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You may record and produce videos with this app for websites like YouTube and Instagram. It includes a variety of filters, animated graphics, musical tracks, and video samples. You can reorganize, crop, and cut your content using the program's functions. You are able to alter the video format to fit your project's requirements for ratio. The application includes capabilities that let users share their work after finishing their edits. You won't need much time to get the hang of the program because it is simple to use. It includes a wide variety of effects, such as bubbles, light rays, and explosions.
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Lumafusion PRO APK v3.5.0 (Premium Unlocked) Download 2022

Lumafusion PRO APK is offered in our store. All versions, including LumaFusion PRO, were available for download. Over a thousand people have downloaded LumaFusion PRO. If you intend to install LumaFusion PRO on your smartphone, Android OS version 4.1 or higher is required. You can instantly download LumaFusion PRO from Android Top to your phone or any Android device in any of its versions. Scroll down your screen to find numerous links to download apps if you’re interested in doing that. Of course, you may utilize emulators to use LumaFusion PRO on your computer. Every program and game on our website is exclusively meant for individual use.

You may record and produce videos with this app for websites like YouTube and Instagram. It includes a variety of filters, animated graphics, musical tracks, and video samples. You can reorganize, crop, and cut your content using the program’s functions. You are able to alter the video format to fit your project’s requirements for ratio. The application includes capabilities that let users share their work after finishing their edits. You won’t need much time to get the hang of the program because it is simple to use. It includes a wide variety of effects, such as bubbles, light rays, and explosions.

The most well-known Android software for mobile video editing is now even better! Luma Fusion has a sophisticated user interface and strong features. Professionals will discover all the strong tools they require, while new users will benefit from the simple-start timeline’s straightforward head start. The most effective, entertaining, and simple way to apply customizable FX and colour correction to your videos is using Luma FX. To create an unlimited range of effects, combine different colours, styles, blurring, pixel effects, and distortions. Individual parameters for every effect and colour correction can be changed. Each effect can be animated via keyframing.

Lumafusion PRO APK

Video players & editors Android APP is Lumafusion PRO APK. Age limitations apply to this application; 12+ years and up is the suggested usage age. More than 500 devices have the most recent official version installed. A total of 7 voters gave the application a score of 1.0 out of 5 on a 5-point scale.

The simplest method for creating, editing, and publishing movies on Android is the Free Video Editor Professional With Music Alternative app. Get this powerful and user-friendly video editing program to create and share videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. Add emojis, audio narration, music, themes, filters, results, and extras. The Editor for HD Video app is a professional tool for video editing that you can use on a daily basis. It offers quick and easy options for editing videos.

A sizable number of qualified editors from all around the world use it. If you want Lumafusion PRO APK with all premium features unlocked, take a look at the parts below. To clear up any ambiguity you may have regarding the features of the Lumafusion PRO APK for Android apk, we’ll go over a thorough tutorial. The user interface of LumaFusion is powerful and appealing. The simple-start timeline will help new users get started, and experts will learn about all the strong features they need. You will be assisted in getting started and progressing through tutorials, in-app overlay support, and a thorough user guide. You can speak with our editing experts directly thanks to our friendly customer care.

Additional Details Regarding Lumafusion PRO APK

The most popular video editing program used worldwide is Lumafusion PRO APK. It has gained popularity as a result of its user-friendly interface and extensive toolkit. With the use of this software, one can use various filters and effects to improve a video while still remaining true to the content’s original intent.

Lumafusion PRO APK

Features of Lumafusion PRO APK:

Many tracks for editing

You need to take a few precautions and pay close attention to practically every aspect when creating a video in Lumafusion PRO APK. It’s because any time you discover something incorrectly for your film, you can quickly access a problem. While editing a video, you will see a number of editing tracks on your screen to make this process easier.

For instance, you will see a track under your video preview if you have added an audio clip or changed certain filters. This makes it simple to change various settings to achieve the ideal filter. If you have ever used the viva video mod apk, you must be familiar with this feature.

Effects of the transitions

Many editors have complained that they can only discover the most recent and effective transition effects in the Photoshop mod apk. The reason is that no free tool will let you get fantastic transition effects to make the video great. Get a list of transition effects using the Lumafusion PRO APK app for Android.

This capability, which enables you to integrate your tool with your laptop or display, is offered by Lumafusion PRO APK for Android. In turn, you may quickly view a movie on the larger screen after editing it or view a preview there as you work. By doing this, any adjustments you make will be visible on the monitor for a better appearance while still being made with your handy device.

Inserting any media file is simple

The popularity of YouTube and other video streaming services have made it normal practice to make videos by combining various video snippets and adding original music to the background. Do you wish to add a media file to the video patch you want to use? You can do this with a few mouse clicks thanks to Lumafusion PRO APK2022.

Using a straightforward insert button, you may add any form of material, including audio files, video clips, text, and others. For all editors, it has essentially made the process straightforward and quick.

Lock and hide feature

You might occasionally be editing a private video or a movie that needs to be kept private. You must lock your video both before and after editing in this situation. Some people believe that editing a video won’t take any time at all. But in reality, the procedure could take hours or even days, depending on how complicated your work is.

Even if you don’t have access to your device, you must maintain your video secure if you have a challenging editing task. You can complete this task using the lock and hides feature provided by the Lumafusion PRO APK for Android. No one else will be able to access your work and reverse the changes you’ve made. If you need to use your mobile device to edit a movie or a lengthy telefilm, this capability is excellent.

Recent additions

Everybody must edit videos in order to meet the standards of the current contemporary day. With conventional tools and filters, video editing might not increase viewer engagement.

The ability to change the video’s speed is the most crucial feature of the free Luma Fusion iOS app. You may have watched a lot of videos in various areas with both slow and high speeds. You may have frequently seen videos of this type when viewing some vlogs. You may complete this process and change the clip’s pace with just a few clicks using Lumafusion PRO APK for PC. Visit our fantastic Video Editor Pro if you want to incorporate popular music into your video.

Mirror effect in the video

You can mirror video at any moment with chosen intervals using the Video Mirror Impact Instrument without sacrificing sound or image quality.

Optimum photo editor

With the excellent picture editor Lumafusion Mod APK, you have the option to edit your images with 3D animation in addition to editing videos and photos.

If you use Instagram, you can edit and post your images in a way that makes them look appealing and gain popularity. Because of this, you may edit your images beautifully.

Lumafusion PRO APK

Amazing Design

When an image is expertly styled, it appears more appealing. It is for this reason that several styles exist, such as those that alter the colours of the hair, the eyes, the lips, and the face while also making the body appear intelligent.

Numerous Effects

It is appealing to display your photographs in various locations thanks to a variety of effects, such as Filter slider Transition and Motion. These effects play a significant part in editing your images. You can’t edit beautifully without them.

Delete the background

Their photographs use a variety of backgrounds, which enhances the beauty of their settings. In a similar vein, you can quickly change the background if you don’t like it. Utilize 3D wallpapers as well to enhance the appeal of your images.

Text Add

There are many different writing styles available for you to use with any image. Similar to this, you are given access to any language so you can write in any language you choose, regardless of the nation to which you belong.

Sky effects

After magically modifying your images, fly through the sky. Use lightning and thunder to create breathtaking photos. Fly like Spider-Man in the air.

Effects of Blur

Applying blur effects will make the picture appear to be in focus. Completely blur the border of your image. You are able to produce images just like a DSLR camera.

Ensure spark

Motivate your image. The sparks arise from the way sword fighting is done in action movies. This effect can be used to make it appear miraculously real.


  • Six tracks are available in LumaFusion for video, audio, titles, graphics, and images.
  • Six more tracks for music, sound effects, and narration are provided by Lumafusion PRO APK.
  • Extended functionality on a magnetic timeline, including insert/, overwrite, and clip linking/unlinking
  • For the purpose of masking, locking, and muting all tracks, Lumafusion PRO APK offers a new track header.
  • Many different video transitions
  • Show your sample on a monitor just outside of the computer
  • Add markers to discuss edits


  • For flawless mixes, keyframe audio levels, and panning.
  • Track levels are adjusted while you listen to your mix.
  • Dual-mono audio captures: fill-from-left and fill-from-right
  • choosing tunes from several track files (perfect for screen recordings)
  • Ducking while listening to background music
  • Add EQ and audio filters.


  • many style layers with effects including pixel effects, blur, colour, and distortion
  • Lumafusion PRO APK enables full-color correction to address a variety of issues. such as fluorescent lighting
  • Layer effects and colours can be used to create countless effects.
  • Chroma key filter for luma keying, blue screen, and other techniques
  • In order to animate your effect or colour, add a hundred keyframes.
  • All of your real-time modifications are simple to view.
  • Motion and effect preset can be saved and shared.
  • Effects and properties can be copied and pasted between clips.

Fast and Slow Motion

  • Make videos in both slow motion and quick motion.
  • You can easily forward and reverse your videos.
  • supports time-lapse and slow-motion video files at 120 and 240 frames per second.

Lumafusion PRO APK


  • With the use of text, layers, shapes, and photos, create a beautiful title.
  • Fonts, font weights, colours, and shadows can all be changed.
  • You can quickly import new fonts.
  • Save title styles or presets
  • Motions and transitions can be used to animate your title.

Download Lumafusion Mod + Apk

DownloadLumafusion PRO APK now and enjoy it. We only provide the best Mods for you, and if that isn’t enough, we connect you to the top sources of MOD information on Lumafusion in order to provide you with the best.

How to install Lumafusion PRO APK?

Set up the procedures:

  • If you already have Lumafusion PRO APK Video Editing and Effects installed, you must first uninstall it.
  • Install Lumafusion PRO APK by downloading it from our website.
  • You must locate the apk file and install it after the download is complete.
  • To install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store, you must enable “Unknown sources.”
  • The Lumafusion PRO APK can then be opened and used.

Lumafusion PRO APK


Here are the questions that must be answered in order to download Lumafusion, and you’ll notice that they are frequently asked.

Can Android Use Lumafusion APK?

Yes, your Android smartphone can use the Lumafusion APK editor just like other devices. You will achieve good results with an Android 7.0 mobile device for this.

Is it free to use Lumafusion Mod APK?

There is no cost to use the mode version, which has all the premium tools and features that let you to perform various adjustments.

Which editing program is the best?

Always select a professional editor that fits all of your requirements and is simple to use if you want to produce high-quality editing. For this reason, we advise you to use Lumafusion APK just once.

Why is Lumafusion APK the greatest editing software?

It is a skilled editor that enables you to perform various modifications. Additionally, it is incredibly simple to use and ideal for beginners like you.

Where do I get the Lumafusion APK download?

You have the option to download every Mod APK Editor on our website right now. Install Lumafusion APK by clicking the download button right now.


I’ve made videos using the Lumafusion PRO APK program, and I thought it was really cool how many different kinds of videos I could make. And after reading the evaluations for this software, I discovered that they were largely favorable. Everyone is happy with this software for sharing videos. You can also download Movavi Video Editor Apk.

What's new

  • Keyboard Shortcuts are disabled
  • Maintain Audio Pitch
  • While exporting project errors are displayed.



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How to install Lumafusion PRO APK v3.5.0 (Pro/No Watermark) Latest Version APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Lumafusion PRO APK v3.5.0 (Pro/No Watermark) Latest Version APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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