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Video production has never been simpler or more accessible. One potent video editing product, Movie Edit Pro, combines strong cutting capabilities, several optimization options, and up to 1,500 effects or titles. You can perform frame-by-frame editing for more clarity by using the detailed timeline or the Storyboard mode. To accommodate your workflow, it's simple to change the size and location of your workspace. The multi-format timeline allows you to arrange audio, video, and photo media on each track. Brightness, contrast, and colour can all be changed manually or automatically. You can choose specific colour ranges in the Premium and Plus editions. 
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Magix Movie Edit Pro 1.0 Latest Version Download

Magix Movie Edit Pro is a high-quality video editing program that lets you create movies from camera footage. Whether you are an expert or just starting out, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro has access to the best tools and capabilities money can buy, allowing you to edit and optimize your film with confidence. The quickest approach to start making your own movies is with the help of a variety of program guides for auto-import, optimization, and editing. Make your own movies manually or automatically. Results are always delivered quickly. Easy. Make your vision a reality. Set the sequence in which you want to see him in the video, and just save the best moments. use a timeline or storyboard.

Video production has never been simpler or more accessible. One potent video editing product, Movie Edit Pro, combines strong cutting capabilities, several optimization options, and up to 1,500 effects or titles. You can perform frame-by-frame editing for more clarity by using the detailed timeline or the Storyboard mode. To accommodate your workflow, it’s simple to change the size and location of your workspace. The multi-format timeline allows you to arrange audio, video, and photo media on each track. Brightness, contrast, and colour can all be changed manually or automatically. You can choose specific colour ranges in the Premium and Plus editions.

The new selection is larger than ever before with up to 1,500 intros and outros, transitions, movie templates, music, and sound effects. Additionally, the effects will increase along with you as your creative demands increase with each film production! In the integrated Store, you may find new, extra effects. The best plug-ins, including picture-in-picture effects, split screens, colour correction, and audio optimization from effects experts like NewBlue and HitFilm, are now offered in the new in-app Store at an incredible price! Enable INTEL GPU hardware acceleration to process your video content 5 times faster. On your preview display, content up to 4K will play flawlessly.

Version 18 of Magix’s video editing program is now available, but the company has abandoned version numbers in favor of an MX suffix, which stands for media exchange. We can anticipate closer interaction between these letters and the various media-related applications and internet services provided by Magix. It’s a noble goal, but for now, Movie Edit Pro is conducting business as normal.

The newest version of video editing, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2022, is quicker, better, and even more powerful than ever! Everything you need to construct your movies is included in the software. Additionally, this MAGIX program features premium special effects, cinematic transitions and templates, full support for HDV and AVCHD camcorders in 4K Ultra HD, stereo 3D, and full HD, advanced dubbing (Dolby Digital 5.1 mixer, etc.), 99 tracks, MultiCam editing, travel route animation, and more. You can also download Fl Studio Mobile Apk.

Magix Movie Edit Pro

The most recent edition of MAGIX’s well-known Movie Edit Pro program has recently been made available. As of version 17, this program is offered in Standard, Plus, and Premium editions, each of which has a price that is fair given the features it offers. Based on the standard MAGIX Movie Edit Pro product, this review. Users of this product are given the option to add a copy of MAGIX Music Maker during the initial installation process. Music Maker was once created as a product that could be purchased, however, it is currently categorized as being accessible without payment.

Movie Edit Pro Premium can playback videos and clips directly in the software, call and edit image files, and make changes to your project after they have been made. Observe directly. Users of the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium 2017 program can better manage their projects by using its more sophisticated capabilities than those found in earlier editions. The plugins are programs that improve the picture files’ quality and customizations while acquainting the user with and allowing for the usage of expert tools. One of the most crucial elements in modifying image files that blur the spectator is lighting.

The highly regarded and top-notch movie editing program MAGIX Movie Edit Pro was created by MAGIX Software in Germany. Its user interface is sophisticated, simple to use, and welcoming, and it performs and functions just as well as other applications of a similar nature. Its excellent usability helped it to become one of the most widely used home video editing software options worldwide. Overall, this program may turn your computer into a completely functional video studio where you can create magnificent and fantastic movies from the video assets you already have.

Multimedia Tools include MAGIX Movie Edit Pro. The developer’s website is secure, according to the findings of the Google Safe Browsing assessment. Despite this, we advise using any free antivirus program on the downloaded files. The installer for the program is typically called Videodeluxe.exe. The application was actually created by MAGIX Software GmbH. The most often downloaded version of the software by users is 15.0.

With the help of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, you can easily convert your greatest video recordings into captivating theater-quality films in just 3 easy steps, complete with background music, animated transitions, text, and special effects. Simply add appropriate music, expert fades, and your desired effects to get flawless results quickly thanks to the user-friendly interface, sophisticated automation, and helpful assistants. As a result, you’ll have more time to view and enjoy your videos on TV, Mobile Devices, and the internet!

For the consumer-level video editor, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium offers a large range of fundamental and advanced capabilities as well as NewBlue Filters 5 Ultimate. You get effects, layer masks, object tracking, Multicam editing, beat-based video editing, proxy editing, 360° transitions, multichannel audio, up to 8K UHD resolution support, 175 transitions, 73 intro/outro animations, 20 movie looks, 500+ title templates, and more in an intuitive and streamlined workflow. 75 movie and editing templates are also included, which can be used to quickly and thematically create a cut.

You can import media files into MAGIX Pro from a variety of sources, including camcorders, digital cameras, DVDs, Blu-ray players, and DSLRs. Additionally, it guarantees compatibility with iPods, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Once the film is finished, you may easily post it to YouTube and other video-sharing websites as well as generate CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs off of it. The video can also be automatically converted into the appropriate format for social media websites using a MAGIX album.

Video editing is not as difficult as it once was thanks to the techniques and sophistication of modern video editors and the speed at which our PC systems are now capable. Professional editing used to be done on pricey editing suites that cost thousands of pounds, but these days you can get quite close with just a single PC and a piece of software, like this most recent offering from Magix.

Magix Movie Edit Pro

Features of Magix Movie Edit Pro:

There are actually three flavors available. Therefore, you have the premium edition, which is currently on sale.
This item has a lot of strength. It is also very clean, simple, and sleek to operate. Since this program is fairly pick-up and play, you won’t have to spend much time attempting to truly understand it.

Simple Yet Effective Editing

It is actually quite simple to learn and comprehend. It is extremely strong and highly responsive. You can utilise music that you own.

Transitions and Titles

More than 650 distinct titles and transitions are available for you to choose from. Additionally, get a tonne of additional features like image stabilization and color correction here.

Edit in 8K

In fact, you can generate videos in 8K, which is insanely expensive. You can actually edit and render videos in 8k resolution with Magix.

It’s a great product for more than only video games and other gameplay-related activities. You may also use it for footage from mobile devices. Just use it to capture regular camera footage or still images.

Over 1500 Video Effects

You will have more than 1500 video effects and elements in the Premium edition. You may experiment with a tonne of different effects, such as speed and distortions, to make your video seem as fantastic as it possibly can.

Enhance Video

Any hardware you own can be used with Magix. It has been optimized so that it also functions well on outdated hardware. You shouldn’t worry too much if you utilize a lot of older PCs because all the optimization work has already been done.

Animations to Draw

They provide you with a second, optional tool that enables you to upload a map and have it animated as desired.

Shade grading

It contains an additional colour grading plugin in addition to several lovely colour grading options. Unfortunately, although you offer a very beautiful look match option, there is no assistance.

Sound Editor

Additionally, Magix produces excellent sound and audio editing software. You receive an audio recording with top-notch sound effects and mastering equipment in it.

A unique item

Make your vision a reality Establish the sequence in which you want your footage to show and only keep the greatest portions. either timeline or storyboard mode.


A maximum of 1,500 impacts The ideal effects for every situation, from trip vlogs to family party videos. High-quality effects are made to highlight the best aspects of your films.

Added effects

Using a variety of eye-catching lighting and lens flare effects, highlight your videos.

Additional effects set

Gain access to the newest effects available and keep your footage up to date.

Stabilization of the image

Turn even the shakiest video into flawlessly stable pictures with ease. with image stabilization provided by proDAD Mercalli V2.

Magix Movie Edit Pro

Effortless proxy editing

With incredibly smooth proxy editing, it is simple to edit high-resolution video up to 4K.

Multi-camera editing

Edit video using up to four different camera perspectives to make sure you have the greatest possible angle for each shot. editing is now being done simultaneously.

Shot to shot

To automatically improve the visual quality of all your film, apply the style of your finest scenes to everything. Totally automatic operation with just one click.

Interactive Program Flexibility

The choice between the basic storyboard view and the more detailed timeline is one of Magix Movie Edit Pro’s amazing features. Therefore, if you are a newbie, you can modify the videos using the condensed storyboard version.

Video stabilization in VEGA

Using Magix Movie Edit Pro, shaky action cam footage or videos may be quickly stabilized. Your videos’ stabilization is achieved by the video editing program using VEGAS video stabilization.

Instant Shot Match

You can include the colour, brightness, and contrast characteristics from an existing video in any area of your movie project with Magix Movie Edit Pro’s Automatic Shot Match tool. The Plus and Premium editions of Magix Movie Edit include the feature.

Correction of colour

You no longer have to be concerned about gloomy videos or washed-out colour thanks to the Magix Movie Edit Pro. Brightness, contrast, and colour adjustments can be made either automatically or manually in the video editing program. Additionally, you have the choice to work only on specific colour ranges with the Plus and Premium versions.

Transitions, titles, and sound effects

Additionally, there are over 650 titles and transitional effects in Magix Movie Edit Pro. Additionally, the video editing tool provides a variety of acoustic effects and sounds, from old movie scores to ocean waves. These sound effects can be added right to your video.

These are some of Magix Movie Edit Pro’s best features, then. To learn more about the program’s further capabilities, you must begin using it.

Magix Movie Edit Pro

Pros of Magix Movie Edit Pro:

  • simple to handle
  • careful manipulation of frames
  • prox editing in 4K
  • admirable effects and animation

Cons of Magix Movie Edit Pro:

  • lacks organization and import tools
  • displaying a movie project slowly

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11
  • gratis hard drive 3 GB available
  • 8 GB of installed memory Intel Dual Core processors or newer are advised.
  • 800 x 600 is the minimum screen resolution.

How to Download and Install Magix Movie Edit Pro?

It is simple to get Magix movie edit pro free download the full version with crack 64-bit on your device by using You only need to carefully evaluate how your equipment is working in order to look at every property. Simply click the button below to start downloading after that. It has a large size and a lengthy download process because of its professional nature.

All you need to do is open the file after it’s finished and follow the instructions on the screen. If you want to install it correctly, just stick to this process without attempting any alternative methods. Additionally, keep in mind that login into any account will put you back in the free mode. Therefore, if you want to enjoy Magix movie edit pro x, never sign in to any accounts.

Magix Movie Edit Pro Review:

One of the most effective and well-known video editing programs is MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium 2018. By utilizing a variety of practical features and a set of strong editing capabilities, this application enables you to handle your video clips professionally. Additionally, the application’s design and flow are so basic and common that even less experienced users can benefit from it. By including tweaks and additional effects, your videos can also look and feel better.

Additionally, you can make use of many extremely efficient tools to deal with the majority of video clip kinds, including 4K, HD with Dolby Digital Electronic, Stereo, and support for 5.1 Channel Mixer. Whether they are experts or beginners, the application supports all of its users. In conclusion, we can conclude that it is a useful and portable tool for video editing that you really must have.


One of the finest video editors for beginners, Movie Edit Pro by MAGIX has a tonne of tools that enable the production of videos with a professional appearance. No matter how much experience you have with video editing, you will rapidly get familiar with all the features of this tool in less than 5 minutes.

Even while Movie Edit Pro is geared toward home users, it nonetheless provides a wealth of professional-level tools and effects to keep your film on par with work produced with more expensive professional software.

What's new

  • Fixed a few bugs.



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1. Tap the downloaded Magix Movie Edit Pro 1.0 (Premium) Free Download 2022 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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