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You can choose the prologue mod APK app for Android rather than paying money for Photoshop or other expensive apps. You have access to a tonne of fantastic image editing features with the Prequel mod APK. You can use all of your imagination to edit the photographs like a pro using the filters, effects, and editing choices. The patched version enables free access to the prequel, which is a paid app. You must download the Prequel mod APK from a reliable source, like ours, if you want to install it on your smartphone. We're going to go into great detail about the Prequel mod APK in this post.
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Prequel MOD APK 1.55.6 (Full Unlocked) Mod iOS

Prequel MOD APK provides a carefully curated selection of image effects. With a variety of retro and fashionable effects including Kidcore, VHS, Dust, Indie Kid, Teal, and Grain, you can stand out in your pictures and videos. Download and install the mod apk to get free access to the complete unlocked hack.

The company “Prequel Inc.” created this app. Currently, enjoy Kidcore, VHS, Dust, Indie Kid, Teal, Grain, Stardust, Diamond, and Sparkle, as well as other well-liked effects and channels. Create eye-catching content for your online media. A wide range of cutting-edge adjustments and editing tools for every channel and effect will make your photo or video unique and personalized.

Saraelvy Apps’ PREQUEL D3D Camera & 3D Photo Advice for Android is categorized as a photography app. The most recent version, 1.44.0, was made available on JULY 1st, 2022. PREQUEL D3D Camera & 3D Photo Advice has received more than 10,000 installations on Google Play. There are now 1,000 rankings for PREQUEL D3D Camera & 3D Photo Advice, with an average rating of 4.5.

Celebrities and models can afford to spend a lot of money on expert photo editing. There are several excellent software tools available that allow you to modify photographs. Image editing is a difficult undertaking that many people struggle with in reality. The majority of the fantastic photo-editing applications available for Android appear unnatural. When choosing the top Android photo editing app, you must be selective. With the Prequel Mod APK, editing images like your favorite models and celebrities is simpler.

Prequel MOD APK

You can choose the prologue mod APK app for Android rather than paying money for Photoshop or other expensive apps. You have access to a tonne of fantastic image editing features with the Prequel mod APK. You can use all of your imagination to edit the photographs like a pro using the filters, effects, and editing choices. The patched version enables free access to the prequel, which is a paid app. You must download the Prequel mod APK from a reliable source, like ours, if you want to install it on your smartphone.

The prequel is the app where you can find a range of filters and tools to enhance Your images whatever You think, simple and quick to use, making it perfect for people who prefer to edit and polish their photos. The PREQUEL: Effects, Filters & Editing program is the one for you if you’re creative because it has an infinite number of professional tools that will make the editing process quick and safe for your images. The perfect app for photographers, without a doubt.

Download Prequel Mod apk, one of the best photography apps, in its most recent version. This Pro Apk offers Unlocked Access to All Premium Features, Effects, and Filters together with Zero Ads and No Watermark. Now install your apk.

The predecessor is a picture and video editing program with the most aesthetically pleasing settings. It provides a carefully curated selection of visual channels. Make your pictures and videos stand out with a variety of retro and fashionable effects like Kidcore, VHS, Dust, Indie Kid, Teal, and Grain!

What Is Prequel MOD APK?

An expert developer updated the original APK to create the Prequel MOD APK. They thoroughly examine the APK and modify each piece using a variety of techniques. Benefits from these changes are possible for you.

This MOD APK is loaded with genuinely amazing features that have been unlocked for your enjoyment.

Another method is the Prequel MOD, which has been altered to allow you to use the majority of the Hack’s functionality. Some developers worked on the original Prequel APK to create the Prequel APK MOD and unlock the Hack using this Apk as a guide. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the features without having to pay money, Prequel MOD APK is the correct spot for you to download.

The Benefits of Prequel MOD APK:

PREQUEL is primarily a photography and picture editing program. But when it comes to effects and filters, it’s very potent. You can alter the photo’s composition, layering, and backdrop scenes in effect mode. You can overlay soft colors on your images using the filter mode. It’s like looking at the world through a thick pair of sunglasses. Both contribute to giving your images appealing and distinctive colors

Utilizing it is pretty simple. Simply submit your photo to PREQUEL and experiment with the filters until you’re satisfied. You can take a photo with the app if you don’t already have one available. Now let’s check more closely to observe what PREQUEL does well and how many rumors are being spread. Let’s begin with the surroundings before turning to the “hero.”

In comparison to the programs I’ve tried, PREQUEL’s built-in camera is really powerful, especially the Selfie category, which is a few steps above the phone camera. The face will be more attractive and slimmer than a mobile phone’s camera. This also holds true for highly clear video recordings that were made with no time restriction. Good original photos and videos lay the groundwork for the app’s ability to produce high-quality modified images.

What you should be prepared for from this application?

There are many other picture applications, but Innovator offers unique tools and beneficial opportunities for those creative people who love to change, improve, and organize. You may undoubtedly find it on an electronic platform for free download, depending on its reviewed membership to benefit from much more opportunities in the area of modifying and upgrading. The innovator will unquestionably guarantee you fresh channels and tools every week if you need any kind of tool to assist your method of change, with the ability to alter and moreover customize these outcomes. As if that weren’t enough.

Prequel MOD APK

Features Of Prequel MOD APK:

Prequel Mod Apk contains several exceptional features that have helped the application gain popularity quickly.

Multiple Effects

Users of this application can use Prequel Mod Apk’s numerous effects to enhance and personalize their images and videos. Trendy effects like VHS, Miami, Prism, Plastic, and others enable users to create unique images and videos.

Presets for aesthetics

There are aesthetic presets in the Prequel Mod Apk. All new users of the application may quickly edit with just a few taps thanks to these presets. Users can choose from a variety of gorgeous filters and effects to give their images a unique look.

Editing hastily

From a distance, editing appears challenging, but Prequel Mod Apk makes editing quick and simple. With the help of simple tools, users of this application can easily modify their images or movies.

Several Filters

To make a photo look more remarkable and extraordinary, we occasionally use a filter. Users of Prequel Mod Apk have access to a wide range of realistic filters, like disco, party, and many others. These filters are applied by users to make their photos stand out.

Free of Charge

Users of Prequel Mod Apk don’t need to worry about paying anything to download and use this application because it is entirely free. They can use all of this application’s capabilities without spending even a single cent by downloading it for free.

an internal video editor

Prequel Mod Apk offers a built-in movie editing feature in addition to photo editing. Any video can be imported and edited to your preferences. Several prests are accessible in Prequel Mod Apk, and users can use them while editing.

Correction of color

Prequel Mod Apk offers one of the nicest features in that there is a color correction option available in this application, so you don’t have to worry about the camera occasionally not catching the true beauty. For a distinctive appearance, we can alter the photo’s color according to our preferences.

a user-friendly interface

The success of every application is mostly a result of the user interface. Prequel Mod Apk is a highly user-friendly and straightforward UI. Because of its user-friendly interface, this application is simple to grasp and use for all users.

Prequel MOD APK

Vintage Style

The prequel showcases your contemporary day photography in vintage mode. The main goal of this setting is to create the appearance of ancient, vintage photos taken in the 1990s. When taking images, individuals once carried enormous, unwieldy cameras, and there was a lengthy procedure involved in developing actual shots. The prequel now gives your smartphone the look of that old photography. Prequel now makes it simple to take images in the old manner.

Filter for disco

Without even visiting a disco or a club, the precursor includes a feature that lets you produce images with a disco vibe. Simply launch the Prequel app, navigate to the filters section, and choose the disco filter to transform your standard selfie into one with a disco atmosphere.

The prism mode

For your selfies, Prequel’s prism mode offers a truly entertaining and captivating filter design. Your regular snapshot is essentially transformed into a 3D animated, comical image. To see yourself as an animated, 3D cartoon character is fun.

Skin Tone Modifications

Skin tone adjustments are another distinctive and useful feature of Prequel Apk. A prequel is the greatest option if you struggle to acquire the perfect skin tone in photographs or are unhappy with light conditions. By using the skin tone modification mode, users can give themselves the optimum tan for their complexion.

Face Repair

Users have the option to alter their face shape whatever they see fit. Users can change their facial contouring, eye color, eye size and shape, and nose shape. You may further enhance the beauty of your images by using the prequel to correct the contour of your brows in the image.

Working with an intuitive and accessible software

To begin with, Android users in Prequel can appreciate using the user-friendly and accessible mobile app with a simple and quick editing process that doesn’t demand any additional expertise or skills. Here, you may just let the AI decide how to alter particular photographs to suit your visual requirements. Additionally, the straightforward user interface and a wide range of other useful features will ensure that you can complete your activities in comfort.

compilations of many various effects and filters

The app offers numerous distinctive options that Android users can experiment with thanks to a number of different effects and filter sets. Feel free to use the lovely editing software on your mobile devices to try and produce your own great videos or photographs.

Begin by taking pleasure in using the most well-known and well-liked effects, such as VHS, Disco, Miami, Bling, Plastic, and Prism. Additionally, pick from a wide range of filters and effects, each with its own themes and settings. from experimenting with the distinctive Indigo effects to create your own tale effects. Prequel users on Android will be able to experience it to the maximum thanks to the content that is readily available.

Work on both the photographs and videos

Both your films and your photographs can be readily edited using all of Prequel’s presets and effects. Android users can modify their creative works in comfort as a result. As a result, anyone who is interested can simply make original and interesting material using any movies and photographs on their device. Presets that can drastically change your videos should be added. Produce visually stunning material that is dazzling and rich. And use the optimized editor to enhance your videos.

Have fun using the sophisticated editing suite

And for those of you who are interested, you can enjoy using Prequel’s sophisticated editing features, which are similarly comparable to those of many other business programs. Feel free to experiment with a variety of adjustment options to fine-tune your films and pictures. To perfect the chosen effects and filters, experiment with various customization parameters. And work comfortably on the user-friendly UI, which will make things much simpler for you.

Every week, take advantage of fresh updates

Prequel users on Android can now take advantage of working with the app’s regularly updated material to make the app more engaging. Play around with the fantastic in-app capabilities and quickly enable the editing choices to suit your tastes.

Enjoy using the unlocked app on our website

Last but not least, Android users can avoid intrusive adverts and in-app purchases by downloading the unlocked version of Prequel, which is now accessible on our website. You only need to download the Prequel Mod APK and follow the instructions to get started. Make the most of the mobile application by utilizing its many in-app features. Edit your films and photographs as quickly and effectively as you like.

Prequel MOD APK


Favorite effects include VHS, Disco, Miami, Bling, Prism, and Plastic

  • A variety of adjustment tools let you customize your preset.
  • Numerous filters with professional-level color correction
  • Make captivating, original videos


  • Bring in any video
  • Transform your videos by adding any preset.
  • Utilize a wide variety of presets to create original edits.


  • simple and quick editing method that doesn’t need any additional tools or skills
  • Individualized settings to fine-tune each filter
  • intuitive and simple to use interface
  • You may combine countless filters and tools to make your own special custom settings.
  • weekly updates


  • countless options for altering
  • Complete effects and filter libraries
  • tools for advanced editing


The PREQUEL app performs what, exactly?

With the help of various effects, this software aims to enhance the beauty of your pictures and videos.

What is the price of the PREQUEL app?

You can download the free and modified version of this program from the Download Section.

Is downloading the Prequel Mod Apk free?

Prequel Mod Apk is free and has no hidden costs. Use this software without cost. This program is available for download and usage without cost.

Is the Prequel Mod Apk available from the Google Play store?

In no way. There isn’t a version like this available in the Google Play store. This program is available from our website for safe and cost-free download.

Download the Android app Indie Prequel v2.0.0 (MOD, VIP Unlocked)

  • Turn on “Unknown Sources” under “Settings.”
  • Download the Android app Indie Prequel v2.0.0 (MOD, VIP Unlocked).
  • To open the downloaded file, tap it.
  • Once you have granted the necessary permissions, tap “Install.”
  • Hold off until the installation is finished.

Prequel MOD APK


Android users only need to download and install the free app from the Google Play Store in order to start using Prequel’s excellent mobile application; no purchase is necessary. Just make sure you have the movies or pictures on hand before beginning to edit. Additionally, there will be in-app purchases and adverts that you may unlock with real money if you want to get the most out of the mobile program.

Also, keep in mind that the app needs specific access rights in order to enable its users to fully engage in the video editing activities without any limitations. So be sure to comply with the requests made, if you see them as reasonable.

Additionally, always run the most recent firmware version on your Android device, preferably Android 5.0 or higher. This should make the new features and capabilities of the app fully compatible.

Game Reviews:

“The software is refusing to load the filters or effects on my Samsung A32. I looked at the phones of my pals to see if they were having the same problem, but they weren’t. Since it functions flawlessly on other phones even when we are all in the same location, it has nothing to do with the internet. I’ve checked in numerous locations, such as my friends’ homes, the mall, and so forth. It hasn’t loaded yet. Could you please fix this?

The software isn’t smooth enough; it glitches too much; I have to wait 30 minutes to see one effect, and editing takes much longer. In other words, whenever I try to run the app, even with a good network, there is always a network issue. Although the program is uninteresting, I value the information it contains. The only drawback is that an upgrade is needed but is currently unavailable. Three times, four times, five times, Muskaan Kalasva


The photo editor Prequel Mod Apk is excellent. This application offers its customers a wide selection of hand-chosen filters. Prequel Mod Apk is the best editing program for professional photographers to give their images a polished appearance. You can get this program for nothing and safely use the URL we gave in our article. You can also download SonyLiv APK Download.

What's new

  • Filter FAIRYCORE – a touch of magic
  • Filter LUSID – in your dreams
  • Filter NORMANDY – north winds kiss
  • Thank you for all your feedback and support!



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How to install Prequel MOD APK 1.55.6 (All Unlocked) Download 2023 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Prequel MOD APK 1.55.6 (All Unlocked) Download 2023 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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