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You can be tested to assess the crime scene in a dangerous city rife with corruption and wickedness by participating in the game. You can have fun with your family, look for hints, and grow into one of the best spies. Criminals who commit crimes can find evidence of punishment by using clue analysis and pattern recognition. You'll be able to bring the assassin to justice by prosecuting the witnesses and those who have been charged after reviewing the evidence.
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Criminal Case Mod Apk 2.39 (All Level Unlocked) 2022

Criminal Case Mod Apk was created and published by Pretty Simple. In 2014 and 2015, versions for iOS and Android devices are encouraged. Since the beginning of 2013, Criminal Case has become renowned as one of the most popular, addicting, and versatile Facebook games. Currently, Criminal Case has received over 4 million votes and countless thousands of downloads, earning it a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

As soon as the game begins, you’ll be requested to examine the crime scene in the desolate village that is rife with evil and corruption. You can play with your friends, look for hints, and play the finest detective. You can find evidence to prove wrongdoers guilty by using samples as evidence and examining clues as evidence. You can evaluate witnesses and suspects to bring the murderer to justice by examining the evidence.

You can be tested to assess the crime scene in a dangerous city rife with corruption and wickedness by participating in the game. You can have fun with your family, look for hints, and grow into one of the best spies. Criminals who commit crimes can find evidence of punishment by using clue analysis and pattern recognition. You’ll be able to bring the assassin to justice by prosecuting the witnesses and those who have been charged after reviewing the evidence.

No matter our age, we have all had the goal of becoming the outstanding cop with all the necessary skills who comes out and exposes the exact culprit and brings justice back. Murder mysteries have always been entertaining. Nothing compares to the Criminal Case’s recognition when it comes to such apps.

A once-particularly popular crime-solving game on personal computers has been completely transformed into a modern says Android gaming app that allows the user to effectively put themselves in the shoes of a detective and conduct a careful examination of the crime scene in order to give you the angle clues and ultimately find the exact killer in time. You can also download the One Piece Bounty Rush Mod Apk.

Criminal Case Mod Apk

Do they possess the curiosity necessary to spot anomalies in the circumstances? Do you want to learn the tiniest, most minute details? All of us aspire to get better at solving problems like a detective. Criminal Case Mod Apk is just for a mentality like yours, then. Players will feel as though they are exploring a natural world with such realistic 3D gameplay. Please pay attention to the little things rather than letting thieves get away with their plans. Explore this Criminal Case’s appealing UI.

You can download a game from here for no cost that is unlocked. It is by looking into hints and assessing samples that we can find evidence that will be used to prosecute criminals. By reviewing the evidence and interviewing witnesses and suspects, you can identify the killer in the interim and bring him to justice. There are many different kinds of games accessible on many different platforms, but most people choose to use their Mobile Devices to play games.

In general, a good smartphone is the greatest gadget for this purpose, allowing you to play your favorite game whenever and wherever you like. It’s true that a lot of us enjoy playing mystery and puzzle games since it’s exciting to figure out puzzles and mysteries. I’m going to give a general description of the top puzzle and puzzle strategy games that require you to solve numerous violent scenarios.

In this game, you must uncover hidden objects to unlock your inner Sherlock Holmes and solve murder cases. You have to solve a string of killings that have been taking place in the Pacific Bay as a detective at a police department. You will be brought to crime scenes where you must analyze the situation and look for hints hidden in the image as part of the game’s highly interactive storyline.

You can examine a variety of crime scenes in the game and offer a theory. On your screen, several items are displayed. You can zoom in and identify the enigmatic killer by pressing on the name of the appropriate object. The game’s narrative about the setting, its inhabitants, and its surroundings is fascinating and compelling. Some photographs have the things concealed, so you have to look closely by analysing each one.

What is Criminal Case Mod Apk?

The game CCriminal Case Mod Apk has been hacked so that you can play it for free with limitless resources. You can acquire endless hints and clues to quickly solve a case, and all stages have previously been finished. You can play this game for hours on end without running out of energy because you have access to endless energy. Get infinite funds to spend whatever you like in the game. You can simply alter your character, and you can even get a pet that will aid you in case-solving.


Criminal Case Mod Apk Save the World Mod Apk has a distinctive gameplay style. You’ll arrive as a detective assigned to the city’s open investigations. Additionally, you’re going to save the city from being completely corrupt. Due to its straightforward gameplay and plot, even people who have never played a video game before can enjoy Criminal Case. On a PC, smartphone, or iPad, players can play this version, though.

Criminal Case Mod Apk

Features Of Criminal Case Mod Apk:

Become a detective to look into a corrupt city

The community has long been plagued by injustice. With your exceptional detective abilities, you are now showing up to complete open cases. To restore the once unsettling quiet, track down those heinous criminals and kill them. However, you shouldn’t let the criminals wander free because they might soon commit further crimes.

Free-to-Play Games

Players can relax knowing that the game is free to play and includes all of its exciting features. So take full advantage of the game’s distinctive and engaging themes. You can also make in-game purchases with the help of virtual currency that you will amass.

Together with your friends, look into cases

Fundamentally, you need the support of your coworkers when looking for high-level offenders. Dig deep into the details with your buddies to uncover the hints that will help you identify the real offenders. For fun and enjoyment, play the game with friends.

3D and realistic graphics

The realistic gameplay and 3D graphics make it even more captivating and addictive for players. However, gamers will find immersive amusement as you will drive your investigative skills into the game, which is necessary for full enjoyment of the game.

Look for hints

In both the game and real-life detective work, finding the clues is the first step. Given that you have nothing in your hands, this is the most challenging time. You must analyze every facet of the case from scratch in order to uncover an indicator.


Work expertise is not always easy because participants sometimes become stuck or perhaps lack knowledge. Players of the Criminal Case Mod APK can gather proof, find hints, etc. Additionally, there are numerous types of crimes, and every case is different. It will be challenging for the gamers to locate and condemn them.

Consider and ask

The goal of an investigation is to gather all the data required to interview every suspect. The final stage is to synthesize the information in order to identify the offender. Additionally, you must quickly identify the criminal so that justice can be served.

Top charts

In the cutthroat gaming industry of today, having excellent graphics quality is simple. Although characters can’t be controlled, the voyage is enjoyable.

Criminal Case Mod Apk

Gather Clues

In order to solve the case in a criminal case game, you must gather evidence. Throughout the game, you will come across many hints that can be put together to reveal additional information about the crimes. It becomes simpler for you to identify the criminal as you uncover more hints.

Examine crime scenes

You must travel to these areas since different places are where crimes are committed. You will be given crime scene kits for this purpose, allowing you to see the evidence discovered at the location of the incident. The evidence can also be photographed and sent for forensic examination.

Review the Evidence

Tap on a new piece of information you’ve learned about a case-related item to learn more about it. This will assist you in learning more about that specific clue or comparing it to other clues you are already familiar with. Choose your final deduction based on all the information provided on your investigative work with the Criminal Case Game Hack once all relevant comparisons have been made.

Assert witnesses and suspects

Different cases in Criminal Case Hack call for the interrogation of various categories of people. Throughout the game, you’ll get to speak with a lot of witnesses and suspects. You will learn something new about your case from every person you question.

Question Suspects

When you have enough information, select the suspect list icon in the lower-left corner of your screen by tapping it. Here, you will have the opportunity to question every potential suspect in order to ascertain their genuine motives. Ask questions that are closely related to each suspect’s involvement in the illicit conduct for Criminal Case Hack to obtain more accurate findings.

Investigate crime scenes and locations

Visit crime scenes or other areas after you’ve finished questioning suspects to look for any information that may be hidden from view by tapping on your magnifying glass symbol.

Gather Information And Compare It To Test Results

More difficult levels that call for gathering various types of clues and sending them for forensic investigation will appear as the game progresses. Here, you’ll compare your findings not only to those presented in the lab report but also to those found at additional crime scenes or locations associated with this case. You won’t be able to finish your assignment until all of these comparisons have been conducted accurately, which is why we employ Criminal Case Cheats.

Locate A Mastermind’s Location To Discover His/Her Identity

You will ultimately learn the whereabouts of the mastermind once all crime scenes and locations have been thoroughly investigated as previously described. It is now your responsibility to make this knowledge public by watching everything he does.

How To Download And Install Criminal Case Mod Apk?

You can download Criminal Case MOD APK. One can install this amazing program by following the instructions listed below after downloading the game.

  • Utilize the download button provided below to obtain Criminal Case Mod.
  • If you choose OK, the downloading process will begin.
  • Make certain that unknown sources are enabled in the mobile settings > privacy.
  • You will be on the installation page after the download is complete.
  • The Android will finish the installation once you click “install.”

Criminal Case Mod Apk

User Reviews:

Criminal Case Mod Apk Finding out who the criminal is in the mod game is an entertaining adventure game. In this engaging hidden object, adventure game, you will solve a number of murder cases. In this mod game, energy and hints are endless. The killers are simple to find, which will save you a lot of time.


The Criminal Case Mod apk has long been a popular option on the market. This app has amassed more than 50 million downloads in its four years of existence, making it one of the finest. Why is the question? Is it because solving crimes allows you to play detective? Or is there an alternative? Find out by reading on.

Why does Criminal Case Mod Apk have such a large fan base?

A. Despite the fact that there are a lot of games available, this program has managed to top the list for many users because to its elegant, tasteful, and aesthetically pleasing UI.

You can play innumerable cases, which prevents it from getting monotonous or repetitive. Additionally, you can select a male or female persona to be the game’s protagonist, making each playthrough thrilling and unique.

Is this app free or paid for?

A. Since The Criminal Case Mod Apk is available as a free download, it includes two game cases. You can choose to buy coins or keys if you want to unlock all the features, though. Remember that you may also find both of these goods in the game, but you’d have to put a lot of time and effort into getting them.

How do you gain access to every feature?

A. You can buy coins or keys, as indicated above, which you can use to access all of the features of this software. Additionally, you can buy more coins or keys but bear in mind that this will cost you actual money.

Do you need to know anything else regarding criminal cases?

A. You can find some information that will be helpful if you’re a new player or someone who is still learning the game. You must obtain stars for each level because the majority of them are locked.

You will get access to more crime scenes to solve as you earn more stars. You can also unlock extra characters, each of whom has special abilities and capabilities. By recommending this game to your friends on social media, you can also increase the number of cash and keys you receive.

Final Words:

According to the verdict, we can say that Criminal Case MOD APK is appropriate for all Android adventure and puzzle gamers. Additionally, if you enjoy case-solving games like Criminal Case, you’ll probably enjoy it right away.

You will receive all the wonderful premium features mentioned above without paying a dime. You don’t need to worry about the size or performance because you can play it on any of your phones. To have the best puzzle-solving experience of your life, get it right away!

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1. Tap the downloaded Criminal Case Mod Apk 2.39 (Unlimited Money/Energy) Download APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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