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You can download the GB version of WhatsApp for iPhone without charge. It serves as an alternative to WhatsApp's official app. This application allows you to have real-time conversations with your loved ones. GB WhatsApp works on both iOS and Android devices, so you can install it on your iPhone and use it with two different accounts. Both iOS and Android are able to use this application. You can share real-time locations and send and receive messages.
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GBWhatsApp Pro Apk v17.20 For Android Download

GBWhatsApp Pro Apk is a fantastic app that builds on what users are already used to and has the same structure as WhatsApp. The only exception is that this app costs money, however, it does provide a subscription option to get rid of adverts. Due to its wide range of capabilities, including the ability to make voice and video calls for free as long as you have a reliable internet connection, GBWhatsApp Pro is fantastic. Users find the app’s features to be unexpectedly great, picking their interest in installing it, which explains why it is so popular.

The modified version of WhatsApp is available as GB Whatsapp Download APK. As the best WhatsApp MOD, it is well-known. Many premium features not found in the original Whatsapp are available to users of GBWhatsApp. Even though WhatsApp has a tonne of features, GBWhatsApp has even more unique features. In the past, WhatsApp was popular among users for communication purposes.

You can download the GB version of WhatsApp for iPhone without charge. It serves as an alternative to WhatsApp’s official app. This application allows you to have real-time conversations with your loved ones. GB WhatsApp works on both iOS and Android devices, so you can install it on your iPhone and use it with two different accounts. Both iOS and Android are able to use this application. You can share real-time locations and send and receive messages.

The lightweight GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download app is compatible with Android and later. Additionally, Windows, iOS, and BlackBerry OS support GBWhatsApp. WhatsApp is a messaging program accessible on both iOS and Android devices. One of the most well-liked texting applications is available for free. One of the most popular apps in the world, it has over 1 billion users globally. It is simple to use and has a straightforward UI.

GBWhatsApp Pro Apk

You can utilize WhatsApp on your Android device with the help of the GBWhatsApp Pro APK app. You can use this app, created by an XDA developer, to talk on an Android device. On WhatsApp, you may communicate more quickly and save money and valuable data. To use GB WhatsApp, you must root your phone.

The best-customized version of WhatsApp GB that provides adaptability, power, and account control is Whatsapp Pro Apk. Enjoy a fantastic chat experience with a completely personalized UI. It was created by HeyMods, a renowned developer of secure and safe transparent programs like Whatsapp Transparent. The software provides enhanced functionality along with several brand-new features that the standard WhatsApp utterly lacks

Nowadays, a lot of people trade videos, photos, songs, and other types of media using WhatsApp. Download and install the GBWhatsApp APK on your smartphone if you want to use WhatsApp with a few extra features. The makers of the official WhatsApp app have upgraded it to add duplicate features including hiding duplicate signatures, switching themes, updating the online status, using WhatsApp accounts, and many more. This mod might give you more privacy, and using it won’t cost you anything.

GBWhatsApp Pro Apk is yet another outstanding and widely utilized edition in this series. Right here, you may get it and use it for nothing. Users of the default WhatsApp software now have a lot more freedom, power, and control over their accounts thanks to the GBWhatsApp mod. They may have had this issue with the software’s original version, but our hack resolves it completely. You can also download Asphalt Xtreme MOD APK.

What is GBWhatsApp Pro Apk?

The most popular enhanced version of the original WhatsApp app for Android devices is called GB WhatsApp. It contains several more features that have been introduced, including group chats, higher audio, and video quality, quicker loading times, and others. So, GB WhatsApp is definitely worth checking out if you’re searching for a better messaging experience on your Android phone.

GBWhatsApp Pro Apk

Features Of GBWhatsApp Pro Apk:

SMS Text Messages

This application functions similarly to the standard instant messaging program while also offering various improvements.

Send any message, regardless of its length. The character limit for messages has been exceeded in this version of WhatsApp.

Send and share any file in your inbox with the rest of your contact list, including images, videos, and documents. You won’t ever be restricted to a specific file type and can share anything whenever you want.

Lost Messages

One can erase their message for everyone, just like in the official version. Additionally, the sent communication will no longer be visible to the receiver.

However, the receiver of a deleted message by the sender can be seen on the GB version of WhatsApp. Even though the sender will delete the message, it will still appear in your chat window with the deleted icon. You can tell by the icon that the recipient erased this communication.

Removable Status

If someone has the GB version loaded, he will be able to view the status that the user posted because the deleted status will no longer be visible to his contacts. Instead of Whatsapp Blue

Along with this, the user’s observed status will no longer be displayed to the person who originally posted the status, and he won’t receive any further notifications. You can also comment on a status update that the user erased.

Sharing Status

You can share anything with the rest of your contact list, including pictures, videos, and any brief videos. The official one shares the same feature as this one.

Hide Status

Although the original WhatsApp already has the ability to hide your status, this version of WhatsApp has an improvement that allows you to hide your seen status from the user.

You may easily hide your status seen from the Gb WhatsApp Pro settings if you don’t want the user to know that you have seen their status.

Last seen

Set your last seen however you choose. When was the last time you were active if you don’t want your contact list pals to know? The final scenario can be configured as you like.

The GB WhatsApp settings allow you to manually set the time and date, and your contact list friends will be able to see this information.

Delivery of Messages

The delivery status of messages can be customized to your preferences. The double tick choices are available just like in the official version of WhatsApp.

Those ticks will change to grey if the message has been sent and to blue as soon as the recipient has seen it.

However, you can customize the message delivery option in GB WhatsApp to suit your preferences. If you do not want the people on your contact list to know that you have read their message.

The setting allows you to manually disable the ticks’ color-changing feature. Additionally, you can choose the type of ticks you desire. Even emoji can be selected for the ticks’ positioning.

GBWhatsApp Pro Apk


Emojis are widely available. Compared to the official WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp has GIFS and stickers. In contrast to the official WhatsApp, developers have put a lot of effort into the GB WhatsApp’s sticker and GIFS library.


As with the official one, you can choose any solid color or picture for your wallpaper, with the exception that you can only choose one wallpaper for each contact. But with GB WhatsApp, each person on your list can have a different background theme.


One of its most important benefits is that this version of WhatsApp, which is the GB version, is secure to use, in addition to many other top features.

Turn off the DND function

Do you frequently use any additional phone applications you don’t want to bother about? You may quickly stop WhatsApp from using the internet by using the DND feature in the GB WhatsApp Pro v19.00 APK. This implies that when you are using your phone for other crucial matters, you won’t be interrupted by calls or messages. Once more, this is fantastic for business users and gamers that use Mobile Devices. Making a call during a crucial game is the worst possible scenario.

Large Group Text Message Sending

With the standard WhatsApp, you can send message groups, however, sending numerous groups is a little challenging. You can send a message to several contacts at once with WhatsApp GB APK. It is perfect for delivering messages about forthcoming events and special occasions as well as for marketing purposes. We advise installing this program because it has this widely used feature and is simple to use.

There is a cap on the size of your photographs and the number of files you may download on normal WhatsApp if you’re unsure about sending photos or large files. The top is roughly 16MB. It is enormous, yet sometimes not enough. To send huge files to GB, download GBWhatsApp Pro APK. a good way to share and exchange data with friends and acquaintances.

Are you sick of the same old WhatsApp fonts that you may change? Do you want your app to have a distinctive style or do you want your messaging to be simple to read? With the aid of GBWhatsApp, you may change the typefaces in your app and make other customizations. Large fonts, standard fonts, and bold fonts are all available.

Sharing files

You can send up to 10 photographs at once using WhatsApp. The size of films and documents that can be shared using the service is also restricted. Users of GBWhatsApp can transfer video files up to 50MB in size and up to 100 pictures at once. Without any compression, audio files up to 100MB can be shared with third parties.


Set up birthday, meeting, show, and other critical message reminders in advance. By doing this, you can avoid the hassle of forgetting to encrypt your message until it’s too late.

Conflict-free messages

You don’t need to be concerned about messages being removed after they are sent. You can view every deleted communication as if it were still there thanks to this function.


Another privacy-focused feature of GBWhatsApp is the ability to erase the most recent status update, the uncertainty of when other users will see it, and a second (delivered) check. Remove the mask to reveal the registered recording’s blue dot. However, it can also be viewed from other contacts, unlike the standard WhatsApp.

Use of video conferencing

One of GB Whatsapp’s best and most essential features is “Video Conference Calling.” An online video conference call is now possible. GBWhatsapp offers video conference conferencing, despite the fact that their availability is limited. The Foreground contains an icon. It is challenging to claim when you forward a message, text, file, video, or image because the forwarded icon is hidden in GBWhatsApp.

Send a 50-megabyte video

We have all been desiring this functionality for a very long time. Since the official app has a 16 MB size limit, if you’ve ever tried to share a video on WhatsApp, you’ve probably seen that it won’t let you transmit anything larger than that. This mod application, which is very amazing, allows you to send up to 50 MB of video to anybody you like, so you won’t experience this issue here.

Download Progress

Sometimes we want to emulate someone else’s status because we are in love with it, but the office forbids it. Due to the fact that you may instantly duplicate anyone’s status without letting them know, this mod software was created.

GBWhatsApp Pro Apk

Pros Of GBWhatsApp Pro Apk:

  • By downloading the APK files beforehand, you can have access to the app’s innovative and intriguing features.
  • Applications that are restricted can be accessed and downloaded locally.
  • You can download the most recent Google updates via APK files. Normally, getting there takes a while, but downloading the APK files makes it quick and simple.
  • APK files are your only choice if, for some reason, you don’t have access to the Google Play Store and want to install your favorite apps.
  • APK By downloading and installing APK files, you may be sure to get the newest updates before they are made public.

Cons Of GBWhatsApp Pro Apk:

  • You should be aware by this point that the publisher of the original APK did not produce the modified version of the APK. Most programmers (hackers) find it simple to blend in with malware to do this.
  • Any changed applications are not available for download from the Google Play Store. The download of programs from “unknown sources” is discouraged by Google.
  • The effort of developers is in vain. Since the app may be their only source of income, you should be paying them for using it. (Don’t cheat on developers in this way; they work hard to create those programs for you.)
  • Prerequisites for the GBWhatsApp apk
  • You first have access to wifi or a mobile data connection.
  • having use of storage
  • access to a location
  • access to people and information
  • ability to voice and video call
  • video access
  • access to a microphone

How to Install And Download GBWhatsApp Pro Apk?

  • Use the link above to download GBWhatsApp and install the WhatsApp app.
  • Launch WhatsApp’s native app, then backup your chat. You may find backup instructions here.
  • Remove the original WhatsApp program.
  • By doing the instructions below, install the GBWhatsApp application, and then restore your backup from there.
  • Run it like you would a conventional WhatsApp software, input your phone number, and wait for an SMS with an activation code to arrive. Once it does, enter it where it says “Activation Code” to finish the registration process.

How To Use GBWhatsApp Pro Apk?

like we were accustomed to. On smartphones, any software or game functions. To run on your computer, you will need an emulator. In addition to having access to a variety of games and applications. where you can conveniently experience Android and iOS apps on a PC. There are numerous Android emulator programs as well. similar to the most well-known of them, “BlueStacks.” This is quite easy to install. Additionally, the application itself is not that big. Additionally, it functions on every Windows 7, 8, 9, and 10 system. Based on that, you can now utilize GB WhatsApp on your PC.

User Reviews:

The app’s graphics, audio, and user interface make it incredibly exciting. Its lovely atmosphere and ease of usage appeal to me.

The game is great for any topic we present as a theme because it has excellent graphics, wonderful background music, a slick user interface, and varied gameplay. All the skins and accessories that each character possesses are some of the things that draw people to this game.

The game’s gameplay and the character design are excellent, and the music is also excellent. Some outfits are also offered for free in the games, but the drawback is that they are very pricey.

GBWhatsApp Pro Apk


Do WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp resemble one another?

There is no overlap between WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Pro Apk. Both of these messaging apps have capabilities that are comparable to one another, although GBWhatsApp is more feature-rich than WhatsApp. You can utilize themes and modify your chat interface using GBWhatsApp.

What distinguishes GBWhatsApp from GBWhatsApp Pro?

A modified version of WhatsApp called GBWhatsApp gives users more control over their data and privacy. An even more altered version of WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp Pro, allows users even more control over their data and privacy.

Is GBWhatsApp safe?

A customized version of WhatsApp called GBWhatsApp Pro Apk provides extra functionality not included in the standard app. GBWhatsApp is a popular alternative even though it is not officially supported by WhatsApp.

However, there are some security issues to take into account since GBWhatsApp is not an official software. It’s conceivable for GBWhatsApp to be infected with malicious malware, which might then be used to access your personal data or even take control of your smartphone.

Because of this, it’s crucial to only download GBWhatsApp from reputable websites and to carefully consider the permissions it asks for before downloading. GBWhatsApp should be secure to use as long as you follow these safety rules.

Final Words:

You might be disappointed to learn that GBWhatsApp Pro Apk for iPhone isn’t currently available if you’re looking for GBWhatsApp for iPhone or GBWhatsApp for iPhone free download. Forget the application’s pristine appearance; there are numerous incredibly cool GBWhatsApp subjects available for Android devices that you can use.

This article discussed GBWhatsApp Pro Apk, and by using the instructions provided, you can easily download and set up GBWhatsApp. The most recent WhatsApp MOD APKs are available for download from this blog. I assume you approve. Enjoy the safety and thank you for visiting. Keep coming back for more tricks and advice, and as always, harmony out!

What's new

  • New base updated
  • Anti-ban
  • Group video call
  • More new emojis
  • Reply privately when in groups
  • Save Profile Picture Features Re-Added
  • Scan Barcode to Add Contact
  • Custom and new themes
  • Dark Mode
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) mode



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How to install GBWhatsApp Pro Apk v17.20 Download Latest Version 2022 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded GBWhatsApp Pro Apk v17.20 Download Latest Version 2022 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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