want to play a real-time cricket game on your Android device. So act quickly and obtain a free download of this game.

Only cricket, not football, is a sport that has a significant global following. It becomes a part of life’s culture. The semi-final match of the World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK between India and Pakistan is regarded as the most exciting cricket match in history. Additionally, the diplomatic ties between these two nations are impacted by this game.

For Android users who love sports, World Cricket Championship 2 is the greatest offline game under 100MB. Users of World Cricket Championship 2 can play baseball like players on a professional level. The game also features an online option where players can compete against other gamers. You can also download Noizz Pro Apk.

What's new

  • Small bug fixes
  • Try to complete the several achievements that have been added.
  • Your own player name can be provided.
  • statistics for user gameplay



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How to install WCC LITE MOD APK v5.7.5 (Unlimited Coins & Gems) Latest Version 2022 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded WCC LITE MOD APK v5.7.5 (Unlimited Coins & Gems) Latest Version 2022 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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