The Catapult 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money and Gems) 2022


Conquer the fun stickman throwers with their catapult slingshot structures to establish yourself as the renowned master of the castle siege. In the more than 540 levels of this free game that are waiting for you, an angry stickman will battle using gigantic combat mechanisms, siege towers, and tossing wooden structures. Protect your castle from catapults, ragdoll archers, and spearmen of various structures built using the game's use of physics.
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The Catapult 2 Mod Apk v7.1.1 (All Unlocked) Download

The Catapult 2 Mod Apk is essentially a follow-up to the popular game Stickman. One will play the role of a stickman in this game, which has a really intriguing plot. The stickman’s task is to defend his fortress from enemy assault. The participants in this game are given a catapult, which they can use to launch attacks at their foes. With the aid of the catapult, the players will be destroying the castle walls of the adversaries. This game provides its players with additional features as well. There are numerous new features that make this game even better than its previous iteration.

Conquer the fun stickman throwers with their catapult slingshot structures to establish yourself as the renowned master of the castle siege. In the more than 540 levels of this free game that are waiting for you, an angry stickman will battle using gigantic combat mechanisms, siege towers, and tossing wooden structures. Protect your castle from catapults, ragdoll archers, and spearmen of various structures built using the game’s use of physics.

Our stickman fighter now has a variety of different weapons and defenses at his disposal. In addition to using the catapult, you can also accurately fire cannonballs from the ballista to smash the assailants. At opponents, hurl stones, cannonballs, explosives, arrows, and magic shells. The latest edition of “The Catapult” has new skills. Now, in addition to a hail of cannonballs, you can also strike an opponent with lightning. The game retained a straightforward, easy control.

In the action game The Catapult 2 Mod Apk, you must throw rocks at your adversaries. The basic premise of the narrative is that your formidable castle will come under attack from catapults, trebuchets, planes, and tanks, and that’s just the beginning. Keep opponents from destroying the tower. Explore new game locations and upgrade your weapons. Install our mod apk to receive infinite funds for game purchases.

One of the best action games for developing your tactical and defensive abilities is The Catapult 2 Mod Apk . The game’s visuals are passable. Get ready for a lot of difficult fights and fun with ragdolls. The game offers two different game modes: single-player and two-player. More than ten different types of small guns with unique shells, several defensive structures, armor for your hero, and unique powers that are required on the battlefield are all available to you in the game.

The Catapult 2 Mod Apk

The Catapult 2 Mod Apk is without a doubt right for you if you enjoy casual video games, throwing games, and tower defense games. Expect many challenging battles with pirate stickmen, and build your fortress to provide the best defense against your adversaries in our informal game. If you enjoy playing two-player casual video games, you can play this game alone or with friends.

The coolest casual games featuring stickman dueling are in Catapult 2! Our social game is available for both single and two players. To protect your castle from other stickman warriors, you can fire cannonballs and stones in our new casual game. Show them what you’ve got by participating in the brand-new stickman battle casual game! The Catapult 2 Mod Apk is undoubtedly for you if you enjoy casual games, tower defense games, and tossing games. In our casual game, expect to engage in numerous difficult battles with pirate stickmen and expand your fortress to have the finest protection against your adversaries.

The Catapult 2 Mod Apk is a game developed by Game Studios BYV for Android that features some of the most alluring gameplay we’ve ever played. This intriguing game, the second in the Catapult series, lets you take on its intriguing tasks. All of the stickmen are utilized in the game, and you must employ your catapult to battle the adversaries. You may improve your catapult by following each step, and you can also expand your fortress by doing so.

The Catapult 2 Mod Apk transports you to a kingdom that is abundant in resources as well as several items of immeasurable value. Players can attack foes by shooting coordinates in addition to constructing towers for defense. The gameplay in this game is in the action genre because of this, which is also its largest differentiator. You will have a huge tower that serves as the line of defense against the enemy in each fight to defend the kingdom. Sharp arrows fired from the top of the tower will strike the opponent and kill them if you prevail or win.

An Angry Birds-inspired casual arcade game called The Catapult 2 Mod Apk follows the exploits of the infamous Stickman. It’s time to try playing as your old acquaintance in a new role if you’re a fan of the drawn guy. We will travel to the warlike Middle Ages with strange personalities, which were defined not by their balls but by brutal and terrible conflicts for new areas with the seizure of rival castles. Your citadel, however, was not an exception; a throng of adversaries hung above it, anxious to swiftly end the fight and seize the region.

What is The Catapult 2 Mod Apk?

An Android game called Catapult 2 APK replicates a Stickman using a catapult to launch an attack. The Stickman must use the catapult to demolish the castle walls and eliminate the adversaries inside the game’s castle setting. Each level in the game gets harder than the one before it. It stars Stickman, an archer who uses a catapult to protect his realm from hordes of invading troops. The game has various levels, each of which presents distinct difficulties.


Assaulting the enemy’s towers with a catapult and shell is what your stick figure character does. The adversaries aren’t grinning. They are prepared to use arrows and shells to annihilate their foe. As a result, it’s critical to aim precisely and hit their towers. As the adversaries get closer to your tower, unleash power shots on them.

The Catapult 2 Mod Apk

Features of The Catapult 2 Mod Apk:

Here are some of the most incredible gaming features:

Numerous Levels

A lot of different territories are available to play on in Catapult 2, and each one is separated into levels where you must contend with other players. You need to move quickly to avoid being taken down by your opponents.

You won’t get bored playing the game because it has more than 500 distinct levels, which makes it really enjoyable for you. Since there are so many levels, many of them will be locked. To play, you must unlock them. At the conclusion, you can win various levels and receive reward points.

Various Weapons

You can use a range of weaponry to combat your opponents in this game. In order to engage in combat with other players, you can set up various weapons, such as a catapult, a crossbow, or arrows. You will encounter tougher opponents every time you play at a new level, so you must be prepared for every new challenge.

Choose your weapon wisely because it will be your only chance of surviving the game. Choose the weapon that is best for you because each one has a different strength and strength level.


This is a fantastic element of Catapult 2 because it enables you to upgrade your weapon and increase its functionality. As the difficulty levels rise over time, upgrading is necessary. Make sure you gather enough coins to fully improve your weapon since you need to acquire coins to do so.

Your weapon’s power will increase as you complete each level since it allows you to kill more foes while still having fun. Make sure to improve your weapon to the highest level if you want to dominate The Catapult 2 Mod Apk game.

Simple to Play

Playing Catapult 2 is simple thanks to its straightforward controls. You merely need to tap the screen and shoot at your opponent to play the game. After that, you can shoot the arrow toward your foe. Your position will alter as you move up the levels, so you must have good aim to avoid being eliminated by your opponents and losing the game.

Help save your castle

In this game, you are the main character, and since your foes are attacking your castle, you must protect it. You must be an expert at your game. Only you and you alone have to take on these adversaries. In Catapult 2, you must confront your enemies because there is no other way to protect your castle.

No cost to download

Many people criticized the lack of free access to excellent apps and games. But in this one, everyone can participate. To play this game on your phone, you do not need to purchase a membership.

Unrestricted funds

In the original Catapult 2 games, you had to kill other players to get coins. A lot of money doesn’t just come along overnight. The ified version, however, does not require you to acquire coins because there are an infinite number of them available for usage at all times since they never expire. The ified version is the better choice if you desire infinite coins.

The Catapult 2 Mod Apk

Without ads

While playing the basic edition of a game, you will see adverts that will disturb you, but the version gives the players entire tranquility. Due to the absence of adverts in the apk version, players will not see pop-ups or videos, allowing uninterrupted play of The Catapult 2 Mod Apk game. It’s fantastic that you can play the game in its current form without having to turn off adverts.

Accessed Features

As was already mentioned, Catapult 2 is a vast game, thus many things, including the stages and weaponry, will be locked. The version, however, has it completely unlocked. This means that since the game’s features are completely free, you can play at any level and with any weapon. The version has no restrictions, so you can play Catapult 2 however you like.

The game is playable with or without the Internet

The Catapult 2 Mod Apk allows players to fully immerse themselves in the mobile game even if they prefer an offline experience on their mobile devices. This indicates that you can play the game and access all of its features without having an Internet connection. For gamers who are playing outside and don’t want to use their mobile data, this is really advantageous.

Play for nothing

Despite all the exciting features, Android players who download The Catapult 2 Mod Apk will have free access to the fantastic Mobile Game. This indicates that the Google Play Store will now have access to the game for download. Google Play Store is accessible without cost.

Take advantage of our fully unlocked gameplay

Additionally, we provide a modified version of The Catapult 2 Mod Apk that provides you access to unlocked game features, no adverts, limitless money, and much more. This allows players to completely experience the exhilarating game. Simply download The Catapult 2 APK from our website, install it, and then follow the on-screen instructions to play.

Various weapons

An improved version of The Catapult is available now. You get access to newer, more potent weaponry in this game. Weapons including the thunder, cannon, arrow, and more are unlocked. Additionally, you’ll need to strengthen your defenses, therefore you’ll need to purchase items like the magic shield. Of course, you’ll start out with subpar weaponry, but as you advance, you can purchase more. The most crucial factor is having enough money to purchase additional weaponry.

Countless levels

You can play a tonne of levels in The Catapult 2 Mod Apk. You’ll begin with a few simple levels featuring defeatable adversaries. You only need your wooden tower, but the enemy will get stronger as you go along. There will eventually be more than one enemy present, and they will have more powerful weaponry.


You can choose from a variety of game modes in this one. The main mode is Campaign, where you go through a number of levels while attempting to protect your tower. You may get a tonne of money here to buy new weaponry. Then, in multiplayer mode, you can engage in online combat with gamers from all around the world! Show them who is in charge.


You can upgrade both your tower and yourself in The Catapult 2 Mod Apk. Upgrade your towers to increase their power, add HP, and add spaces for additional weapons. Then you can upgrade your warrior to improve his strength, armor, and hat.

Epic visuals

Despite being a 2D arcade game, The Catapult 2 Mod Apk features excellent graphics. Although the characters are represented by stick figures, the weapons are all very appealing. This game is created well overall and will be durable for a long time.

Pros of The Catapult 2 Mod Apk:

  • Any version of the software can be downloaded directly from third-party websites. You can download the one you might require from their app archives, which may contain most versions.
  • Unlike the Play Store, downloading occurs instantly; there is no need to wait for the verification process, etc.
  • After downloading, an APK file will be present in your memory card or system memory. So you don’t need to download anything each time you uninstall and reinstall.

Cons of The Catapult 2 Mod Apk:

  • Apps that are downloaded from unofficial sources are typically not approved by Google. So might damage your phone.
  • APK files may contain viruses that harm your phone or steal data from it.
  • Since Google Play Store typically doesn’t have access to it, your apps won’t immediately update.

How to Download and Install The Catapult 2 Mod Apk?

  • First, click the download option at the bottom of the article.
  • You will be directed to a download page.
  • Here, click the download button, then wait a while.
  • Go to mobile security settings now and turn on third-party apps.
  • If you already have the older version installed, remove it.
  • Finally, it will take 5 to 10 seconds to install the downloaded file in the mobile file manager.

The Catapult 2 Mod Apk


How many people have downloaded The Catapult 2 APK game?

A thrilling action game for all Android devices is THE CATAPULT 2 APK. With more than 20 million downloads on Google Play, the previous version was a huge hit, and BYV, a developer for Game Studios, has now unveiled an alluring second fantastic product.

What is included in The Catapult 2’s MOD version?

You can play for free if you use the MOD version. Your soldiers or weapons will also be considerably improved, and you will have unlimited money. Additionally, you won’t see any ads anymore. To notice the difference, try this version!

Which Catapult edition should I pick?

You should choose the Catapult 2 MOD APK version, in my opinion. In this version, you’ll find great new features that have never been available before. Everything I wanted to tell you about The Catapult 2 MOD APK is covered above. After reading it, you must have learned a lot of useful facts about this game.

Player Reviews:

It’s a shame that with the re-vamp, all of my upgrades are lost, but this is still a good game. It doesn’t matter who you are—driving a catapult tank is hilarious and worth the download. This game is much more deserving of being a stick man game thanks to all the new features that have been added. I should be playing on my PC, but I’m playing this instead. I really enjoy this game.

Become the fabled castle siege master and annihilate the amusing stickman throwers’ catapult slingshot structures. In the more than 540 levels of this free game that are waiting for you offline, the irate stickman will battle using wooden structures that may be thrown, siege towers, and massive fighting mechanisms. Protect your castle from ragdoll archers and catapults.

Final Words:

The Catapult 2 Mod Apk will give you all you’ve ever wanted and more if you’re looking for straightforward and enjoyable action games to play on a smartphone. Playing an unlimited defensive tower game will allow you to discover the fun gameplay features. Most significantly, there is no excuse to put off playing the game as it is entirely free and accessible on our website.

You should download this game without a doubt if you enjoy playing action-oriented games. In just one game, it will provide you with a good time. So simply keep killing your adversaries with your accurate shots. Download The Catapult 2 Mod APK for free today and enjoy it for free online and offline too. You can also download Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

What's new

  • Updated the store with fresh updates and merchandise;
  • Included a fresh movie describing the game's story after spring island;
  • Added fresh player-exclusive promotions;
  • Enhanced efficiency;
  • A better interface;
  • A fixed bug



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1. Tap the downloaded The Catapult 2 Mod Apk v7.1.1 (Unlimited Money and Gems) 2022 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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