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The developer business recently released the horror game Granny. This game has gained a lot of players since its release and is well-liked on both the Android and iOS operating systems. You will hear a spooky welcome, "Welcome to Granny," as soon as the game begins. This foreshadows the horrors that are in store for you. The role of a young person locked in a pitch-black home will be played by players. You won't recognize your location when you awaken. All issues start when you hear the sound of Granny, a blind elderly woman. She was blind, and hearing was highly sensitive to her. She was able to hear even the smallest sound.
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Granny Mod Apk v1.8 (Mod Menu) For Android

Granny Mod Apk is an entertaining horror game that piques players’ curiosity. Players must use more than just their jumpscare levels to find the keys. Escape from this gloomy wooden house by opening the door. Don’t try to flee from here and get caught. Otherwise, your results won’t be great. Granny Mod Apk is a game worth playing once if you enjoy horror aspects. The excitement of the Granny game is increased by playing it from the first-person perspective. The player has five days to figure out how to get out of the wooden house or he’ll die. In the house, there are many clues so you can find the keys and open the door to escape.

The developer business recently released the horror game Granny. This game has gained a lot of players since its release and is well-liked on both the Android and iOS operating systems. You will hear a spooky welcome, “Welcome to Granny,” as soon as the game begins. This foreshadows the horrors that are in store for you. The role of a young person locked in a pitch-black home will be played by players. You won’t recognize your location when you awaken. All issues start when you hear the sound of Granny, a blind elderly woman. She was blind, and hearing was highly sensitive to her. She was able to hear even the smallest sound.

A fantastic horror game with a terrible plot is Granny mod apk. similar to Evil Nun Mod Apk The game’s central plot revolves around a player’s struggle to survive in a mysteriously haunted home owned by a monster by the name of Granny. The Granny game requires some skill because you have to hunt for objects in the strange corners of the home while keeping in mind that if you make even the slightest sound, Granny will find you, kill you, and you’ll also lose the game.

A game called Granny Mod Apk is designed for people who enjoy horror movies to pass the time. The participant will assume the role of a person imprisoned in a room with an old girl suffering from an intellectual disability. You don’t remember what happened, but as soon as you wake up, you need to figure out how to leave this house. Naturally, there isn’t much time for you because the next five days are the most productive. Will you choose to live your life the way everyone else does, or will you accept death?

Granny Mod Apk: On your first day, when you arrive at the bad granny’s house, disguise yourself and close all of the doors so that she won’t see you. Additionally, use caution when handling objects; if they make noise, the grandmother should come to get you right immediately. You will be given five chances to live in this erratic home while acting responsibly.

Granny Mod Apk

You must conceal yourself in Granny’s home in the granny MOD APK. To win the game, stay hidden for five days. Lock all the doors and windows so that grandmother can’t find you. If she discovered you, she would murder you, and you would lose the game. Granny can detect noises clearly, therefore doesn’t make any noise at all. All Android users can play the scary game Granny mod APK mod menu. Gain enormous points by escaping from Granny’s cage. From our website, you can download the mod APK for Granny for nothing.

A game apk full of pleasure and adventure, Granny Mods is terrifying and fascinating. It has narrative and 3D graphics. You are imprisoned in Granny’s home throughout this game. You need to leave the room since it contains mysteries in every nook and cranny. Additionally, you have five days to locate a way out of the room while using all available methods and tips. A game apk full of pleasure and adventure, Granny Mods is terrifying and fascinating. It has narrative and 3D graphics. You are imprisoned in Granny’s home throughout this game. You need to leave the room since it contains mysteries in every nook and cranny.

What Is Granny Mod Apk?

The Granny Mod Apk game genre is renowned for its unsettling visuals. This game is available from a well-known developer. Additionally, it will frighten you the entire game. It is now the most well-liked horror game, based on data from the apps for the App Store and Google Play. While playing the game, some players could experience a slight sense of fear or startle.

Over 100 million downloads of the game have come from Android Users alone. Over 228 thousand positive reviews of the game have been published worldwide. Players will also have access to limitless rewards, allowing them to have the greatest enjoyment possible from the game.


If you use Android, you may have seen a number of scary and daring games on the internet or in the Google Play store. that you may quickly download to your smartphone and play. However, if you play a certain game for a prolonged period of time, you can develop an addiction to it. In the Granny Apk, you must visit the granny’s residence to learn specific information without coming under attack from the granny.

You have a few days to finish the mission and stay alive. a hammer, a gun to shoot at granny with in order to defend yourself, etc. This house has two attic spaces, a garage, and five stories. Underbidding allows the player to conceal himself from Grandma. If you successfully spend four days inside the house, and on the last day, Granny catches up with you, the game is ended.

Granny Mod Apk

Features of Granny Mod Apk:

Elude Grandma

Granny Mod Apk is a horror and thriller game, so you should play it carefully since Granny will wander throughout the home and you’ll need to hide from her. Your game will end if you are discovered by Grandma, and you will have to restart from square one. You heard your grandmother was coming, so you ran beneath the bed. You can only leave her residence in this manner.

Gather Keys

You’ll see a lot of different doors in this game, some of which will be locked and others will be open, but you’ll need to search for them. You need a touch or torch to find various keys in Granny’s house because it is really dark there. However, you can only gather one thing at a time, so if you choose a key, you must check it on every door.

Exit House

You can only win this game by escaping from her house; there is no other way to do so. You can leave the house in a number of ways, including by boat, helicopter, and door. However, you must put a lot of effort into the game to acquire a variety of objects that will enable you to unlock new passageways and doors that will take you beyond the house. She hears everything, so don’t leave anything on the ground.

Discover Suggestions

There are numerous hints in this game that will guide you to the various items you need to escape the house, but you still have to look for them. However, you must exercise caution because if Granny finds out, your fun will be finished since she will catch you. There are several locations in this game where you can hide from Grandma, but you must move swiftly.

Kill Granny

Granny can also be shot, but first, you have to locate the shotgun, which is likely stashed someplace in her home. You can only carry two bullets at a time, so be sure to gather the extra ones as well. If you find Grandma wandering around the home, you can shoot her, but it will only be effective for two minutes because Grandma is invulnerable and cannot be killed. However, killing her will give you more time to get away.

Horror Sounds

You will hear a lot of terrifying sound effects while playing Granny’s game. These various effects create a distinct scary atmosphere that enhances and entertains the game. However, you may disable the horror sounds in the options if you don’t want to hear them. Therefore, experiment with these horror effects to create a fully immersive horror scene in a grandmother game.

Deity Mode

In the granny game’s standard version, you have to work very hard to find various items that help unlock doors and other objects, but in the mod version, you don’t have to. This version offers a god mode where everything is unlocked, meaning all the keys and hints are readily available without any issues. So you can quickly get whatever you need to leave the house.


In the standard version of a granny game, if you are hit by her, your game ends, and you must restart from scratch. However, in the mod version, you will never die again. This mod adds the ability to become immortal, which means that even if Granny punches you, you will remain alive and be able to leave the house without any trouble.

Granny Mod Apk

Version Without Ads

Ads are very annoying because they will interrupt your game in the standard version, but they are not an issue in the mod version. This version offers the game to gamers without any advertisements. Because of this, pop-ups and video adverts will never appear in this version of the game. To play this game uninterrupted, download the granny mod apk version to your device.


Three different qualities, such as low, medium, and high, are present in the game. Any of them may be put to use and applied, depending on your internet connection. Your game will not function smoothly if your device has a poor internet connection and you utilize high quality. So, try to use a medium-quality game.


You can play this game in any of its five completely free game modes: extreme, hard, normal, easy, and practice. For example, on extreme mode with a black theme, grandma travels quicker than you and there are two more locks on the main doors.

This game is appealing to players thanks to Visual Representation Publishers. The 3D graphics in the game are good. The background music is just terrible. This adventurous simulator appears overly accurate. You feel as though you are in the actual home that you will attempt to flee.

Granny Things

During gameplay, players discover a variety of useful goods, including melon, meat, wrenches, safe keys, car batteries, and unique keys. To unlock the door to the residence, use your keys.

0 Deaths

Play this game without getting caught and killed by Grandma. Anywhere in the house is accessible. Players can live through the entire five days of the game without being killed by the granny ghost.

No Ads

You can play the game in an entirely ad-free scary house. The game’s graphics are created in a way that makes you feel as though you are actually playing it. Because of this, we created an ad-free version of this game for you to play.

No in-app purchases

It costs nothing at all to play the game Granny mod APK. You are given access to all the features without cost. All game types, game quality, and other fun aspects of the game are available for free.

Unnoticed Room Escape

You, the player, are imprisoned with a crazy grandmother who kills visitors to her home. The only relief comes from a game integrated into her blindness. She can hear everything in the house, so it doesn’t matter that she is blind.

Despite being an old woman, her small legs enable her to quickly reach practically every part of the house. You must remain covert if you want to get away.

Numerous Game Modes

It’s difficult to compare Granny’s House to other horror video games. There are numerous modes for the game. There are six Dorothys and two grandmothers in the Escape Mode. There is also the infection mode, in which each player is in charge of themself and must either escape or be captured.

You can also battle Granny with an online player in Story Mode. You’ll experience some thrilling moments when playing the recreation mode.

Health & Clues Granny Unlimited

The limitless health that the Granny Hack Apk offers keeps you alive even when Granny catches you and slaps you in the head. Your character continues the escape after receiving medical attention. Additionally, if you become trapped and are unable to find a way out.

Avoid making any noise

Granny has a remarkable capacity for listening. She primarily relies on her hearing abilities because she is blind. Not telling her where you live and what you do is the best method to avoid being discovered and, consequently, escape. She will monitor your character and pursue you if you disregard her counsel. To safeguard your safety, you should maintain silence inside the home and refrain from making noise with granny modifications.

Menu Granny Mod

Play the granny mod menu outwit game to explore an exciting realm of terror. After you kill the official Granny, you will receive money and talents as a prize. A modified version of Granny, however, gives users free access to infinite amounts of cash and soul.

Granny Mod Apk

Unlocked All Weapons

The game also includes certain weaponry. To remove the planks, blast the witch with a shotgun, and engage in combat with Granny’s crossbow are all options available to the player. Granny will largely be vanquished by your arsenal. Finding these weapons without making noise, however, is highly dangerous. Therefore, to find all concealed weapons and acquire them covertly, utilize the Granny Mod Apk all weapons unlocked.

terrifying audio and graphic images

The graphics are quite realistic, and the opening angle will make you uneasy. When Grandma shows up, you’re surprised by her zombie-like appearance. In this game, you’ll either hear your own breathing or Granny’s ominous voice quite frequently.

You should wear headphones if you want the greatest audio experience. A figurative death scene is depicted. The frightening nature of this game will cause your screen to dim and cause bloodshot eyes to appear on it.

Pros of Granny Mod Apk:

  • This game includes 3D, unsettling graphics that appear overly authentic.
  • This game has controls and riddles that must be solved.
  • You may download it for free and use it to play it anywhere, at any time.
  • It features a fantastic sound system that contributes to creating a spooky atmosphere.

Cons of Granny Mod Apk:

  • This game is too gruesome for kids.

Granny Mod Apk

How to Download Granny Mod Apk?

  • Prior to clicking the “Download” button located in the upper and lower portions of the page,
  • They will connect to the subsequent connection at the designated connection.
  • Granny MOD apk can be downloaded from the provided link and successfully installed on your device.

How to Install Granny Mod Apk?

  • Tap and then click the downloaded file.
  • On the screen, click the install button.
  • You will be given a choice to allow unidentified sources to download the entire application.
  • Tap to allow the program to install from untrusted sources.
  • After some time, the application’s installation process will begin.
  • Once installation is complete, you can launch the application and play the game.


Who Makes Mod Apk?

A customized version of the original program called a mod APK makes it simpler to play games.

Can you get banned if you use the Mod version?

Using a modified version has no possibility of getting you banned because we tested it beforehand before posting it. Additionally, you don’t need to be concerned about privacy.

Is it free to download this modified APK?

Yes, by clicking the button below, you can get this customized version of the Granny program for free.

On iOS, is Mod APK supported?

No, only Android users can access this Mod APK.

Is this mod free of ads?

Yes, there are no advertisements in this modified APK, allowing for a genuine gaming experience.

Are there any additional fees involved with downloading Mod?

No, there are no hidden fees or costs involved with getting this Mod APK.


Granny Mod Apk offers greater assistance in the battle against Granny. Your locks are kept at Granny’s place. You can also try to leave her home quietly and gently. Everything will be heard from Granny. If you’re interested, you can quickly download and play the game granny Mod APK. You can also download the Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk.

Player Reviews:

One of the best horror games I’ve ever played, the game is a true masterpiece. Granny’s silence only heightens the tension of the game. She can spawn anywhere, which always makes me nervous because she might be waiting to jumpscare you just around the corner.

It’s a really great game. Although disturbing, it is also a really brilliant puzzle game. Like a puzzle, that is! But you can’t be apprehended! Since you’re not breaking and entering, it’s preferable to Hello Neighborhood. Both Granny and Granny Chapter 2 are games I play! The game is fantastic, and I adore it. You can also adjust the sensitivity so that you can only view anything for a specific period of time.

What's new

  • Bugs are fixed
  • Christmas is over



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2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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