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In this game, you have a lot more options; instead of the log hut, you can construct a sizable home! There are numerous hidden locations where you can obtain a variety of goods, including food and weaponry. Explore abandoned bunkers, but don't enter with bare hands because you never know what might be inside. On a supposedly desolate island, you can play, survive, and create your very own paradise!
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Ocean Is Home Mod Apk MOD (Unlimted Everything) Latest Version

Ocean Is Home Mod Apk is Home is an action game that immerses the player in a harsh environment. He will need to look for numerous things and weapons, as well as an emergency shelter, in order to survive. The main character will have to use all of their survival skills on a desolate island. The island grew quite large. You’ll need to put a lot of time into finding numerous ways to get around it. Fortunately, there are valuable items to be found both in the hinterland and along the coast, where they will survive the waves.

Coins for Ocean Is Home Mod Apk: If you find yourself all by yourself on a large island, should you give up or have the courage to start doing something? Try starting afresh, surviving, exploring, growing, and finding numerous unique places for yourself by downloading the game. Since there is nothing nearby, you shouldn’t waste time looking for materials for crafts because, if not the locals, hunger and thirst would make you miserable.

In this game, you have a lot more options; instead of the log hut, you can construct a sizable home! There are numerous hidden locations where you can obtain a variety of goods, including food and weaponry. Explore abandoned bunkers, but don’t enter with bare hands because you never know what might be inside. On a supposedly desolate island, you can play, survive, and create your very own paradise!

Before playing this game, there are a lot of things you should be aware of. The Ocean Is Home Mod Apk level like the other Ocean Is Home Mod Apk games, is extremely addicting. However, it differs from other games in that you must use your intellect to win rather than your mouse. Without getting bored, you’ll find yourself playing this game for hours on end. You will be required to perform chores before progressing to the following level, just like in the other Ocean Is Home Mod Apk games. You will have to explore the undersea environment this time.

You’ve never played a more thrilling island survival adventure game than The Ocean Is Home Mod Apk  Walkthrough. The game is quite similar to the Super City game and features a Superhero who fights for himself on an island. You may traverse the sizable island’s map here, which is covered in stunning natural features. Maintain your life in a serene and healthy state. Simply put, the realistic components and stunning graphics will draw you into the game.

A survival game with a tonne of fresh experiences and rewards is called The Ocean Is Home Mod Apk. The birdy dog studio is the company behind this game. More than 10 million people have downloaded it. This game is for you if you enjoy playing survival games with lots of fresh maps and twists. These survival games are very popular because of their fantastic, exciting, and rapid gameplay. In addition, a number of movies about this kind of situation are being produced. This game is ideal for you if you enjoy viewing those kinds of movies.

The subject of survival games is no longer unusual. With Ocean Is Home Mod Apk, the publisher has debuted completely new gameplay. You have to assist the character in surviving. You will have to struggle to survive in the face of an adverse environment and a harsh climate. Build your own home and start making your own from the little things. Ensure that you have a location to stay away from animals and storms… Create hunting equipment to support daily meals. Don’t allow yourself to become worn out as you gather resources. Your capacity will determine how long you live

Help your protagonist in Ocean Is Home Mod Apk, a fantastic survival game, to survive on an uninhabited island. The story of the game begins immediately after your jet crashed and you were the only survivor. Get food, make shelters, frighten off wildlife, and search for goods that may have survived the crash. Join other players from across the world and strive to live up to the morning in this game with good 3D graphics and relatively straightforward controls.

A free adventure game called is available online. More than 10 million installs on the mobile app market system are attracted by its attractiveness and drama. The player will assume the role of a character who has washed up on a remote island in the game’s scenario. Not only is there no human life there, but there are also numerous possible threats. The objective of the game is to find a way to help the character live. You must therefore come up with strategies to help your character navigate the challenges and lessen the harsh conditions on the desert island while you play the game.

What is Ocean Is Home Mod Apk?

Nowadays, there are a lot of survival games available. They are well-liked because they offer quick, difficult, and fun gameplay. This genre has been prevalent in television and film, so it is not surprising that it has made its way into Mobile Games. This is for you if you enjoy these games!

Over 10 million people have downloaded the game “The Ocean Is Home Mod Apk ” from the Google Play Store! In this one, you find yourself marooned on an island surrounded by sea. To survive, you must exert every effort possible! This includes gathering supplies, looking about, building a shelter, and similar activities! To assist you survive on the island, you can also make things to manufacture various kinds of weaponry.


The survival island gameplay in Ocean is Home MOD APK is captivating and packed with adventures. You are making the trip in many ways. The animals are shielded in the forest, so when you’re ready to combat them, you’ll see them all at night. You are protected by your weapons. Your weapons are solving every issue. Hunt and service the Island with essential craft ingredients and weaponry.

Our lives are not complete without food. thus, food producers are skilled. The society of the principal communities is agricultural. Your meal started to burn. You cannot survive in this world without fire. So, take your time when playing. The biggest chance chances employing this kind of game—is coming to you. The stunning mountains and forests will be visible. Forests are beautiful, untamed creations.

Ocean Is Home Mod Apk

Features Of Ocean Is Home Mod Apk:

Huge Map

The game’s map is enormously large. Wherever the player moves his gaze, he will see plenty of valleys, waterfalls, and green spaces. The game offers a completely tech-free setting that is highly calming and allows for wonderful gameplay.

Special Game

Because of its incredible features and plot, the game is incredibly unique. It is a unique game of survival in which the player is trapped on a lovely island or surrounded by water.

Player’s Skills

The user can use every talent in the game to their enjoyment. It offers a fantastic chance to alter the character’s skill set in accordance with consumer zone preferences. The character might plunge and flee to the islands as a result.

Construction and creation

The game offers the player a fantastic opportunity to construct homes and weapons out of any accessible materials, such as wood or stone. The user can also go fishing using various tools they have built themselves. As a result, the game offers the player a lot of creative freedom so that he can fully enjoy it.


The game’s graphics are breathtakingly stunning. The magnificent scenery and character perspectives make the game a really appealing and engaging appearance. Additionally, the player appreciates the game because of its wonderful graphics.

Variety of Vehicles

The game features a wide selection of vehicles. The player can enjoy riding on trains, carts, autos, and a variety of other vehicles that are featured in the game.

Game Offline

The game also offers the user a fantastic possibility to play the game offline. The gamer can play offline games in this way even without access to the internet. This is a very joyful way to spend time.

No Limit to Coins

In the modified version, the player has infinite coins with which to purchase any weapon, resource, or food in order to enjoy island survival. Amazingly, the game’s Mod version is the only place where you can get limitless coins.

No Ads

There are no commercials in the game’s modified version, which is another wonderful feature. The gamer can take advantage of an ad-free edition in this way. This is a really amazing feature of the Mod version because it eliminates the annoying pop-up adverts.

From a Regular Person to a Business Shark

Most people won’t notice your first business on the island, but it will open the door for your future expansion. You’ll soon be able to create new equipment, and better weaponry, cultivate the land, and even make real estate investments! Repurpose homes for living or resale them for a profit to give them a second chance at life. Remodeling and selling homes is a great way to make lots of money!

Build Your Own House

Use a variety of components to build your own house or community. It is possible to paint the walls, install tiles, apply wallpaper with glue, arrange furniture, hang photos, consider lighting, learn new things, and explore. By combining different building materials, you can create your own home design. Become the top designer on the island! All of this is possible with the new advanced construction system!

Create a Successful Career

You’ll have the option of residing in a complete city. find new pals. Enjoy the tranquility of city life. Pick from many different professions, such as firefighter, scavenger, truck driver, doctor, and many others. Put yourself through several occupations to make money.

Ocean Is Home Mod Apk

Simulation in Real Time

This enormous open environment will keep you occupied for many hours. Explore the island’s attractions as you go around it. Take part in unique activities and influence the island’s culture.

Acquire an island

The entire island is accessible to you. You may build a home, a profession, and do business in this area while also having access to modern technology.

Discover New Terrain

As you explore the archipelago, you can discover a variety of resources, riches, mythology, and more! On the other side, discovering new islands might not be as easy as getting there.

Driving Permit

You own a vehicle. Additionally, since it can transport commodities, this is more than just a mode of transportation. As a result, it is crucial to the island’s development and economy!

Fresh Ideas

Many novel things will be discovered. It offers a lot of things for players to explore in order to learn more about the island in addition to a beautiful island on which they can live with many conveniences. because the island is home to numerous secrets, including a tale. As an alternative, players can discover various resources, plunder them, and build their own islands to gain more wealth. Players must have patience because it takes time to fully explore the island and find new things.

Dress up the house

Create the interior of the home as you see fit. Most certainly, this is among the game’s most exciting features. Since they have just built a house for themselves, the players are able to decorate it however they like. Players can select building materials and home décor items like photos, wallpaper, and other items to give the house a unique personal touch. By choosing from a variety of ornamental items, the player can establish themselves as the island’s top designer.

Fill the gap

Ocean Is Home Mod Apk will have a lot of necessary features. In other words, players can select a job they’ve always wanted to do and do it on the island. Players have the freedom to live as they choose on their own island, interact with others, and engage in a wide range of activities every day. Many people dream about this existence on a regular basis. If you’ve read this far, you should definitely download and play the game right away!

Ocean Is Home Mod Apk

User Reviews:

I adore this game and, along with three of my friends, I am eagerly anticipating the release of multiplayer. However, I do hope that when it does, it won’t affect the things we have already built in the game. Additionally, I noticed that while the threat was intentionally removed from the first island in the most recent update, it also had an impact on the main island. All of the roaming zombies that used to be strewn about, as well as bears, wolves, and foxes Thanks.

The game is incredible. I only wish there were more sites to discover and that getting from one island to the next used less gas. Very enjoyable game, but I wish I knew a quicker way to acquire those coins. I also wish you could build on already constructed areas, such as the garage, but this doesn’t matter because it forces me to create my own from scratch, which enhances the gameplay. I really enjoy the game and wish there was a sequel with a little more content.

How to Install And Download Ocean Is Home Mod Apk?

  • Open the downloaded data ZIP file in ES File Explorer or RAR.
  • Extract the zip file’s content.
  • /SDCARD/Android/OBB should now include the extracted folder.
  • Aim for the name com.birdydogstudio.ocean is home for the extracted folder (if not, change it)
  • Download and install the Ocean Is Home Mod Apk.
  • Play the game and have fun


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Apk files are the best you can have because there are many apps that aren’t available on the Google Play Store and because the Play Store is banned in some areas.

Is the app a paid one?

No, you can get Ocean Is Home Mod Apk for free and install it on your smartphone.

Why can’t I install my Ocean Is Home Mod Apk?

The Ocean Is Home Mod Apk may have been installed on your device in an earlier version. Install the most recent apk file from this page, please.


You may learn a lot playing the excellent survival game Ocean Is Home Mod Apk. In this game, you’ll need to gather materials from various locations, construct your own home, and take part in a variety of quests. Download Ocean is Home Mod APK from our website if you want to play this game without any limitations. You can also download Battle Cats MOD APK.

Ocean Is Home Mod Apk for Android enables players to get the most out of their role-playing adventures with its intricate and realistic island survival simulation gameplay. You can do whatever you want on this vast island, so feel free to explore the fun features and captivating gameplay. Enjoy the stress-free gameplay that will never fail to wow you while tackling your island survival challenges in various lifestyles.

What's new

  • In this update, we reworked Hornet Island, added many new zones with animals and resources, reworked graphics and controls, and added aiming assistance.
  • Added new weapons
  • Added shotgun mechanic
  • Fixed weapons physics
  • Bow replaced by crossbow
  • Fixed arrow physics
  • Performance optimization
  • Fixed game balance
  • Bugfix



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How to install Ocean Is Home Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money/Coins) 2022 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Ocean Is Home Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money/Coins) 2022 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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