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Everyone aspires to choose a variety of jobs that fit their interests and help them realize specific objectives. They can investigate a variety of areas connected to their field, whether they are an engineer, doctor, mobster, or chef. Have you ever wanted to work as a chef in opulent hotels? Cooking Fever Mod Apk is an amazing game provided by Apk Kernel. Nordcurrent created a compulsive and simple restaurant management system. It enables you to prepare foods that are in high demand and creates some delectable sweets for your clients. In addition, the game was created in 2014 and has already received over 100 million downloads on the Google Play store.
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Cooking Fever Mod Apk 16.1.1 (Unlimited XP) For PC

Everyone aspires to choose a variety of jobs that fit their interests and help them realize specific objectives. They can investigate a variety of areas connected to their field, whether they are an engineer, doctor, mobster, or chef. Have you ever wanted to work as a chef in opulent hotels? Cooking Fever Mod Apk is an amazing game provided by Apk Kernel. Nordcurrent created a compulsive and simple restaurant management system. It enables you to prepare foods that are in high demand and creates some delectable sweets for your clients.

Let’s join Michelle on her culinary expedition and get into the well-known mobile cooking simulation game. Treat your customers to some delectable treats by trying out the confectionary starter restaurant. Feed the cravings of various customers while learning new skills to improve your cooking techniques. Additionally, you can add distinctive themes to your restaurant chain to extend it. Learn many fascinating facts about this game and enjoy its captivating gameplay even more.

Games are sometimes referred to as Cooking Fever Many people enjoy the game that my daughter has played. In the modern world, where smartphone games are common, everything is private. You are one of many people who have downloaded this free cooking game craze to play on your smartphone, preventing anyone from playing a cooking game independently. More than 100 million people download this. Download now and read excellent ratings on Google Play. Senior folks who play can enjoy it with children of any age. Even cooking fever is designed to be played by the whole family.

A well-liked game that is frequently updated is Cooking Fever Mod Apk. Many new features draw users in order to increase money. Spikes Upgrades!, a new vegetarian eatery, opened recently. Players can find some locally grown, fresh food here. It is put together in the newest restaurant in the resort service industry. In many other services, they can also be edited. To please your guests, serve nourishing peppers, pies, and quality salads. Also, be sure to maize the corn on the grill. European standards are brought in swiftly with a manner of service, and the dishes are always served.

The Cooking Fever Mod Apk 2023 offers limitless free gems and money. Cooking our people will take pleasure in this game and improve the appearance of their restaurant. and serve a variety of food to the patrons. The most well-known and thrilling kitchen-related game is this one. You can discover a lot more things here. Everything in your restaurant that is under your control depends on your ability to draw customers in. More assistance will come from cooking.  You can also download Swordigo Mod Apk.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk

cooking mania In this fun and free time management game, prepare delectable foods and desserts from all over the world! Select 8 original concepts for restaurants, ranging from quick food and dessert to an oyster bar and an Asian eatery. You can hone your cooking techniques and put your talents to the test in various situations. Make many hundred excellent recipes using more than a hundred ingredients. Utilize every culinary tool at your disposal to prepare a range of foods. In order to draw in as many clients as possible, decorate your restaurant. Make up your own recipes for things like cookies or muffins to help people remember you and come back to your business.

The ambitious time management project Cooking Fever Mod Apk immerses you in all the trade secrets of the kitchen. To ensure that your client is satisfied, create a variety of dishes and beverages while paying close attention to the preparation guidelines at each stage. Explore a variety of engaging levels to uncover new options that will let you simultaneously prepare a number of delicious dishes and unusual drinks. A game by Nordcurrent Studio has been made available so that you can experience firsthand all the challenges facing the restaurant industry. You’ll discover that wait staff members are not only considering tips, but also menu items, kitchen equipment upgrades, and other things.

An industry leader in food video games, Nordcurrent has released the time management game Cooking Fever. Serving meals as quickly as possible to your customers is the fundamental game mechanic. With just a soda and one burger at first, it’s simple, but as the plot develops, your restaurant expands and you start getting more business. Delivering more orders makes it more difficult, but this is where Cooking Fever tricks appear to make your job easier.

Games help to present research material to children in a fun way since they are less intimidating. Playing video games helps you achieve specific goals. To achieve goals, children must meet or even exceed their fundamental needs. The games also support the development of critical thinking, willpower, and self-motivation. Children are able to examine video games and resolve the issues. When kids interact with others in particular games, they will undoubtedly learn social skills.

You’ll enjoy Cooking Fever Mod Apk if you enjoy cooking and experimenting with new dishes. It enables users to instantly access in-game things they haven’t yet unlocked or carry out particular activities. You can cook a variety of foods from all around the world in this free smartphone game. Get the game right away to get some tasty rewards. The following paid levels, which can be played for an endless supply of coins and diamond coins, the game’s money, are accessible after downloading the game. Additionally, you get an increase in total lives, which means you don’t have to wait between levels, and you can make any dish without using any ingredients.

The design of Cooking Fever Mod Apk was inspired by time management video games. Players will have the chance to prepare delectable cuisine from five different continents in the game. for instance, fast food, desserts, Chinese food, spaghetti, shellfish, and numerous other obscure delicacies. In total, more than 400 recipes are available in Cooking Fever for you to examine and try. Players in Cooking Fever must complete 400 difficult levels in addition to the cooking assignment in order to enhance the restaurant and kitchen and prepare for the most demanding customers.

A hidden object and action game is called Cooking Fever. Your goal is to quickly prepare delectable burgers and fries so that you may quickly fulfill the customers’ requests. Free cooking demonstrations and online leaderboards are just a couple of the fascinating and entertaining components. Although the game is extremely simple to learn, you will need some practice if you want to become a top chef competing in international contests. Here are some pointers to get you started with this enjoyable game:

There are more than 8 sites where Cooking Fever Mod Apk serves food including fast food, Chinese, bakery goods, seafood, Indian, pizza, sushi, and breakfast cafe. More places and foods to cook are added to the game with every release. More than 150 ingredients are included for cooking meals, drinks, coffee, etc. It is actually a cooking-themed, highly addicting game, as its name suggests. Once you start playing, you’ll remain with it.

If you were looking for an APK, you can now quickly get the Cooking Fever APK from this page. You could need a Modded APK since you need Coins and Gems to unlock new locations, decorative items, and Ingredients. Well, you may download it from this page as well. You can unlock everything you need to prepare delectable dishes and decorate your restaurants with the help of this Cooking Fever modded APK’s unlimited coins and gems. A fun time.

A cooking simulation game is called Cooking Fever. To learn more about Food and Restaurants, those who enjoy cooking and look for games of this nature can play this one. In order to run numerous restaurants and make money, they must prepare food and a variety of drinks before serving the guests. One of the most played games in this genre is this one. You can pass the time in a very enjoyable way by playing your favorite sports.

A time management-based cooking simulation game is called Cooking Fever. It enables users to manage a virtual eatery. To expand your business, provide them with wholesome and flavorful food. Customer satisfaction is essential to the success of any organization. To provide better service, maintain your quality and speed. Thousands of recipes involving hundreds of items can be prepared using Cooking Fever. There is a collection of recipes for well-known foods available. A kitchen that may be customized comes with a variety of appliances.

You will adore Cooking Fever Mod Apk if you enjoy cooking and want to train to be a professional chef and open one or, why not, multiple restaurants. In this modified version of the popular Cooking Fever game, players may start with their own tiny fast-food restaurant and progressively expand by adding more and more items to the menu and building new and better businesses to boost their revenues. But with a little assistance, as you will have virtually unlimited gems and coins to purchase improvements more quickly.

Nordcurrent, a game developer, has created an appealing restaurant management game called Cooking Fever. Even though it has been around for a while, people continue to find it appealing. A hundred million downloads of the game have been made since the most recent update. Cooking Fever Mod Apk offers many sophisticated features, gorgeous 3D graphics, and extremely simple gameplay. You can play the game as a chef or restaurant manager to draw in more and more visitors from all around the world. Please come and discover out with us right away!

What is Cooking Fever Mod Apk?

This Cooking Fever mod apk unlimited coins and gems is a completely functional game for all mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android. You’re in the proper area if you want to obtain 99999999 coins and diamonds as well. Cooking Fever Guide & Secrets should be read before to downloading this game.
A simulation game called Cooking Fever invites the best chefs. As the owner and waitress, it is your responsibility to serve all of your customers’ food and beverages.

This kind of game is categorized as a time management and strategy game that requires your approach to run a profitable restaurant. There are many cooking games, but the fantastic feature that sets this one apart from the others is the optical items that you can see in this cooking game. The benefits of this game can increase a player’s desire in playing it daily.

Nevertheless, this type of game is quite fascinating. At each position, you must quickly assume that you have been successful. The challenges in this game get harder, but there are a lot of new things to consider in order to complete the task. Due of how challenging it is to play, this game attracts a lot of gamers.


Anyone may play the simple gameplay of Cooking Fever Mod Apk. There will be a tutorial that you must finish the first time you launch the game. The controls and mechanics that the player will employ are covered in the tutorial.

You can earn rewards by linking your social network accounts to the game. Cooking the food that your customer has ordered is the game’s goal. They must receive your selected order.

There will be a tremendous influx of consumers, therefore you must fulfill their orders as soon as possible because otherwise, they will become upset and leave.

If you complete the level successfully, you will be rewarded with experience and jewels.

You can upgrade your kitchen or restaurant with these jewels, and you can gain experience to level up. You can access the other eateries in the game once you reach a higher level.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk

Features of Cooking Fever Mod Apk:

Gorgeous and vibrant graphics

This game’s graphics are stunning and vibrant, and its gameplay is ideal for players who enjoy cooking and baking because it’s all about cooking in it, giving you a realistic cooking experience while still being a lot of fun.

No shortage of ingredients for delicious meals

You are given 350 ingredients to use in this game, and you can use those ingredients to prepare over 600 delectable dishes. With these materials, you can create an infinite number of dishes. You can also utilize your creativity and baking prowess to play this game.

Numerous Places To Play

As this game is really heavyweight, you will witness the most gorgeous graphics with a lot of locations and also have a lot of fun while playing it. There are 18 different locations where you may go and fuck your food in this game.

Many Levels to Participate In

There are 1400 wonderful and fun levels available in this game, and you can participate in all of them with ease. The complexity of each level rises as you advance in the game, so you will have a lot of fun.

Upgrade Your Ingredients And Kitchen

From using the money you have earned by beating the levels in this game, you can also update your kitchen and your ingredients. By doing so, you will receive more awards and have the potential to do better on the following level. You may also upgrade and increase the ingredients in your game.

Easy-to-use interface and age-appropriate gameplay

This game’s user interface is really straightforward and easy to use, and players of all ages can enjoy it because it is so simple to play and entertaining. You will have endless fun playing this game. You will adore playing this game over and over since it is so entertaining and addicting.

Unlock additional locations.

The best feature of the Cooking Fever Mod Apk is that it introduces players to vast regions that allow them to travel between different locations.

The Paradise Islands have restaurants.

You can go to the lovely islands while the city is in the background. Start at an ice cream shop and work your way up to a cocktail bar in paradise. You can fully immerse yourself in American culture with your Corn Dog Van. Take a taste of the delectable Café Mexicana. A fantastic site to learn about seafood is House of Crab. Spend some time making waffles at Sunset Waffles. You will be able to enjoy Asian street food with your Thai Food Stall. As an alternative, try Sandwich Shop. Let’s end by becoming a touch tipsy in a Sirtaki Tavern.

Alpine Mountain Dining

Go to your ideal spot and start establishing your business in the stunning, snow-capped Alps. Take in the landscape as you eat some delicious meat from the Smokey Grill BBQ. Enjoy a buffet in the Italian manner on the hillside. If you want to be more eco-friendly, choose the salad bar. Delicious coffee is offered at Michelle’s Café. A sweet delight can be found at Michelle’s Confectionery.

Improve your abilities

Your role in Cooking Fever Cheat APK has changed if you developed skills as a coffee maker in Idle Coffee Corp. As a chef, you’ll be cooking the meals that customers order. You have a range of options, including fast food restaurants, oyster bars, and Asian restaurants. become a chef with outstanding cooking abilities. You can use your creativity to create a variety of novel and intriguing dishes with a wide range of different ingredients.

Several tools will also be present in your kitchen. The likes of coffee makers, toasters, popcorn makers, etc. Everyone will help you prepare the meals according to the customers’ requirements, making sure they are utterly satisfied. Depending on the level, there will be a range of visitors and wait times. In the interim, they will pay you if they fulfill your demands. They will leave and the food you are making will be thrown away if you don’t.

Increase Your Appetite With Pictures

Cooking Fever Mod Apk provides a kid-friendly, all-age-appropriate visual image to help tie everything together and make it simpler to understand. The capacity to build environments and kitchens is also full of imagination and ingenuity, putting everything within the user’s reach so they can cook anything with ease. Additionally, the game’s graphic components make everything scrumptious and fascinating, even simulating a particular flavor on the player’s tongue.

A lot of fun and entertainment can be had to play the game Cooking Fever MOD APK, which also teaches players how to prepare delicious meals. This game can be a nice fit for you to play wherever and whenever you want if you enjoy cooking as a hobby.


The game’s plot is simple, and it allows players to visit several eateries to discover the excitement of becoming a chef. Each restaurant has a different set of challenges that put players’ concentration and adaptability to the test. Once they have completed the prerequisites for new eateries, players are able to work on and explore new goods immediately.

Offer the best cuisine

Cooking Even with straightforward instructions for the player to prepare a whole dinner and serve it to the customer, Fever’s gaming mechanics are straightforward and approachable. Particularly, almost every operation is automated, enabling players to focus and feel more at ease when preparing many dishes at once. Depending on the menu requirements, players will interact with each component as they wait for some things to be processed and added to the queue.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk

Open up new eateries using the culinary arts

Cooking various delectable cuisines in this entertaining free game, not just from one location but from all over the world, is addictive. This game features 13 distinctive venues, from fast food to oyster bars to oriental eateries, from sweets to fast food. To prepare a variety of excellent cuisines, there are hundreds of fresh, delectable ingredients and organic foods accessible.


The 2D format of the virus “Cooking Fever Mod Apk” is used. Only since other games in this genre also have 2D forms, which provide players with a familiar experience, did the developers build this game in that format. The most important thing to note is that, despite the typical design of the settings and characters, the food is prepared with great care. Users will like the game’s fascinating 2D graphics and clean, sharp visuals.

Utensils and equipment for cooking

In order to boost restaurant sales, chefs must have the best tools and equipment. Fortunately, the game has a thorough upgrading system that enables players to enhance everything from the worth of raw ingredients to processing speed to opening up new content to provide customers. By allowing players to often discover new items, the game becomes richer and more exciting. The upgrade procedure changes depending on the type of restaurant.

Work that has to be done

Every time you start a level, the Task menu will appear on the screen. You’ll notice a red number next to the task or notepad icon on the left. It shows how many tasks you’ve finished. The difference between Tasks and Achievements is that the latter is determined by the restaurant. On the other hand, accomplishments are game-wide.

Coins should be taken off the counter

By not requiring you to make chains, Culinary Fever differs from other games that simulate cooking. When you perform tasks in a particular sequence, such as serving at least three clients consecutively, a chain is formed.

Obtaining three stars on each level in Cooking Fever Mod Apk is your objective. Chains have no impact on your earnings. If you’re not prepared for the next round of clients, leave the coins on the counter. This will give you extra time to prepare the meal. You will be able to service consumers as soon as they arrive. It’s especially helpful if you just have one or two plates or cooking slots and a large group of customers orders the same thing.

Use your jewels as wisely as possible

Gems are required for the use of a lot of game items. Diamonds are required to obtain everything, including upgrades, relocation to a new restaurant, and other exclusive offers. However, the bulk of them is not necessary to finish the game’s stages. Upgrades to three table slots, for instance, are not essential if you can successfully manage your time. You can complete the levels using just two frying pans if you meet certain conditions.

Participate in the casino game

Once you have reached XP level 7, you can play the Casino mini-game and win up to 30 gems daily. The objective is to receive your daily bonus and launch your casino session right immediately. You have a chance to win 15 jewels with a $500 wager. You have two opportunities each day. Try your luck for a $500 chance to win two 15-diamond prizes every 12 hours.

How to Download and Install?

You must adhere to the following guidelines in order to obtain everything limitless and unlocked:

  • From the aforementioned URL, get Cooking Fever MOD APK or Regular APK.
  • Set up the APK on your Android device.
  • If you experience any installation issues, enable the “Unkown Sources” option under Security Settings.
  • the request for any additional permissions
  • Start the game and have fun.

Personal Reviews:

When I saw the variety of things, I fell in love with it in just one day. You may run restaurants, design the interior, upgrade the equipment in the kitchen, and buy new ones. I enjoy leveling up and collecting free gems. I advise everyone who wants cooking fever limitless coins and gems to do this.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk


Can I play the PC version of the mobile game Cooking Fever?

Although this game is not officially supported on the PC platform, you can play it on a computer by using an Android emulator. Install the game in the emulator after downloading it. Play the game by launching it in the emulator.

Can I get Cooking Fever for nothing?

Yes, this game is free to play, and you may easily download it. You can get it through the Google Play Store or from our website if you prefer the Apk version. Install the apk file on your device after downloading it.

In Cooking Fever, how can I earn gems?

Logging in daily and receiving the daily gem award is one way to earn gems in this game. You will receive daily rewards of two gems after logging in for 7 days straight. Gems can be obtained in this manner.

Is the Cooking Fever Apk download secure and safe?

The Apk for this game can be downloaded from our website in complete safety and security. Since every game and software has been thoroughly inspected, there are no viruses or other threats to worry about.

Final Words:

The ideal game for those who love to cook is Cooking Fever Mod Apk. Create recipes and cook by using the game’s instructions. We hope you find the information in this article on game features, what’s new in the game, download and installation procedures, and safety information useful. Visit the comment box below if you have any further questions or concerns.



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1. Tap the downloaded Cooking Fever Mod Apk 16.1.1 (Everything Unlocked) Latest Version APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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