ES File Explorer Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version

The only file explorer that works with smartphones, PCs, laptops, and Macs is ES File Explorer Mod Apk. Every system can use this file explorer because they are all very compatible with it. You can use it to organize all types of files, create folders, and gain many advantages. We will attempt to cover all of this file manager's many features in the following paragraphs. Despite having a fantastic user interface and more, let's examine what this file manager actually provides.
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ES File Explorer Mod Apk (MOD Premium) Latest Version 2022

ES File Explorer Mod Apk is an app with a file manager. Useful without cost. help with managing data, applications, and other things. with lots of functionality and strong support tools. The processing of file files is accelerated by ES File Explorer Mod Apk. The application has received a lot of usages thus far. addressing user needs in a satisfactory manner. ES File Explorer Mod Apk has been improving over time. to provide the greatest experience for users. is very helpful software that aids in the working process. when there are too many document files for your job to manage. The answer is to use ES File Explorer Mod Apk.

The only file explorer that works with smartphones, PCs, laptops, and Macs is ES File Explorer Mod Apk. Every system can use this file explorer because they are all very compatible with it. You can use it to organise all types of files, create folders, and gain many advantages. We will attempt to cover all of this file manager’s many features in the following paragraphs. Despite having a fantastic user interface and more, let’s examine what this file manager actually provides.

In today’s technologically advanced and computerized age, smartphones are an essential piece of equipment for every person. They give you a lot of help in both your personal and professional life. Your phone can store a variety of things, including a morning timer, notes, correspondence hardware, and a number of other features that you cannot check under any circumstances. The ability and board of papers to send and receive may be the most valuable highlights at business. The executive application is often assembled inside the device by a producer for ease of usage.

An app called ES File Explorer Mod Apk was created to make managing all of your files on your phone simpler. You can store all of your stuff, including music, data, and photographs, in an easy-to-manage database with a tonne of extra features and benefits. This program was created to save battery life when managing your data and is completely free. Many of the functions and data management capabilities you might find on a desktop computer are also there on your phone, but they are condensed into a more user-friendly size. Continue reading to learn more about ES File Explorer Mod Apk.

ES File Explorer Mod Apk

You may effectively manage files and documents on Android phones with the aid of the app ES File Explorer Mod Apk. You can utilize it for free and handle files on Android in a fantastic approach. Having so many functions available makes managing data on your Android device simple. The application excels in installing games and programs with a single click. On Android, editing, transferring, or deleting any file is easy. You may easily choose any of these options from the menu in ES File Explorer Mod Apk, giving you the freedom to use your phone any way you like. This program emphasizes convenience, usability, and an intuitive user interface. I swear to assist you greatly.

ES File Explorer Mod Apk (File Manager) is a fully functional file manager for both local and networked use that supports images, music, movies, documents, and apps! With more than 500 million users worldwide,ES File Explorer Mod Apk makes it simple to transfer files without incurring additional data charges and successfully manage your Android phone and files.

ES File Explorer Mod Apk gives you the tools to handle your personal data exactly like you would on a personal computer, including the ability to move, copy, create, delete, rename, and other file-related operations. You may create and extract data from ZIP and RAR archives thanks to the support for working with archives. You can access your PC via a WiFi network in addition to the standard services that are offered and different features. Using the cache cleanup manager, install apps, remove any that are superfluous, and clean up the leftovers after uninstallation. There is a separate area where people with root access can quickly access and work with the full file system.

File manager ES File Explorer Mod Apk, has held the title of one of this type of software’s most well-known representatives for a very long time. Its name has practically become a symbol for a quick, easy, and incredibly enjoyable way to move files and carry out any other tasks customers would require. The project is not only regarded as one of the best but it is also updated frequently. The application maintains its reputation thanks to a number of factors, including the creation of new features and qualities, enhanced interface interaction, an expanding selection of options, and many more.

ES File Explorer Mod Apk

Features Of ES File Explorer Mod Apk:

In order to identify and list the garbage in your smartphone’s memory, ES File Explorer Mod Apk is sufficiently effective. Even the list of files that clients should remove from their mobile devices is displayed. Garbage is split into numerous types, making it simple to eliminate.

Cloud Coordinator

The user can benefit much from the cloud network. First and foremost, there is less need to access various gadgets. Users can easily maintain their data across many devices and networks. Despite the fact that updates are processed from several locations, the cloud enables the instant storage of changes on a single site.

File Exchange

Using the ES File App, users may quickly transfer their files to a specific network and take advantage of file exchange with other users. The time that might be lost during Bluetooth low-speed transmission is unquestionably saved for the user. You can rapidly exchange or transfer files using this software.

Favorite choice

Users can add a certain tool to their list of favorites using this option. With just one click, the user can switch directly to his favorite tool. Included on this list may include news, downloads, Facebook, the weather, software, photographs, Google, motion pictures, and musical options.

User interfaces

Users may review the apps on their cellphones and even control how each one runs. You can find out about the app’s storage requirements and software version here. Additionally, you may lock applications from here and check their permissions. On your smartphone, the app’s utility can be constrained.

Nearby library

With the ‘Library’ option, users may see a wide variety of applications that have music and photographs loaded on their smartphones. Access to images and other programs is made quick. The user has access to the actual storage location of a smartphone through the “Library” as well.

Networking Tools

The user can access numerous networking options for complete connectivity use. Through the cloud, LAN, and other similar networking options, the user may establish connections to numerous networks. The user can even integrate Bluetooth with other gadgets thanks to it. User access to the Bluetooth connection capability is unrestricted.

This program, ES File Explorer Mod Apk, is excellent for remote management. Users can collaborate across several devices by joining a network. A network can be used to connect and operate a variety of devices, including cellphones, laptops, and PCs. The link can be readily generated with no issues.

Tools Choice

“Tool Access” is the ES File application’s most prominent feature. You may access every integrated functionality in this program. To control the data on your smartphone using the ES file utility, use the “Download Manager.” Depending on the user access authorization, “System Manager” provides the administration of applications and tasks.

The most recent feature, called “SD Card Analyst,” displays a list of every app on the phone along with any files that have been saved in the app folder. Additionally, it displays the percentage of space that each application used up. The amount of used and free space on the SD card can be seen by the user. Customized hidden lists, audio players, cleaners, and other features are also available to users. The cleaner can be used to get rid of leftover rubbish, advertisements from previous apps, and garbage.

Pro variation

If you’re an Android geek and have been using Android phones for the past ten years, you should be aware of the cutting-edge ES File Explorer Mod Apk app. This is a straightforward file manager or explorer that gives you access to all of the most useful features, including unzipping, storage optimization, video and audio playback, file sending, logging, and cloud storage.

The ES app can be used in any country without Google Play authorization, and the ES File Explorer Mod Apk can be downloaded from the link below. The full pro app, which costs 878.00 INR, will also be provided without charge by this app.

ES File Explorer Mod Apk

Exceptional Application Manager

You can now organize, back up, make shortcuts, and remove your apps from a single location with just a few clicks using ES File Explorer Mod Apk.

The remote file manager you require

You may manage all the files stored on your smartphone directly from your PC once you enable this feature. As a result, managing files is now a lot easier and more seamless than it has ever been. Additionally, it enables users to open RAR archives and produce encrypted ZIP files that may be safely shared between two users without the influence of outside applications.

All the essential players and file openers are included in ES File Explorer Mod Apk so users may work directly with the files. Photos, music, and recordings all have built-in viewers and players, while QuickOffice and other third-party programs are supported for more utility. The software makes sure you won’t have to worry about downloading the right media players or document viewers the next time you work with files.

Thumbnails that reveal the contents

The ES File Explorer Mod Apk has a feature like this that is quite helpful. Generally speaking, ES File Explorer gives you a glimpse of documents, APKs, and photos while the majority of built-in File Explorers only give you a preview of the document type (in the menu list of files).

Viewers and editors of text to enhance productivity

Your workflow is optimized because the app’s built-in text editor and viewer allow you to edit your document from there. The majority of file formats are supported by the ES File Explorer Mod Apk natively, so you don’t need to install any additional viewers or apps.

Your PC and smartphones can sync files.

With SMB, you may now directly access files on your PC from anywhere in the world using WiFi.

An effective WebDAV and FTP

In the, same way you manage your files on your SD Card or an external memory drive, ES File Explorer Mod Apk can handle and manage nearly all types of files on FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and WebDAV servers.

Sharing with Bluetooth enabled

File records can be copied and pasted between devices equipped with Bluetooth. OBEX FTP is maintained by ES File Explorer Mod Apk for inspecting devices and transferring data between Bluetooth devices.

Built-in assistance with clearing the cache

The Task Manager module is necessary for this capability to function, but ES File Explorer Mod Apk also offers the support of an integrated cache memory cleanser that removes all the program cache and garbage files that suck up valuable storage space.

Kill processes to speed up your device.

You may add a straightforward widget from ES File Explorer Mod Apk to your home screens as well. This helps you know the present RAM occupancy and automatically kills tasks. To prevent killing their processes, you can transfer programs onto an ignore list.

Perfect Root Navigator

ES File Explorer Mod Apk is likely to be your preferred set of file management tools if you’ve rooted your smartphone to improve its capabilities. The entire file system is accessible intrinsically through it. Additionally, you have access to the data directories and can modify the different permissions that apps often request from you.

Multilingual assistance

More than 15 in-app languages are currently supported by ES File Explorer Mod Apk, including English, Russian, Korean, French, German, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Japanese, Hindi, Tamil, Turkish, and more. Therefore, there is a good probability that ES File Explorer Mod Apk may offer your native tongue in the choice of in-app languages if you feel more comfortable speaking it.

Check the memory capacity of the device

Each one takes up room. Images, sounds (recorded files like music), documents (like word processors or PowerPoint presentations) stored on the device, and even applications fall under this category. Without installing any tools, you can simply scroll down to see an analysis of what’s taking up so much space already; if it appears awful (like recent creations), delete these things manually to free up memory before it’s too late.

Adapt the theme

The File Explorer Pro Mod APK is more than just a file manager. The user will be happy with what they have loaded on their smartphone because it offers a variety of themes and interfaces to pick from. If you don’t like this specific color scheme for your phone’s home screen, you can easily change it by going into “Theme.” Additionally, any icon pack is readily available.

Support file zip and unzip

A file manager with a tonne of features to support your Android device is called ES File Explorer Mod. While folders containing such content won’t be moved, it can compress images and other media files for easier storage, match screen resolutions to reduce data consumption on the phone’s or tablet’s internal memory, and uncompress them while maintaining their original quality or reverting to earlier decompression results if desired.

Swift cloud storage

The only feature of ES File Explorer Mod Apk that enables you to safely sync and move your crucial files, documents, or folders is cloud storage. The user of this app can save their favorite content on any device they own with this program, which supports S3 Amazon Cloud Drive in addition to several famous cloud services like Dropbox Online Document Sharing Service, Onedrive, MediaFire, or Google Drive.

Using WiFi to transfer files

WiFi file transmission is an easy way to share files with others. You may transfer larger media files from your phone to your PC without an internet connection using the ES File Explorer.

ES File Explorer Mod Apk

Protection of privacy

Your most crucial documents can stay safe thanks to ES File Explorer Mod Apk in-app security measures. Depending on what suits you best, you’ll find that setting a password or hiding the PIN is simple!

Remote control

One benefit of the program for individuals who need to handle files from several devices is the ease of remote control. It’s quicker and simpler to manage them all together than separately on each platform because you can easily sync them all!


Additionally, you can change the themes in ES File Explorer Mod Apk to alter the appearance of your device. You can alter the operating system’s colors and app icons to those made by developers if the default ones don’t appeal to you. While some can be utilized without charge, others are more intricate, one-of-a-kind, and well-made, making access to them more expensive.


ES File Explorer Mod Apk offers file protection. By activating the app and choosing a password, any folder or file can be protected with a PIN. However, you can conceal it if you’re worried that you don’t have a good recall.

Protection and antivirus

Your phone will operate more quickly and be virus-free thanks to the app. The app allows you to lock a lot of your apps. Every file is scanned for malware by the ES File Explorer MOD APK as well.

File lookup

You can quickly find the files you need by using the search box at the top of ES File Manager Premium. The file will appear when you type in the file name. There is an online catalog in addition to sorting files in the smart Library, which was previously described.

Displaying hidden files

Your phone saves various files automatically when you download a lot of apps. The files must be downloaded, but some of them might be useful. Before determining whether to download the files, it is required to review them. The hidden files on your phone can all be seen with ES File Explorer Mod Apk, allowing you to delete them as you see fit.

Finder Smart Library in File

Additionally, your device organizes all of the files into distinct directories based on their source, such as “Downloads,” “WhatsApp,” and “Other.” Additionally, you’ll be able to choose when and how movies were added on your device.

Document Cleaner

This app will keep your phone clean. If you use this program, your smartphone will be free of duplicate and pointless files. You must establish a routine if you want your phone to continue operating at its best.

In and out of

Due to its poor performance and lack of capabilities, the file manager on the majority of Android Devices isn’t recommended. Images and other media files can look better by being compressed, having higher screen resolutions, and being smaller in size. The fact that you can complete these tasks with just a few clicks demonstrates how useful ES File Explorer Mod Apk is. Whether you choose to overwrite an existing file or save a compressed one as a new file depends on your choices. Compared to other programs, it decompresses files significantly more quickly. Large compressed files can be tested.

Pros Of ES File Explorer Mod Apk:

  • You may organize your phone’s files using this file manager.
  • Inside, there are countless features and possibilities.
  • Consumers have a lot of customizing options.

Cons Of ES File Explorer Mod Apk:

  • It may be challenging for novice users to use this file manager.

ES File Explorer Mod Apk

How To Download And Install ES File Explorer Mod Apk?

  • If you already have this program installed on your device, uninstall it.
  • Click on the link above to get “ES File Explorer Mod Apk.”
  • You’ll then need to enable Unknown Sources in your device’s settings.
  • Next, install the app.
  • After a successful installation, you can begin exploring and organising your files and documents within the program.
  • Manage well!


What is APK Download?

The APK extension is used for the Android package kit and the file format is utilised to install the Android application (X. XE for Windows) (X. XE for Windows). If you wish to install an APK, you need to manually download and run the file (a procedure “sideloading”) (a process “sideloading”).

Is it safe to download the ES File Explorer Manager PRO Apk file from

APK files install apps on your system so that they constitute a major security risk. One can change the APK maliciously before installation and then use it as a digital Trojan horse to install and operate the mover Therefore, you need to make sure that the website you are utilizing,, is trustworthy.

Where can I locate apk files on Android?

If you want to find apk files on your android phone, you can find apk in / data/application/directory under user-installed application, whereas pre-installed files are in the system/application folder using eS. File manager to access it.

How to detect hidden apk files on an android phone?

To view hidden files on your child’s Android device, go to the My Documents folder, then go to the storage folder that you can check – either device storage or SD card. Click once on the “More” tab in the upper right corner. A prompt will appear and you can check to see if there are any hidden files.


It’s a multitasking app with remarkable features. Additionally, its appealing effects and functionalities are in an ideal package. Thus, the regular user of file manager apk pro enhanced its performance. You can expound on the file structure and organize the data. Its epic UI with customized elements outclasses countless elements. The user will enjoy seeing its unlimited potential. Also, the file management stream might make your travel more flexible. Feel free to explore further about this app.

ES File Explorer Mod Apk is the most popular file manager nowadays. This file organizer offers unique features that assist users to appreciate this program very lot. We give you an Es File Explorer Pro Mod Apk. If You have any troubles feel free to remark below or contact us. You can also download The Sims Mobile Mod Apk .

What's new

  • OTG device Supports NTFS
  • Add Media fire in the cloud
  • Folder encryption
  • Privacy Policy
  • Improve SMB performance
  • Dozens of improvements



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1. Tap the downloaded ES File Explorer Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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