Extra Lives Mod Apk (Unlimited Points) 2022


The unique gameplay, stylized graphics, and realistic brutality in these games, created by the studio developer MDickie, who is well-known to players for such works as School Days and Hard Time, gave them an exceptional level of popularity. Therefore, MDickie made the decision to amuse us today with a game based on the well-liked zombie theme; the venture was dubbed Extra Lives. Thus, you must travel to the city's streets where a lethal virus has turned the populace into walking dead in order to try to survive this horror.
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Extra Lives Mod Apk (Unlimited Health and Ammo) Download

Extra Lives Mod Apk is an open-world game, which means you can do anything and travel anywhere because there are a ton of different places to choose from. However, in order to get more enjoyment out of this game, you must first play it step-by-step because many locations will be locked when you first start. Play this game to eliminate zombies to become the sole survivor.

We provide you with Extra Lives Mod Apk, a fun adventure game designed on the current trend of the zombie apocalypse. The user of the mobile application will be transported to a city where most of the populace has changed into a pack of ravenous monsters due to a dangerous disease that has afflicted it. However, infected individuals are no longer the most dangerous issue. The healthy populace started acting considerably worse while displaying no less resentment. The main character must endure these extreme circumstances. The amount of brutality and cruelty in the Android project is the highest of everything going on.

The unique gameplay, stylized graphics, and realistic brutality in these games, created by the studio developer MDickie, who is well-known to players for such works as School Days and Hard Time, gave them an exceptional level of popularity. Therefore, MDickie made the decision to amuse us today with a game based on the well-liked zombie theme; the venture was dubbed Extra Lives Mod Apk. Thus, you must travel to the city’s streets where a lethal virus has turned the populace into walking dead in order to try to survive this horror.

The most original gameplay I’ve ever experienced in a survival game. Have a comprehensive function, yet with straightforward graphics. Rich/full of bloody tents, zombies, fighting, free, multiple weapons, and many groups/genk are some intriguing characteristics of the live game. Only in this particular game are the characters we control still playable after being slain and turning into zombies. The single event that can end this game is the one where our character’s leader faltered. I only discovered that this game was to finally hire more characters in our group after I had played it for a while.

I feel that this game is not appropriate for kids after playing it. due to the complex goreng subtleties. In this game, we frequently see our hands, feet, or even headaches. Here, we may encounter foes or allies, law-abiding citizens or even criminals. The player’s score will be used to determine how long they can play. But I’m confident that slowness will pass away as well. due to effort and, of course, limited finances. NPCs can commit crimes in this game or become hostile toward us for other reasons. which happens much more frequently now that we’ve finished dating their boyfriends or friends. My persona rarely tells lies due to the attacks of others.

We must choose one of the few characters the game offers before the game starts in either life mode or deathmatch mode. Even the way the characters we select are displayed might differ in lifestyles. from the name to the ability. In actuality, zombie appearance is also modifiable. Apart from slow look and movement, there are just zombies and people in this game. The zombies in this game are capable of like people, it might be argued. There is a weapon in labeling. You can alsio download House Flipper Mod Apk.

Extra Lives Mod Apk

This game is really spooky and filled with merciless humans and brainless zombies. How long the players will live in these risky scenarios is the focus of this game. This app’s gameplay is exhilarating and offers unusual circumstances that let users experience actual survival. In this game, there are 200 distinct characters divided among 8 groups. Each character has a specific objective to fulfill and is constructed with special powers. Therefore, in order to win the game, the players must devise fresh tactics. The maps in this game include extremely detailed scenery and very realistic visual effects. The game’s stages are exceedingly difficult, and as players advance, the zombies become more threatening.

Create special connections with 200 additional characters divided among 8 opposing warring factions. On your quest to put the city back in order, explore more than 60 unique places. There are thousands of interactive things to aid you on your journey. Full access to the unique “Deathmatch” mode offers the chance to kill zombies without any pressure. In order to kill zombies, users must find weapons. The typical zombie survival game will be fantastic thanks to its 60+ varied settings, a vast arsenal of weapons, intriguing level design, difficult game links, and free operation.

What kind of game are Extra Lives?

In the action survival game Extra Lives Mod Apk, you’ll embark on a quest to battle zombies and rid the world of them. To kill the zombies, you will need to engage in combat with them. This game offers a wide variety of modes as well. You will be given a wide variety of weaponry to use in your battle with the zombies. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of characters in this game.

What is Extra Lives Mod Apk?

In order to obtain additional weaponry and customize your character in the game’s regular edition, you must amass money. We altered the original version of this game to remove this restriction. Extra Lives Mod APK is the name of the modified version of this game. You will have access to an unlimited amount of money in this updated edition. Additionally, you will be able to survive zombie attacks, and this world will also unlock all of the modes.


The player’s sole objective upon entering the zombie realm is to deliver the products. He will undoubtedly run into a few mindless zombies and pitiful humans because of the target. In order to achieve his goal, he must kill as many zombies and people as he can. In order to succeed in the game, the player needs Ammo and Extra Lives Unlimited Health And Wellness.

You can take a number of actions in the game to hinder the zombies’ ability to advance on you and kill you. The video game features 200 characters and more than 50 recognizable locations. Almost every personality approaches the game differently. A satisfying result results from personality change.

Extra Lives Mod Apk

Features of Extra Lives MOD APK:

Make your characters whatever you want

Your in-game characters can also be freely built and customized, which will improve the entire gameplay experience. Please feel free to add a few changeable elements to your profile. Create your character’s stats using some preset parameters. Change your attire and accessories to boost the overall fun and excitement of the game. Most importantly, Extra Lives’ numerous intriguing customizing options should greatly enhance your in-game enjoyment and suspense.

Use is free

In addition, Android gamers can still play Extra Lives Mod Apk on any mobile device for free despite all the entertaining in-game features. You do not need to pay in order to take part in the exciting fighting activities available here.

Version Unlocked

Enjoy playing the game in its unlocked state. Ads and in-game purchases will always be available, though, as the game is still a freemium one. You might decide to play the game on our website in its altered form as a result. Here, we offer you an unlimited number of in-game purchases, no advertisements, and a number of entertaining features. All of which are easily enabled with our unlocked Extra Lives.


Explore the famous MDickie graphics as you get ready to dive into the hilarious action scenes of Extra Lives. Learn about the fascinating and exhilarating visual experiences with amazing fighting and captivating plots. Additionally, Extra Lives has straightforward graphics like the majority of MDickie games, making it playable on the vast majority of Android devices.

Music and Audio

In addition to the excellent in-game graphics, Extra Lives features rich audio so that you can fully appreciate the battle engagements. As a result, you may immediately envelop yourself in the faction’s excellent gameplay whenever you like.

Interactive Stories

To learn the stories, use immersive narratives. Along with that, throughout their in-game explorations, Android users of Extra Lives will be exposed to engaging storytelling. Your experiences with zombies or your attempts to survive them will be vividly portrayed in these narratives. These factors should combine to make the story overall highly engrossing and engaging. When employing Extra Lives, you can improve all of your in-game endeavors.

Various armed groups

Join a number of warring groups and confront the opposition. The action-packed gameplay of Extra Lives’ mobile actions, which includes 8 separate warring factions that are engaged in combat and each has its own particular qualities, will appeal to Android gamers. Despite having different ideas and worldviews, they all want to wipe off the zombies and give humanity a chance.

Multiple Characters

Play and interact with a variety of characters. Extra Lives Mod Apk also offers a range of playable characters to make the game more interesting. The in-game narratives should become considerably more fascinating with over 200 distinct individuals to pick from at once, each having their own attributes and features. Enjoy Extra Lives as you explore your own choices of storylines to uncover a ton of fun gameplay and engagement.

Interesting Locations to Visit

The excellent in-game settings are now available for use by those of you who are interested in enhancing your gaming experiences. Here, you can explore a range of environments with different layouts and interactive features. Explore 50 different locations at your leisure while having fun with puzzles, combat, and other exciting activities.

Beautiful 3D Vision

The stunning 3D graphics and visions of my extra life game are its first and most attractive main element, drawing all players in. The game’s music and animations will make hunting feel realistic. By employing headphones, the thrill will be doubled.

200 Character Meetup

You won’t play this game alone, unlike other zombie hunting games, which is another appealing feature. You will encounter 200 lovely characters in this game who are just like people. These characters are all there to aid you in surviving.

Games from Matdickie

Some of them will assist you in killing the zombies, while others will inform you of your next stop. While others will provide you with plenty of tips for surviving in the zombie world. So be astute and work tirelessly to save them.

Approximately 50 locations

This Frostborn guide apk gives you access to more than 50 stunning and terrifying areas. This vast array of destinations will wow you in every way. You will encounter different foes in some places, while other places will have different enemies.

Extra Lives Mod Apk

Simple Extra Lives Mod APK Gameplay

The game’s simplicity in terms of gameplay and user interface is its final and best characteristic. The game contains several easy-to-use controls that even a young child can use. Although the controls in every hacked zombie survival game are challenging, they are all completely unique.

Touch-screen controllers for various lifestyles

Fighting and monster survival hacking adventures offer a straightforward and uncomplicated gameplay experience for people who are interested. Use the same virtual touchpad that is typically employed in a variety of other mdickie mod apk video games. Use your digital analog to easily navigate around the wilderness while using the color icons to carry out different attack movements and combination attacks. Use a range of tactics to outwit your competitors.

Make up your own special superheroes

To make the overall experience more exciting and fascinating, you may also quickly build and modify your in-game personality. You are free to modify the features of your account as you see fit. You can change your character’s traits by using specific beginning settings.

Interactive storytelling allows you to discover the stories

Additionally, Extra Lives Mod Apk will bring Android users captivating experiences where they can see themselves fighting the creatures or learning survival skills fairly effectively. The combination of all of this would make the story as a whole very alluring and captivating. Expand your entire experience by living additional lifetimes as a result.

Join conflicting opposing squads and engage in combat

Users of the app will love the thrilling cell action in Extra Lives, which has 8 different armed groups, each with its own uniqueness and engaging in combat with one another. Most importantly, while having different viewpoints and goals, they all desire to vanquish foes and restore hope to humanity. You can choose from either team and participate in their last-ditch efforts to combat each other and get rid of zombies. Additionally, you can immediately get the Extra Lives mod apk Mediafire from our website.

Simple user interface and controls

To fully enjoy every second of action while competing in deathmatch or classic mode, you’ll need basic settings. Fortunately, the simple interfaces in this game let you concentrate on the action.

Combat the zombies

Only those with strong combat and survival abilities can triumph in this action survival game. In this game, people and zombies that desire to rule the entire world coexist in an intriguing way.

175+ heroes

There are more than ten characters accessible in this game. These characters each has a unique superpower. The health and superpowers of these individuals can be seen in the settings.

Exciting places to visit

There are several settings in this game. Over 50 places are available for exploration. Numerous zombies are waiting for you in every place.

Easy controls

The controls for this casual game are simple. The various buttons are represented by various colors. For instance, the blue button is used to pick up objects, whereas the red button is used to attack.

Decide how many zombies you want

With this function, you may decide how many zombies to have. You can reduce the number of zombies and people if you’re a beginner player and can’t manage many foes.


This game offers a variety of game types for players. You can use any of these modes at no cost.

Make your heroes unique

You can alter your hero’s appearance if you don’t like it. The only requirement is to unlock the accessories before using them.

How to Install Extra Lives Mod Apk?

  • Remove any previous versions of the game from your phone.
  • Activate Unknown Sources under Security in the phone’s settings. Switch it on. From the settings menu of the Play Store app, you can also disable Play Protect.
  • Make sure your phone has enough space.
  • Find the location of the downloaded file on your phone.
  • Wait until it has finished installing before clicking to install it.
  • Your Drive Extra Lives APK for Android has now been installed successfully.
  • Open the game and begin playing.

Extra Lives Mod Apk


Where can I get the Extra Lives game mod apk with infinite health?

Because we give you a safe and secure download link, stop struggling so much. So click the link to access the game’s special features.

Can I set up the game on my computer?

Yes, the game is also accessible for the PC, but a secure download requires an emulator. Your video game will run more smoothly on the computer if you use an emulator.

Does the game have security flaws, or is it safe?

The game has been examined by our technical staff using anti-malware tools. As a result, you can play it on your Android phone without ever experiencing a security issue.


A game about zombie survival with exciting gameplay is called Extra Lives MOD APK. This game is renowned for transporting players to dramatic yet humorous settings where they can participate in epic challenges. Defeat the voracious zombies in combat to advance to the game’s professional level.

What's new

  • Wider display with continued support for older 32-bit devices for improved interoperability with contemporary phones in either landscape position. By default, a faster frame rate is advised (130%).



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