Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems) 2022


Enjoy playing the game as the delicious and amazing cookie heroes from the dominion as you join forces to defeat the adversaries and bring about world peace. As you build and assume total control over your cookie empire, enjoy the addicting gameplay of the cookie simulator. Enjoy the addictive in-game activities with entertaining and captivating cookie heroes. Feel free to explore this unique sport as you fully engage in the Cookie Run Kingdom.
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Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk v3.11.102 (All Chracters Unlocked) Latest Version

The battle between good and evil is the focus of this game. You may build some fantastic structures here. These could be candy shops or jelly factories, for example. Your people will reside in these homes. You have citizens who resemble cookie cutters. Many different types of cookies have particular abilities and talents in your kingdom. They can be located and categorized based on their characteristics. Making a similar army of cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk will enable you to take on the opposition.

Enjoy playing the game as the delicious and amazing cookie heroes from the dominion as you join forces to defeat the adversaries and bring about world peace. As you build and assume total control over your cookie empire, enjoy the addicting gameplay of the cookie simulator. Enjoy the addictive in-game activities with entertaining and captivating cookie heroes. Feel free to explore this unique sport as you fully engage in the Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk.

In Cookie Run, players will have the chance to independently construct a stunning and sizable kingdom. To further complete your domain, you are also allowed to add decorations like accessories and other fun objects. You construct huge high-rise structures and develop a tiny community with all the amenities it needs. You can also add more trees to the streets to liven up and beautify this kingdom. Experience their extraordinary talents, fall in love with their voices, and dress them in chic new outfits. Show off your fighting prowess in Guilds, Super Mayhem, Cookie Alliance Battles, and Kingdom Arena!

With the help of exciting buildings and one-of-a-kind decorations, you may design your kingdom in this kingdom-building game and reconstruct overgrown ruins. Building a town is simple; just gather resources for your domain and create unique tools or tasty delights! In a Cookie Hero RPG, decorate your kingdom to your heart’s pleasure. Fight in a role-playing game simulator combat. Unlock new combat levels and learn about the Cookie universe’s mysteries. Compete with other players on the PVP RPG leaderboard.

Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk

When compared to other cooking games you may have played online on various websites or through other online and offline cooking games on your smartphone or tablet, this one is unique. It requires you to fulfill customer orders by cooking various cuisine items at your hotel or restaurant. For your exquisite food items and timely completion of the delivery, you will receive coins in a variety of gifts. However, in this game, cooking for others is not required; instead, you must battle evil and creatures that are out to get you.

These RPGs are incredible, and they allow players to advance through infinite levels that will put their ability and strength to the test. The Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk is the right game for you if you’re seeking a sweet and enjoyable RPG simulation. I’ll walk you through exactly how to get Cookie Run Mod Apk. Players have been hammering the creators to make the game more engaging and less monotonous for a while now. It’s time to take a closer look at the most recent update and discover more about Cookie Run Mod Apk now that it’s finally available. Are you prepared for a journey beyond your wildest dreams?

Through a sizable games store that is supported by millions of people, Cookie Run: Kingdom provides excellent fun. The fact that games in Cookie Run: Kingdom is neither Mod produced by apkdhoom publishers nor created by the creators themselves is one way in which it differs from other games. Many novice users, including young children, contribute to the Cookie Run: Kingdom gaming store. Players must acquire Cookie Run: Kingdom, a design program, in order to create games.

The creators of the well-known game Cookie Run have released a brand-new mod for it called Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk. Players can access the mod’s menu by pausing the game and selecting the “Choices” button, which brings up a selection of new features and options. This mod’s features include infinite money, the ability to unlock all of the game’s objects, and access to various other mods that can be used to alter how the game functions. The patch also offers a lot of other improvements in addition to these features.

Download Cookie the Run Kingdom, a role-playing game that Apktcs developed as a MOD. Our website has an overall star rating of 10.0 out of 10. You can also answer Cookie Run: Kingdom on our website, though, so that our visitors can learn more about the program. Visit the official developer website for more details if you’re interested in learning more about Cookie Run: Kingdom. Users give the average a rating. 17 users gave the app a 1-star rating, while 76 gave it a 5-star rating. The software has been downloaded at least a few times, but it may have received more downloads.

Are you prepared to start living your Kingdom? Prepare to take control of the planet by exploring and conquering various kingdoms! Any kingdom is available for you to adopt as your own and rule over. building structures and creating units by gathering crystals, gems, and other materials. Whether you create a charming castle or a terrifying haunted mansion, whatever you create will be yours. The gameplay is both easy enough for kids to enjoy and difficult enough for even the most experienced players. With this most recent upgrade, every kingdom is an island unto itself, with its very unique difficulties and rewards.

What is Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk?

Players can create their own cookie empire in the new Android kingdom-building game Cookie Run. In order to become the best cookie maker in the kingdom, players can open their own bakeries and develop their own recipes. Cookies can be exchanged for presents or sold in the market. There are various cookie varieties, and each has a unique combination of benefits and skills. Players will be able to employ new ingredients and recipes they earn as they advance through the game to build up their empires. You may play the entertaining and compulsive game Cookie Run on your phone or tablet.


Android players will find themselves absolutely enthralled by the unique universe of cookie characters right here in the Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk. It’s time for the cookie heroes to step up and take on their duties to vanquish the villains and drive them from the cookie world as nasty desert monsters try to capture the peaceful and harmless people.

Take part in your favorite cookie heroes’ attempts to vanquish the bad guys and unleash their superior cookie abilities as you enjoy the engrossing role-playing experience. Enjoy playing a sport with a diverse cast of characters, each with its own unique set of skills. Create the appropriate cookie groups to launch a variety of in-game adventures.

Enjoy playing this addictive cookie creator game in the meantime, which gives you the freedom to design and construct your own cookie empire. Make use of many patterns and embellishments to give your cookie kingdom a stunning appearance. And delighted to double your fun in the game with exciting online gaming where you may have fun with others.

Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk

Features of Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk:

The features of the downloadable PC game Cookie Run: Kingdom is listed below and are extensively covered. This information will enable you to understand this game clearly. Therefore, based on our observations, people who read a game’s features before downloading it performs better in terms of gameplay than those who are unable to do so. After reading the sections of cookie run kingdom online apk, move on to having fun.

The Cute Cookies

The majority of players in this game simply want to play as cookies. Each cookie demonstrates a separate function and voice made by top voice actors. We guarantee that after playing this game, you will fall in love with every cookie. When they engage in battle with monsters throughout your realm, they will appear even more magnificent.

Assemble your cookie pals

Making a kingdom on your own is not so simple. You must befriend the other endearing cookies after seeing them. Friends from Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk Hack will join your guild and let you build an army. You can get free assistance from this army in your battles with monsters and dungeons.

Get Rid of the Dark Evil Cookies

Many dark, evil cookies will strive to vanish your army and your kingdom around every area of cookie run kingdom mod apk. In order to prevent them from attempting to overthrow your kingdom, it is your difficult responsibility to eliminate all of these wicked and monster cookies from your domain. And only your army and guild are capable of making it happen.

Construct The Sweet Kingdom.

You can create a lovely kingdom for yourself and your buddies with the aid of numerous innovations and small tasks. You can build your empire once you have won in a stunning setting. There are numerous options in this kingdom that will enhance every aspect of your own country in cookie run apk mod.

Leaderboard’s top

The cookie-run kingdom download apk has a leaderboard system since it is an online game.
Achieving the top spots on the leaderboard is everyone’s goal because doing so makes them recognized all around the world. You might also accomplish it on your own with the aid of your guild. Try every strategy in the game that will strengthen your army. You will advance faster if your army is stronger.

Fabolous Images

This game includes embedded 3D visuals. The use of 3D visuals enhances and beautifies the gameplay. Therefore, it is a great chance for individuals who want to play this game on more advanced Mobile Devices. On the other hand, these visuals work with all common and typical devices.

Numerous Crystals

The premium currency in this game is crystals. You can now obtain the cookie-run kingdom infinite crystal apk thanks to our generosity. Once you download this app to your phone, you’ll have access to an endless supply of crystals. You will be able to freely purchase anything in your kingdom thanks to these limitless gems. With this functionality, you can also take advantage of a free cookie run kingdom mod menu. Increase the strength of your cookies for a simple triumph.

Interesting story

The game has a compelling narrative that is depicted in top-notch cutscenes. Players have control of a young cookie who must assist in restoring the kingdom after a wicked witch destroyed it in the game.

Charming heroes

The people of the kingdom are incredibly endearing. The main character, known as the Gingerbread Man, is supported in his endeavors by a variety of sugar pals. The Kingdom of Cookie Each of these people has distinguishing outside characteristics that are well-liked by the players.

Get fantastic bonuses

The objective of the game is to rebuild the destroyed kingdom by erecting new structures and safeguarding its surroundings. To do this, the player must finish numerous chores including cleaning up the forest and repairing the city. Everyday rewards for each player include cash, experience points, and rare materials.

Testing for Mold

The version has undergone extensive testing by the mod’s development team to guarantee proper operation. The player must first launch the game and select the menu using the round button in order to install the mod. The Kingdom of Cookie They can set the amount of harm they want to deal with to their enemies there.

Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk

All gamers can enjoy playable and friendly games.

Android players can engage in epic roleplaying adventures with adorably warm characters in the Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk. This Android roleplaying game is straightforward, enjoyable, and exciting.

Making your own cookie kingdom might be really enjoyable

With the cookie kingdom builder gameplay that is currently accessible to all interested parties, you can construct, design, and embellish your cookie kingdom. Work with a variety of structures with varied cookie-cutter applications for the community. Build towns using the standard navigation choices, and don’t forget to enlarge your kingdom so you may add additional towers. In the Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk, you can gather resources and make one-of-a-kind products with the aid of specific facilities.

The detailed and distinctive design features in the Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk will keep Android players busy with their lovely cookie metropolis. To make sure that your kingdom is constantly a celebration, you can decorate the structures with a variety of unique delights and architectural features. You can then embellish your kingdom however you like. You can design a kingdom that reflects Christmas, Halloween, and other occasions by choosing themes that reflect your hobbies or by adhering to the seasonal holidays.

Cookies with special abilities make intriguing buddies

Android gamers can acquire a variety of cookie characters with unique skills and abilities in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Unlocking every in-game character and utilizing each one’s unique abilities in battle will make it simple to lead your squad of cookie heroes into battle and bring honor to the kingdom. You can also assemble the most powerful cookie squad ever. This is accomplished by locating the legendary cookie heroes, assisting them in obtaining the cookie gems, and putting the cookie squad back together.

Play the game’s epic battles

As a side note, Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk has spectacular battle sequences to improve the gameplay experience. Players will be able to engage in RPG gaming like never before during these battle scenes.

Follow the cookie squads as they traverse the various regions on their epic trek through the cookie world. You’ll encounter several foes and partake in a variety of addictive activities in this game. Learn how to use your cookie’s power talents, intriguing abilities, and other abilities to increase its strength and likelihood of winning battles.

Boosters that have potent results

The Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk now offers a wide range of different boosters in addition to the special skills and talents of the cookie heroes. This enables you to unleash incredible force on your adversaries and strengthen your team. Try out the cookie toppings to give the various characters their unique abilities. To unlock your boosters and get ready for the battles ahead, complete daily quests.

Role-playing through incredible tales

For those who are interested, the fantastic roleplaying storylines in The Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk will take you through fun gaming. As you experience the RPG storylines’ adventures, you’ll enjoy playing through the game’s 200 exhilarating levels.

With story-driven gameplay, animated narration, and ongoing actions, this game will keep you fascinated. You will learn the untold history in this epic journey about the fallen Cookie Run Kingdom warriors. The intriguing narratives and compelling gameplay will appeal to you.

Play online games with your buddies to have more fun.

In addition to offline adventures, players of Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk have access to a wide variety of online cookie playtime choices. Play online cookie games with your pals by connecting to various servers across the world. You can explore the fantastic Guild Battle System and engage in hours of engaging PvP combat.

After a while, engage in online combat with actual opponents to feel challenged. Climb the leaderboards in ranking battles to win fantastic rewards and bragging rights among friends. Or join forces to battle in Guild Battles for a better good. By interacting with friends, guild members, and other online players, you may always stay interested in the Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk.

Unending cookie adventures

Players of the game can engage in epic fights with terrible foes while exploring the wide areas of Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk with the World Exploration challenges. A fantastic cookie challenge game with limited access to the frozen domain is called Super Mayhem. Your talents will be put to the greatest test by the Tower challenges’ never-ending survival struggles.

You will fight genuine opponents in epic battles for glory in the Kingdom Arena. Keep a look out for Today’s Bounty to participate in thrilling guild battles against other guilds and win free goodies.

Cookies turned into costumes for your heroes

Android gamers will have the option to create their ideal cookie teams in the Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk and customize their cookie squads’ appearances. To do this, cookie costumes and decorations will be employed. You’ll never be as astonished by them as when you try on numerous outfits for the heroes in various themes.

Languages Offered

Anyone interested in playing the Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk on their mobile device can now do it in languages other than English. Even if English isn’t your first language, you can quickly begin playing the game and learning about its features. The game will grow more and more inclusive as the language options are expanded.

By logging in, you will never lose your progress.

If you sign in with your social media or Google Play Service accounts, the game will always sync your in-game progress to make sure that your crucial in-game progress is never lost. If you login in from another device or have the game erased, you will lose your guest account.

Play for nothing

Despite all of its amazing features, the game is free to play for Android users. Download the app from Google Play to start making use of the game’s features if you’re interested in playing it for free. However, keep in mind that in-game purchases and advertisements will cost real money.

You are able to play a modified game on our website.

Therefore, we suggest downloading the hacked version of the Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk from our website if you want to eliminate commercials and some in-game purchases without paying. You can find a modified version of the software in this section that is ad-free and lets you buy as much game stuff as you like.


  • Build and design the largest cookie empire.
  • Battle your path to victory.
  • assemble cookie toppings and cookie pals.
  • Unlock the cookie run domain’s secrets.
  • The game’s animations are really nice.
  • fun but profound Playing a role.
  • Fantastic graphics are used.
  • Stunning gameplay.
  • Free to play and download.
  • Simple and easy to play

Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk

How to Install and Download Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk?


  • Select the download icon.
  • The beginning will be your downloading.
  • Make sure “Unknown Sources” is enabled in your device’s settings. Skip this step if “Unknown Sources” is already enabled.
  • Install Mod APK after downloading cookies, running it to avoid download advertising (it’s best to do this when connected to wifi or a mobile data plan).
  • Launch the Mod APK and begin playing with infinite resources.


Is downloading Cookie Run Apk from this website secure?

Yes! 100% safe. On our website, bad policies are not added to APK files. For visitors who require more functionality, we occasionally offer modified Apk files as well as outdated Apk files (source: Google Play Store). Be at ease. From our website, you may download, install, and play our apps and games.

Is this the updated edition?

Yes! The modified version is this. Please get in touch with us if it doesn’t work.

Do you have a link for direct download?

Yes! You can download the file with only one click after we posted it to our server.

Is this the most recent release?

Yes! The most recent version of the app is this one.

Unable to access the download link or receiving an error?

Please notify us if the download link is not functioning.


Your skill will be put to the test as you try to get around the Cookie Kingdom and gather as many cookies as you can in the addictive and entertaining game Cookie Run Kingdom Mod Apk. The game is made available for free on Apk App, but you will need to download the Mod Apk in order to acquire unlimited gems and money. Simply open the Mod Apk after downloading it and adhere to the prompts on the screen. Enjoy! You can also download The Catapult 2 Mod Apk.

What's new

  • Added Function: Titles
  • Cookie Odyssey, a new mode
  • Clotted Cream Cookie, a novel cookie (SUPER EPIC)
  • Wildberry Cookie, a new cookie (EPIC)
  • Numerous Improvements And Bug Fixes



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