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Three in a row from the renowned and well-liked developer Playrix: Homescapes (MOD, Unlimited Stars). In order to complete chores and rebuild the family estate, you must move the candies in the game in order to gather different combinations. You also have to unlock and build various interior pieces, rooms, and landscape design components by advancing through the game's levels, finishing chores, and earning bonuses. All of this can be found in the Homescapes mod apk, and to complete the game's objectives and produce your own models, you'll need to do so.
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Homescapes Mod Apk v5.8.0 (Unlimited Moves) For PC

Homescapes Mod Apk is a really addictive game, and if you’re looking for Homescapes Mod Apk in 2022 with unlimited stars and cash, we can help. The way the Homescape mod Apk makes unlimited money, coins, or stars available is by altering the application’s code. It also speeds up your progress and gets rid of the game’s advertising. The Homescape mod Apk is a fantastic solution for individuals who want to use all of Homescapes’ features without having to wait too long between stages.

Three in a row from the renowned and well-liked developer Playrix: Homescapes (MOD, Unlimited Stars). In order to complete chores and rebuild the family estate, you must move the candies in the game in order to gather different combinations. You also have to unlock and build various interior pieces, rooms, and landscape design components by advancing through the game’s levels, finishing chores, and earning bonuses. All of this can be found in the Homescapes mod apk, and to complete the game’s objectives and produce your own models, you’ll need to do so.

Unlimited stars in Homescapes MOD You’ll discover yourself in a home with a fascinating past, start to rebuild it, and get to know new people. When Austin was a little child, his parents and a butler by the name of Austin lived there. After being evicted, the house gradually became a forgotten dusty nook. As you progress through the levels of this intriguing game, 3 in a row, you’ll uncover several mysteries and have new options to modernize your entire house. Use your creative talents to transform a run-down house into a true palace. Take good care of and comfort your favorite animals.

Nothing is better than simulation games since they make it so much easier to learn new things and understand how people live. These games are fun, but have you ever considered creating one that will appeal to a billion players while also spanning the simulation, casual, and puzzle genres? Let me introduce the Homescapes MOD APK if the answer is no. It’s a modded Android game with excellent scripts that lets you use magical features. So Homescapes is a casual puzzle game created for both Android and iOS smartphones. First, let’s discuss the game. It has a flexible nature and incorporates elements from both Candy Crush and Island Builder.

The Homescapes video game allows you to assume the role of Austin, the butler, and to participate in his quest to bring comfort and calm back to the family’s estate. You get to play the three-level gameplay, which offers you a variety of stages where you can complete chores and decorate and bring back the splendor of the house’s many rooms. The moment the player enters the chamber, the game promises a full adventure. In order to become the best player available, complete all the tasks and move up the ladder. You can play the game Homescapes to hasten this process, though. You can also download Kingdom Rush Mod Apk.

Homescapes Mod Apk

Austin can utilize the popular game Homescapes Mod Apk to decorate his home with various items. Rebuild the mansion elegantly and properly. In this game, you can create a house that suits your tastes. It is a game with chapters. Open up intriguing family history chapters. It includes a tonne of features and really distinctive gameplay. By swiping and matching various game pieces, you can assist in renovating the home. Create the interior design of the home internally. three tiers of the game’s colorful matching challenge.

Any gamer would enjoy the stunning graphics that Homescapes Mod Apk offers. It is a vibrant universe that offers you a fresh start as you start to understand the lives of the game’s characters. Additionally, when traditional match-3 gameplay is incorporated, these aspects give off a distinct impression completely and encourage players to explore. This game’s offerings are therefore intriguing. The game’s layout is meant to resemble a cartoon in which the player is the lead character. While playing this character, you will have complete freedom to act in any way you like. In some instances, additional characters also appear and reveal what will happen next.

The developers of Gardenscapes have released Homescapes Mod Apk (Unlimited Stars/Coins) for Android, a fun arcade game with challenging stages. Players can rebuild the ancient abandoned estate by simply accumulating chips. You won’t have to deal with the regulations of the game for very long because it belongs to the 3-in-a-row category. There are over 400 different levels, appealing characters, and a lovely graphical environment, so you won’t get bored playing it.

The traditional “three in a row” puzzle game for Android Devices is called Homescapes. Austin, the game’s main character and butler, wants assistance in renovating the old mansion. As the player attempts to create chains of identical artifacts to advance through the stages, they will become familiar with every room in the house as well as its occupants. The user will get access to furniture to upgrade the interior after successfully drawing up rows. You must move through each stage swiftly and take advantage of a range of bonuses and improvements if you want to completely restore the home.

In the adventure role-playing game Homescapes Mod Apk, you assist the butler Austin in restoring the warmth and comfort of his illustrious family’s manor. Assist him with decorating, remodeling, and the problems he’s having in the manor. By completing the colorful match-three stages, you can unlock more chapters as you advance in the game. With the help of matching and exchanging strategies, you must renovate the mansion in the game Homescapes Mod Apk. Become a home decorator who makes decisions and decorates the space how he sees fit. Take part in the thrilling match with three stages that connect 3 elements together to gain decorations and rewards for your home with tonnes of excitement, unique boosters, and explosive groupings.

Playrix Games’ Homescapes MOD APK is the pinnacle of match-three puzzles. After Gardenscapes had such a positive response, they created the incredible game Homescapes. In Homescapes, you must renovate your house just like in Gardenscapes. To earn stars and decorate your home with fantastic goods, complete several stages. Match three puzzle games with vibrant graphics and unlimited money and stars to help you out in the game are a completely original way to pass the time. In Homescapes MODDED Games, MOD Money suffices.

What is Homescapes Mod Apk?

In the well-known game Homescapes MOD APK, Austin needs your assistance to renovate the items in his mansion. You will learn many mysteries that you can uncover and expose as you decorate this home. Many interesting individuals may be found here, and you can engage with them and learn about their daily lives. You also receive a sweet little cat that has to be cared for in the home along with this. Players in this game are given a variety of missions to do alone or with buddies. In addition to this, you receive a lot of fantastic features that will improve your gameplay. Tell us about their unique qualities.


The game starts with our favorite Austin having a beautiful dream in which he travels back in time to his early years. No matter what happens, he will always remember it as one of his most joyful memories.

Having said that, players will discover that the game offers a wide range of engaging activities that enable you to enjoy more than just a straightforward casual simulator. As you assist Austin in his efforts to rekindle childhood memories with the house and meet interesting people, you will come across amusing and engrossing stories throughout the game.

You are free to do whatever you like with the mansion, including adding awesome decorations, changing the interior layout, and learning the intriguing secrets that have been hidden inside the manor for many years. You will undoubtedly appreciate the game because of its laid-back and easygoing gameplay.

Homescapes Mod Apk

Features of Homescapes Mod Apk:

As we’ve already discussed with regard to Homescapes MOD APK, this tool is incredibly beneficial in a variety of ways, particularly if you struggle to earn coins. You can buy boosters using Coins to help you easily accomplish stages, and by utilizing them properly, you can upgrade items inside the house even more quickly.

Original gameplay

A game called Homescapes Mod Apk is played within a home. Your character, Austin, will have to travel back in time to make changes, starting with his grandpa’s house, to make it appear tidy and lovely once more.

Incredible graphics

The stunning graphics in this game are yet another feature you’ll adore. You can spend all day watching cutscenes and graphics since there are so many of them, and they are all incredibly vivid, bright, and lively. The 3D animation used for the graphics is fantastic in my opinion because it makes it possible for players to feel more at home within the actual house, much as when playing Gardenscape.

Games’ events

Inside Homescapes Mod Apk, there is a system of events that you can take part in and finish to earn rewards. Simply enter the home and click on the unique icon to begin the game’s instructions.

Match-3 levels that are fun

Match-3 levels are also included in the game because they are necessary to finish in order to obtain the Stars or Coins we previously mentioned. By performing unique objectives like including the identical things with their shadow so they can disappear, you can play match-3 stages to decorate the house more attractively.

A massive, stunning residence

The mansion is large enough to fit many goods, so you can customize it as much as you wish. However, you must first complete the match-3 stages to get additional coins. It will be quicker and simpler for you to update or decorate the house with great items the more Coins you have.

Free to use

Who said you couldn’t acquire Coins or Stars in Homescapes Mod Apk? It’s a free-play game, so you may download it for nothing and play it without having to make any payments. Have fun and use our tutorial below.


For those of you who are still unsure of how to use the hack tool, we know that many of you are searching for the most recent version of the game. In order to play Homescapes Mod Apk for Android and iOS without restriction or encountering any issues, you must ensure that the following conditions are met.

An iOS or Android smartphone

To begin with, you must own an Android or iOS smartphone to play this game because Windows and Mac computers cannot run it. On Windows or Mac, you can only play this game by using a specialized emulator like BlueStacks.

Access to a link to the internet

You can easily download and play Homescapes Mod Apk because you have access to the internet. Make sure your device is linked to a reliable WiFi network so you can play this game without any issues.

Homescapes Mod Apk

A fascinating backstory

Everything with an intriguing past grabs people’s attention and makes it more exciting for them to play, enjoy stunning images, and achieve their goals while having a wonderful time.

Home Decor

A keen eye for aesthetics and contrast is necessary while designing a home in order to select the best materials for each room. This software offers all of the features, locations, furnishings, and other necessities needed for the restoration to be successful.

Various characters

While Austin is the focus of the app, there are other characters that are equally important to the play and add to its intrigue. By doing so, the players can interact with one another and improve the game’s atmosphere.

Cute Animal

As you go through the game’s levels, a cute pet will appear and become a part of the entire household, complete with its own room and corner. The cat’s sleeping area as well as other items are available for purchase in the in-app stores.


Players become more engrossed in the game as a result of the high-quality graphics, seamless features, and stunning visuals because they make them feel relaxed.


A home is a place filled with love and happiness, and the protagonist of the game works to meet the needs of the people in the area and transform it into the home they wish.


Since a home is where the heart is, the interior design calls for creativity and aesthetic beauty to transform a structure into a dwelling and eventually a home. And heart requires artistic beauty.

Facebook connection

The Homescapes Mod Apk app enables users to join Facebook, interact with their friends, and play the game as a group.

Unrestricted funds

Users of the modified version are given access to infinite funds, may use any decorations they choose, and may complete all housework quickly.

The Endless Stars

The endless stars enable the player to continue finishing chores immediately and enjoy the virtual environment that results.

Installation is free

The player can play the app effortlessly on Windows and Android devices and enjoy a tranquil time with the best graphics by downloading the mod version for free from this very website.

A recent

The most recent version of Homescapes Mod Apk that is compatible with the app is the mod version, which is also the easiest to install. With the upgrade, users may access the app’s most recent features and experiment with cutting-edge technology.

Little Games

The program also offers the chance to play additional minigames of various kinds, earn money, and use that money to help the butler later on.

Secure and safe

Why not use the safe and secure software that has the best fun features that is available and enjoy yourself?

Homescapes Mod Apk

Pros of Homescapes Mod Apk:

Simple controls:

The best part about the game Homescapes Mod Apk is that anyone can play it and comprehend it with ease because to its simple controls. You can complete chores in the game quickly thanks to the simple controls.

Highly Dependent:

Due to the uniqueness of the game and the numerous chores, you must do to restore the property to its former glory. This game has a high level of addiction, and you may play it for a long time without becoming bored.

Free of Charge:

This game is a modified version of Homescapes Mod Apk, and it is completely free to play. This game can be downloaded and played without any issues for no money at all.

Cons of Homescapes Mod Apk:

3-D graphics:

This game’s disadvantage is that it nearly exclusively uses 2D graphics rather than 3D ones. But the game’s 2D graphics are of the highest quality.

Greater size:

The game takes up roughly 200 MB of storage on your device, making it rather large. If you wish to download and install this game correctly, you need to free up some storage on your device.

Player Reviews:

playing for a long time. Some of the stages in this game are challenging and take a long time to complete. On these incredibly difficult stages, I would love limitless lives.

This game is a lot of fun. Being a part of the team is fantastic. When you reach levels above 3,200, I do believe some of them are a little harder than they need to be. A level should not take more than two to three days to complete. It should be engaging and fun since it is a game. The storylines are quite entertaining, and the graphics are fantastic.

Homescapes Mod Apk

How to Install Homescapes Mod Apk?

  • If you have previously played this game, uninstall it.
  • You may then download Homescapes MOD APK.
  • Installing the game on your phone
  • Turn on “Unknown Sources” in Settings > Security.
  • Start the game and have fun


What standout qualities does homescapes mod apk have?

The main highlights of the homescapes mod apk are the Unlimited Stars, Coins, and Lives options.

How can I advance in homescapes more quickly?

If you want to advance quickly, you can either get the homescapes latest version mod apk from our website apkdhoom for free or buy in-game resources with real money.

The Homescapes game has how many levels?

More levels will be included in the upcoming update by Playrix, which already has more than 7300 different levels.


The casual puzzle game Homescapes Mod Apk is incredibly intriguing and enjoyable. where you can take pleasure in matching three or more objects in order to solve the puzzle and advance to the next level. Along with looking around the house and encouraging the main character to undertake more fantastic quests. Because of the game’s high-definition graphics, vibrant colors, and appealing and enjoyable gameplay. Get limitless stars, unlimited gold, and infinite coins as well. Along with getting rid of advertisements, unlocking every level, and many additional upgrades.

Thank you for reading this essay to the end because you are now studying what it signifies. If you enjoy reading this newsletter, please share it with your friends so they can download the Homescapes Mod Apk for free as well. Please continue to check our website for the best and most cost-free Android Mod apk. Please let us know if you run across any problems in the comment section. I’m grateful.

What's new

  • Bug Fix
  • Open the wing and decorate it in marine style!
  • Meet Austin’s old friend Robbie Wood and help him prepare for the craftsmen festival!



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1. Tap the downloaded Homescapes Mod Apk v5.8.0 (Unlimited Star and Coins) 2022 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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