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Tank combat in 3D that moves quickly on your Android Phone. Use howitzers, heat seekers, and cannons to eliminate your adversaries. Defeat crafty foes and rise to the title of Tank Hero! Features include: battling tanks across more than 120 levels; fighting tank battles across three distinct environments; campaign and survival game modes; five weapons to choose from; five different AI tank types to face off against; support for HD devices and tablets; a small download size; and a playable offline game that is entirely FREE with no consumables, time, or upgrade requirements.
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Tank Hero Mod Apk v1.9.2 (Unlimited Coins and Gems) Download

Tank Hero Mod Apk is set in a field of war tanks, and conflicts that will revitalize players on a different level. The action game that interests players of all ages will be your great retreat from your free time! The Mod APK version of this game is a terrific download because it has so many unique features to offer. Action video games can feature vehicles, weaponry, aircraft, and armies. Because it provides more than just a battle scene, the video game Tank Hero has become well-known. The tanks can be used in a variety of games, and each one is a brand-new experience!

Tank combat in 3D that moves quickly on your Android Phone. Use howitzers, heat seekers, and cannons to eliminate your adversaries. Defeat crafty foes and rise to the title of Tank Hero! Features include: battling tanks across more than 120 levels; fighting tank battles across three distinct environments; campaign and survival game modes; five weapons to choose from; five different AI tank types to face off against; support for HD devices and tablets; a small download size; and a playable offline game that is entirely FREE with no consumables, time, or upgrade requirements.

Betta Games’ arcades have steadily risen to the top because of their vibrant gameplay and compelling narratives. The majority of this developer’s games are simple to play and complete. As a result, these arcades draw Play Store consumers. Tank Hero Mod Apk is one of these games. In this action role-playing shooter, you must overcome a novel obstacle for the future: a battle between tanks. Upgrade the tanks to make them more effective in battle and take responsibility for the conduct of one of the parties on the battlefield.

Tank There are loud hero explosions, rustling leaves, a tank explosion, and earth chunks flying upward. This is a realistic representation of a tank battle. The player will engage in a large-scale conflict while operating his own battle tank against actual opponents. By equipping your battle vehicle with the best armor and weapons, you may upgrade it. The player’s rating will increase with each victory. However, if you pass away while fighting, everything will have to start over and all progress made would be lost.

The control is not too challenging, and you can move rapidly with straightforward tasks. Operate the tank by dragging and dropping it; remain stationary to launch an attack. The ability to maneuver the tank effectively is crucial to success. Use in conjunction with weaponry to increase the efficiency of taking out the opposition. Depending on the circumstances, there are modifications and implementations to go through. Give the vehicle all the combat support equipment it needs. You need to have the appropriate weapon selections depending on the type of vehicle. Go to the arena and keep up the battle phase to ensure that the enemy doesn’t survive.

Tank Hero Mod Apk

Armor Hero An arcade tank action game with thrilling combat in several places is entertaining and addictive. The player can enjoy the thrill of dynamic combat against more powerful foes. Waves of enemies assault while the user merely needs to drive his car throughout the map. when our own fire turns into the control tank. A player will have access to more than a thousand improvements that will assist him to win battles and progressing to the next level.

Tank Hero Mod Apk atmospheric tank action invites players to the battlefield to engage in combat with a large number of adversaries. Modern lasers that can obliterate the enemy with a single shot are included in the main character’s military gear. The difficulty of the environments will increase with each successive step, requiring the Android operating system used to exert itself appropriately. Additionally, the number of opponents will multiply many times, making the job undoubtedly difficult. We should also highlight the project’s top-notch graphics, which show how hard the creators have worked.

Tank Hero Mod Apk Looking for a 3D action game on your phone that moves quickly? Tank Hero will take care of you! To eliminate opponents, use howitzers, heat, cover, and cannons. Start playing Tank Hero right away and beware of cunning opponents. In the role-playing action game Tank Hero, two armies face off in frantic tank fights. The game stands out in the genre because of its special blend of organic components and novel features. This time, the gameplay’s appeal is provided by the game’s scorching scenarios, which raise the stakes and sense of urgency. To protect the world from peril, players will have to overcome a number of obstacles.

An arcade game called Tank Hero tells the tale of the tank legion. When playing on the side of justice, you face up against a plethora of foes that you can savagely assault and eliminate. Players will find it difficult to resist falling in love with Tank Hero Mod Apk right away because of its outstanding 2D graphical styles, unmatched sound effects, and user-friendly control layout. The unique feature of this game is its enormous selection of high-quality upgrades, which enables both seasoned players and beginners to appropriately customize their methods in accordance with individual preferences.

The action and arcade game Tank Hero Mod Apk, whose full name is Tank Hero A fun and addicting game, is straightforward and entertaining. It has been made available only for the Android operating system. This game’s creation, development, and distribution were handled by American Betta Games Studio, and it is now freely playable on Google Play for users all around the world. As the name implies, Hero Tank is an entertaining and compelling game.


Become a real tanker, join dangerous battles, and destroy enemies that stand in your way. Even though all of the firearms in this game are real, real tanks will be included. However, the battlefield resembles a box with numerous barriers and hostile enemies.

Everyone will be able to choose their own tank, be able to swap out and equip weaponry, and do a lot more thanks to the straightforward controls and broad selection of equipment. The idea is not novel and is extremely reminiscent of the original tank game. however, in contrast to them, who have more modern restrictions and direction. You can also download Yousician Premium Mod Apk.

Tank Hero Mod Apk

Features of Tank Hero Mod Apk:

An immersive and in-depth gaming experience

The action in Tank Hero Mod Apk is virtually endless, and it is jam-packed with exciting new features for players to discover. Tank adventures with a variety of customization options will be the primary focus of the game. Additionally, the game will divide each stage into a number of sections, giving the impression that there is no end to the gaming, and the difficulty of each level will gradually increase over time. The player will have access to a variety of weapon systems because each tank may be freely customized to each individual’s preferences, whether it is a turret, bodywork, or skill.

The Control Mechanism Is Easy To Use But Compulsive

Tank Hero is suitable for all types of players and has a straightforward control scheme. Players can also play the game vertically, which adds to the gameplay’s intrigue. Players only need to touch the screen and drag in the direction that is indicated to move the tank. Nevertheless, when it is launched, it will go after nearby targets. As there is no additional motion in the game, players will become more agile and flexible when dodging or hitting.


We must carefully examine the fighting strategy before engaging in this conflict because it will be difficult if it is poorly specified. We might strike more slowly and with well-planned defense and defensive measures rather than striking directly. Aim far away to avoid opponents who can hardly detect where we are. Upgrading your TTank Hero Mod Apk armaments will enable you to easily and quickly defeat them.


In addition to weaponry, the tank will advance to a new level, becoming the most effective form of damage at the time. He also made an effort to recruit persons with noble intentions to join the attack on the evil adversaries. In order to quickly defeat the other adversaries and put an end to the war, players can choose from more than 100 high-level skills.

Maintain tank improvements

In addition to the tank itself, you can add and improve auxiliary features like ammunition, armor, chips, and helper robots. Chests, crates, and other gifts may contain these, which come in a range of rarities. Every time you acquire a new item, always check your tank to see if it can be improved. The damage and health of your tank are increased by this external equipment, and the Helper Bots can help you in-game.

You should add item-specific materials to your tank as rapidly as you can in order to upgrade this equipment. You can use your current item to improve a new item of a greater rarity if you obtain it. Therefore, don’t be afraid to enhance a low-rated item because you can always burn it into a more valuable item.

Use your skills to their fullest potential

Tank Hero Mod Apk’s main menu has a talent section where you can pay real money to acquire a single random talent. This will result in you getting a bonus in-game. Additionally, talents have the ability to be enhanced, which raises the extra value they provide.

Dealing with superiors

In Tank Hero Mod Apk, there are various stages that feature boss battles. These levels are significantly harder than ordinary levels due to the strong attacks, high defensive numbers, and complex powers. We’ll go over basic fundamentals and then demonstrate how to triumph in boss battles in Tank Hero.

At the beginning of a boss fight, take some time to learn the enemy monster’s strike pattern. Instead of engaging in combat immediately away, move around a bit while avoiding blows and learning moves. A boss opponent should never be approached closely because they have unpredictable, very puzzling skills they can employ to harm you. If you keep your distance from the opponent, it will be much simpler for you to dodge them.

You should focus your attention on a boss’s own generated mobs initially. If you don’t, the map will progressively fill up with enemies, making evading attacks all but impossible. If tiny hordes appear, shift your focus to them, eliminate them all, and then turn back to the monster.


Three maps, each with about 40 levels and three modes, make up Tank Hero Mod Apk. The three game modes are campaign, survival, and time trial. Every World/Map has one of these three modes. For a new World/Map to become available, you must complete at least 14 levels.

Every World/Map has a unique look and personality. Some have tanks that can fire bullets, while others have grenade- and high-speed tanks. So first and foremost, ensure that you understand the level before playing correctly. However, you will have the chance to learn more about a new type of tank before you come across it in a level. On one level, for instance, you will be by yourself with the new tank, allowing you to concentrate and engage in effective combat.

Tank Hero Mod Apk

A large collection of tanks

Regarding size, features, and power, our tank selection is diverse. If you know how to use them as an effective countermeasure against your opponents, you can use them to not only pass through the screen quickly. But he also leaves a lasting impact with his tremendously potent but highly effective talents. The unique roles of each tank produce a discernible distinction. Some people have the ability to launch rockets with incredibly high explosive powers. Someone spread out the battlefield with laser fire.

A variety of gifts and skills

Beyond contemporary and contemporary tanks. They cannot just be forced onto the battlefield and expected to fight as martyrs. We must provide new weapons, skills, and powers for our deadly machines. Each tank will have the right weapons for its type. Knowledge is another important element. These skills have the power to win or lose a conflict. Getting more help is like calling up a huge missile… You can choose to increase your firepower, speed, or recovery in addition to the random presents you receive at the end of each level.

Easy controls

The controls are straightforward and user-friendly throughout the entire game. To run, only drag the mouse pointer, and to release assaults, select the same setting.

Unlimited Improvements

Tank-Hero is more popular among players since it offers limitless upgrades. For instance, you can improve your weapons and other gear to quickly combat and compete with the toughest of all foes.

Over a Hundred Skills

The player has more than 100 talents to pick from! Yes, it has become extremely popular due to the presence of a variety of skills. You must use these abilities if you want to increase the power of your firepower.

Special Talent

The player can easily give his game strategy a permanent boost by selecting these skills and incorporating them into it. Therefore, download the Tank Heroes apk file for users of Android, iOS, and PC and share your thoughts with us.

Defeating More Powerful Bosses

The player’s main goal should be to consistently defeat tougher bosses. You will feel that each boss is more powerful than the previous ones after eliminating the first one and preparing to take out the second one! Stay tuned for information on tank hero’s finest unblocked equipment.

Play for Free

Additionally, playing it is free. If you desire a richer game experience, you may also make in-app purchases. With the help of these purchases, the player will be able to control the most important and difficult parts of the combat with ease.

Pros of Tank Hero Mod Apk:

  • Direct downloads of APK Tank Hero can be made from any third-party website. For the majority of versions, you can move games as needed by having access to the collection.
  • Downloads are immediate, you don’t have to wait for the approval process, etc., in contrast to the Play Store.
  • On your memory card or system storage, there will be a Smash Vertical Theater application file when it has been downloaded. You will therefore keep uninstalling and installing them without downloading them.

Cons of Tank Hero Mod Apk:

  • Apps downloaded from other parties don’t appear to be regularly screened by Google. As a result, it endangers your phone.
  • APK files could be infected with malware that destroys or steals data from your phone.
  • Your apps do not always have automatic updates because they lack access to the Google Play Store.

Tank Hero Mod Apk

How to Download Tank Hero Mod Apk, Install, and Use It?

  • You must first remove the current version of the Minecraft game from your smartphone.
  • Afterward, get Tank Hero Mod Apk via the download link provided below.
  • When you’ve finished installing Tank Hero Mod Apk, head over to Android Settings > Security.
  • Here, enable the “Unknown Sources” option, which requests permission to install programs from third parties.
  • Activate it.
  • To begin the installation, go back to the download location and click the Tank Hero Mod Apk file.
  • Enjoy!


How can Tank Hero be downloaded from Apkdhoom.com?

After downloading the majority of game mod apks, the installation procedures are similar. To enable the installation of programs from sources other than the Google Play Store and Apkdhoom.com, open the menu, settings, and security and look for “unknown sources.” Click on the downloaded file by going to the “Downloads” folder on your device. Install it on your phone, and then run it. Allow the device some time to install the game mod apk.

Is the Tank Hero APK Mod (unlimited ammo) download from Apkdhoom.com secure?

When a user gets an app from Apkdhoom.com, we will scan Google Play for the appropriate APK file and allow them to download it immediately. Our website has games and programs that are secure and safe for users to use.

Why is permission required in order to install Tank Hero Mod Hack (unlimited ammo)?

The system on your smartphone must be available to the app. You will be informed of all the permissions necessary to run an application when you install it.


The protagonist of Tank Hero Mod Apk is a tank driver who is dispatched into a conflict area to save the globe. All you have to do is steer your tank on the right path, eliminate every adversary, and reap the benefits. As you advance through the game, your starting level will increase until it reaches level 10. You will have more money and points available as you level up, allowing you to strengthen your tank and take on more powerful foes.

Public Reviews:

Michael Cvijetic

Although the game is excellent, there are some glitches. Although I have 7 repair sentries and more than 140000 support source stones, they cannot be improved. It would also be helpful to give instructions on how to adjust and increase equipment effects. Please address these flaws; I’ve been playing the game for a while and will continue to do so.

Mr. Scotty Hill

When will the further levels of the infinity tower be finished? The opportunity to pay a one-time charge to get rid of all of these adverts seems excellent. I truly enjoy this game overall. Once you progress further in the game, it becomes quite difficult.

What's new

  • Add gold coin turntable gameplay
  • Add super treasure chest gameplay
  • Optimize the event leaderboard
  • Repair level boss action trajectory
  • Fix other known issues



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How to install Tank Hero Mod Apk v1.9.2 (Unlimited Money and Gems) 2022 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Tank Hero Mod Apk v1.9.2 (Unlimited Money and Gems) 2022 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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