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To fight fires, save lives, rescue animals, stop terrorist attacks, and do much more, command firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, physicians, police officers, and special forces. Establish a strong foundation and assemble the ideal emergency services team! Improve your ambulances, hospitals, and other structures and units, and enlarge your main office. To succeed in the numerous thrilling and difficult missions, use the Fire Department, Rescue Service, Police Department, and Technical Units.
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Emergency HQ Mod Apk 1.7.17 (Unlimited Emeralds) Download

Emergency HQ Mod Apk is making you too bored, shoot. I will now introduce a thrilling simulation game of a rescue operation. The player must possess strong managerial abilities to succeed in Emergency HQ Mod Apk. You are in charge of leading all the rescue squads in the city. From security and defense to fire and rescue… Our goal is to advance while ensuring the safety of the locals. Upgrading the rescue headquarters will make you affluent and well-known. There will be a lot of growing difficulties. Therefore, understanding how to manage forces and resources is essential. to make sure everything operates effectively and without a hitch.

To fight fires, save lives, rescue animals, stop terrorist attacks, and do much more, command firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, physicians, police officers, and special forces. Establish a strong foundation and assemble the ideal emergency services team! Improve your ambulances, hospitals, and other structures and units, and enlarge your main office. To succeed in the numerous thrilling and difficult missions, use the Fire Department, Rescue Service, Police Department, and Technical Units.

One of the most well-liked strategy games available for Android is Emergency HQ Mod Apk. The primary goal is to create a citywide emergency response center and save lives. Consequently, you must start with some resources. It’s challenging to uphold the law while saving everyday lives, but someone has to do it. This amazing simulation game from Emergency HQ Mod Menu Apk totally incorporates the pleasure and magic of the Emergency Helper advertising software. Here, you can fulfill both your worst and best dreams, rescue lives, start fires, be on time, apprehend criminals, assist others, and make priceless memories.

A game called Emergency HQ Mod Apk mimics search and rescue efforts. Play the part of a firefighter, ambulance driver, police officer, SWAT team member, doctor, or technician in an emergency. Control crime, medical and disaster management, rescue operations, and the dispatch of vehicles and employees. With the help of firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, physicians, and police officers, fight fires, rescue animals, save lives, and combat terrorists. By expanding your base, you can create the ideal emergency services team. Upgrade your fire engines, hospital, and other structures, and expand your headquarters.

Emergency HQ Mod Apk

Drive a fire engine throughout the city for patrol! Quickly put out the fire! Run the emergency center of your city to protect the populace! It’s a game of simulation and business strategy. Urban first aid and strategic management are combined in the game. Players will manage their own urban emergency center in the game. The fire department, police department, and emergency department are all part of this emergency center. To handle a variety of urgent risky situations, all departments can band together and work together.

In the free rescue strategy game Emergency HQ Mod Apk, the player will oversee the efforts of first responders in a novel, realistic manner. Ambulance, fire, rescue, police, and other units that operate in the most difficult circumstances will function under the user’s direction. Fires, auto accidents, crimes, and even terrorist activities are among the mishaps whose effects will need to be fixed. If they carry out their responsibilities well, the headquarters will be upgraded and receive a better technique.

One of the greatest rescue game apps, Emergency Rescue features a fantastic plot and sophisticated gameplay. The players of this game will not only have fun playing, but they will also gain knowledge of the hardships and laborious jobs that the technical services, SWAT, police, and firefighters go through. This game app is specifically made for gamers who enjoy playing heroic and strategic games. The players will take on the roles of the head of the crime department, emergency services, and many more positions. To carry out the principal city functions, they can command the paramedic units, firefighters, and police officers.

Play the rescue simulation game Emergency HQ Mod Apk. Take charge of the emergency services, including the police, special forces, fire, and ambulance departments, as well as technical services. Manage the distribution of vehicles and employees, as well as rescue operations, crime, medical, and accident management. To put out fires, save lives, save animals, battle terrorists, and more, command firefighters, rescuers, paramedics, physicians, police, and special forces.

A strategy game for Android is called Emergency HQ mod APK. Emergency HQ Mod Apk is the most recent game to reach the top after Travian (which is not free). On the Google Play Store, the game has received over 1 million downloads and an overall rating of 4.3 stars (9th December 2017). This game offers a variety of gaming modes, including base building, crafting, PvE, and a real-time battle system against zombies with other people across the world. Even though the graphics appear straightforward, this game is built to function well on devices with basic specifications like 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage. You can also download Critical Ops Mod Apk.

Emergency HQ Mod Apk

What Is Emergency HQ Mod Apk?

A brand-new and original game called Emergency Hq Mod APK was just published. The goal of the game is to free captive characters from various settings. The game is really simple to use, and you don’t need to wait for anything to download or install in order to start playing.

You may handle all of your emergency contacts with the help of Emergency Hq Mod APK. Contacts may be quickly and easily added, edited, and deleted. Army of Two has a mod called Emergency Hq Mod APK. It was developed by CptGoodguy and gives users access to premium features and material that aren’t seen in the original game.

You’re in luck if you ever find yourself needing to use an Emergency HQ Mod Apk. Users of the app Emergency HQ get quick and simple access to a variety of emergency services. Both Android and iOS smartphones can use the software, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Once installed, pressing on the symbols at the top of the screen will help you quickly discover the emergency services you require.


Due to its simple gameplay, theEmergency HQ Mod Apk for Android can be really addictive. When a fire event occurs, you can send your emergency response team to the scene; you’ll check that the team is coordinated with the house or vehicle and the surrounding area. Your repair team, engineers, and anyone who should do a mission close to a burning structure or vehicle may catch fire that prevents you from completing the work. You must therefore keep a watch on them while sending the firefighter to safety. You might help by organizing firefighters to spray fire extinguishers into areas where there are large fires and shield injured people from the fire.

If you succeed at a task, you’ll start the modified Emergency HQ Mod Apk with just one unit of each group. After completing several levels of gameplay, improving each of your firefighting buildings will add more people to your team. For instance, if you progress from having one specialist to having two specialists, you’ll gradually have a large team. This will help you complete your task more quickly and successfully.

Emergency HQ Mod Apk

Features of the Emergency HQ Mod Apk:


The simplicity of the game is what makes it so addictive. Call the fire department if there is a fire. Ensure that the tyre is hanging somewhere in the house or on the Automobile. Fires can impede medical professionals, engineers, and workers who must burn cars or are in close proximity to buildings from performing their duties. Therefore, we must monitor them and save the firefighters. Firefighters can use fire extinguishers to put out fires while also rescuing people trapped by a blaze. Medical staff will assist you in temporarily dressing your loved one at the same time.

Each team starts the game with a unit if you’ve performed certain duties, and you can get more as you progress. Each functioning building in the game can be upgraded once you finish a level to get extra party members. For instance, if you switch doctors, you have to hire more and more staff. Your work becomes quicker and more effective as a result.

Amazing and Enticing Rewards

If you accomplish a Bronze to Platinum task fast or slowly, you might win a variety of incentives and badges. The more cash and rewards you gain, the quicker you can finish the objective. Additionally, you can make a lot of diamonds by seeing advertisements or going to see friends and colleagues in order to unlock intriguing boxes and reveal the power they hold.

Exceptional Qualities

You can explore the various colorful and adaptable elements in this game. There are several incidents, from explosions to huge occurrences like terrorist arrests to relatively little ones like the saving of endangered animals, and this is also the game’s rally point and its main event. Because of the game’s straightforward plot, it is appropriate for players aged 7 and up. Additionally, the time management system in the game is a benefit and is well-liked by many players.

The game’s graphics are superb, and characters, structures, and explosions are all realistically simulated. Additionally, while playing games, gamers can zoom in or out on the screen. The activities to be performed and the total number of tasks are saved at the top of the screen to make it easier for players to keep track. You must restart the job and start it from scratch if it fails.


With coins, the base and rescue services are enhanced. Additionally, they are necessary when sending rescuers on a mission. Every routine or supplementary duty you do pays you. Your lifeguards’ patience is usually rewarded. Return to the base often to gather coins from the stations as a consequence.

There is a cap on the number of coins you can have. When you reach the maximum number of coins, you will no longer be paid by stations or for completing missions! Try to spend coins in advance to prevent losing money. The maximum number of coins that can be obtained increases with each enhancement made to the headquarters. In Emergency HQ Mod Apk, more features can be bought using currency. They can be built and trained faster, and special basic things can be bought to give you a long-lasting edge. Helicopters and Mass Boosts can only be purchased with crystals.

Laminator League

You can face off against other league participants. Assignments that are finished successfully get league points. The better, the greater your league points. The better, the higher your league ranking. You will be promoted to the following league if you conclude the season in one of the top six spots.The next season will begin once you have gained your first league points.If your club is in the bottom six in a league, you will be demoted to that level.

Obtaining Membership in the League

The Headquarters’ Level 2 You can sign up for the league. Once you have accumulated your first league points, you will automatically join the current league season. After the season is over, the league’s points are reset, and the battle for first place in the standings starts over.

Rewards for league play

being a participant in the player league. You will receive a bonus of Coins and Experience Points for each assignment that is successfully completed. At the conclusion of the Rescue Alliance league season, the top three Rescue Alliances will get Emeralds. As your league progresses, your awards rise.

Emergency HQ Mod Apk

Set Your Rescue Team to Work

For the purpose of defending the city’s inhabitants from various disasters, assemble a band of rescue warriors. Enter crime scenes and other circumstances where you need to look into and act to protect innocent lives.

Against the turmoil, defend

Utilize your team’s deployment and the available tools and services to navigate the sites. Notify the police, fire department, and other essential departments as needed.

Traumatic accidents that are hard to heal from

Find a lot of mishaps because there are thousands of tasks waiting for you to complete every day. However, difficulties like running out of water, gas, or other necessities will arise. You must therefore be prepared for anything that might happen.

Make a base of operations for yourself and join others.

There are many active rescue forces in the city, so accompany them on missions together with you. Additionally, design your headquarters such that you can communicate with the rest of the globe effectively and efficiently. With them, investigate the emergence domain and take the necessary actions to resolve the problems. Engage in contests and even numerous games to increase your chances of receiving resources and honors.

Be the team’s captain.

Create the security squad that will be most effective at preserving the lives of those around you in an Emergency HQ Mod Apk game. Gamers can respond right away if they notice any crime happening around them. They must look into every incident and place where a crime or other terrible event occurred and take appropriate action. The gamer will serve as the team’s captain and will assemble the squads in accordance with the circumstances.

Handle accident situations

Being a simulation game about sad events, be prepared to complete numerous missions involving accidents every day. While resolving these problems, a number of other problems, such as water scarcity, a car or truck running out of fuel, or other scenarios, may come up. Therefore, you must use your abilities to handle the situation and resolve all of these problems and obstacles. Always be equipped to handle any situation because anything is conceivable at any time.

HQ Create

The essential factor to think about first is to construct HQ. Gamers will be able to communicate with their surroundings and other departments more readily thanks to the construction of HQ. Gamers may interact with the rest of the world through this incredible item.

Establish Relationships With Other Departments

The game offers a number of additional departments that are working to improve the city. If a major sad event occurs and you are unable to fix it, you can join the other teams. Join various different departments to finish the missions.

No Ads

You may play the Emergency HQ Mod Apk game hack mod without interruptions because to its fluid gameplay. Gamers become irritated if an advertisement appears while they are completing quests. As a result, there are no advertisements in this apk mod.

Advantages Emergency HQ Mod Apk:

For gamers who enjoy playing strategy games, Emergency HQ Mod Apk is a highly intriguing and helpful title. We at Apktreee.com offer you modified versions of games that might already be available elsewhere with premium features such;

  • All of the characters are unlockable using your own.
  • In this mod version, you can earn an endless amount of money.
  • Purchase as many gems as you want.
  • will approach a number of locations in this game.
  • Never let an advertisement bother you.


  • Android’s Emergency Headquarters
  • Minimum Requirement: Android 4.5 or higher
  • Atheros 4 GB RAM
  • a reliable internet connection

Emergency HQ Mod Apk

How to Download and install Emergency HQ Mod Apk?

See the steps below to obtain EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy (Speed Hack) APK and other programs from Apkdhoom.com.

  • By using the download option located beneath the article, you can get it. The EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy MOD APK / DATA file will then begin to download automatically.
  • You must allow installation from external sources in order to install software elsewhere.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” in your browser: To allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store, go to Menu > Settings > Security and check for unknown sources.
  • After completing the aforementioned procedure, open the file manager and navigate to the “Download” folder.
  • Click the MOD APK file that has been downloaded there.
  • You can start the application and use it as usual after the installation is finished.
  • Note: You must uninstall the original version or another MOD version before installing the APK MOD.


Safeguarding Emergency HQ MOD Apk

The Emergency HQ is still the same, yes. Our tests show that it won’t damage your phone.

Can I use my PC to play Emergency HQ MOD?

Yes, you may use your PC to play the Emergency HQ Rescue game. Get an Android emulator from a third party and install it on your computer first.

How do I play the Emergency HQ game with infinite money?

Downloading the modified version of this game is required to gain unlimited money and everything unlocked. The Emergency HQ MOD Apk is also available for download from our website.


Interesting similarities exist between this game and the well-known game A 911 Operator. But the type of design and playing style that distinguishes the two games are what really set them apart. Despite being a straightforward game based on the 911 Operator card, Emergency HQ Mod Apk gives you a totally unique 3D graphics experience. You can play the game’s emergency center with firefighters, medical specialists, engineers, police, and other rescue personnel.

The purpose of the recreation game Emergency HQ Mod Apk is to safeguard players or destroyed structures. In addition, players in the game should manage emergency services and other specialized administrations. This game contains coordination, misbehavior, clinical and board debacle, order of cars and employees within firms, and salvage activities.

What's new

  • Daily and weekly tasks are now available.
  • A brand-new additional mission area is added to 1v1 mode!
  • For your emergency vehicles, new skins.
  • Create your own marquee using Oktoberfest for your rescue crew.
  • package! A staggering 500% more coins are produced and stored in your depots!
  • We wish all of our participants joy and a good time!



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