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Carrom Pool Mod Apk As a very popular sports game recently, it gained a lot of fans all over the world who love sports games. If you want to download this game, as the world's largest mod apk free game download site — moddroid is Your best choice. In addition to giving you the most recent version of the Carrom Disc Pool, moddroid also offers Freemod for free, which enables you to avoid performing tedious mechanical tasks in the game and instead concentrate on the enjoyment it offers. Any Carrom Disc Pool mod released by moddroid is guaranteed to be completely safe, accessible, and cost-free to install.
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Carrom Pool Mod Apk 7.0.1 (Unlimited Money) Latest Version

Carrom Pool Mod Apk is one of the greatest board games available on the internet for android and iOS smartphones. The rules are all similar to the original carrom in this apk where you have to place all your chips on the side before your opponent. The cherry on top of the game is that it is a multiplayer game where you can play against some of the best carrom champions. You may also play with your pals by inviting them to join you in the pool.

It is a wonderful sport designed to play in a powerful method. It is a correct sport that simulates the physics of the carrom pool. The game is made more interesting and exciting by the numerous zigzag images it contains. The participant can utilize a beginner machine to learn the controls at first. Next, the participant can transfer to an intermediate machine, which is barely difficult. Also, there are numerous movies obtainable, which may be considered to higher perceive the disc carrom pool gameplay. In this publish, let’s see the disc carrom pool hack, with limitless cash, gems, gold, glitch & money-free. Without further ado, how about we just get started?

The carrom pool mod apk latest version has fully depended upon the two modes these are Classics mode and Disc pool mode. In order to play this carrom pool mod apk unlimited coins and gems, you must first log into your account using your Google or Facebook credentials. If you only want to play once, however, you may use the guest mode. If you enjoy it after playing then you may log in. Carrom pool 2022 is an easy-to-play multiplayer board game. You can also download Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk.

Carrom Pool Mod Apk

The Android Board Game Disc Pool Carrom is very popular in Bangladesh and South East Asia. It involves competing against other players online on a board with various coloured discs or pucks; our objective is to hit them with a larger disc to knock our opponent’s pucks into the corner holes before he does the same to ours. The Disc Pool Carrom APK MOD, also known as Carrom Pool Mod Apk, was just recently released. It’s exactly the same game with the difference that we can make the most of a few advantages that would usually take us a long time to achieve as we’d have to win loads of matches:

It’s commonly known that Miniclip created a fantastic game. Miniclip conversation brings back pleasant childhood memories for us. Thanks to advancements in technology, you no longer need a physical carrom board in your house. Miniclip has introduced a multiplayer Carrom Pool Mod Apk Game, which you can play anywhere and anytime. In addition to playing against opponents in real-time from across the globe, you may also play against friends in person. The game offers top-notch elements made to revive your fondest childhood memories. You may log in with your Google account, or Facebook, or play as a guest player.

With its variety of options, the Carrom Pool Mod Apk sets itself apart from other carrom games. You can become the best player on the carrom board by participating in a simple multiplayer game. It offers easy controls and straightforward gameplay. You go across the world to play against folks all around the world. You can access a large number of customization options by winning games. Players from all across the world can see your unique flair. You will receive Unlimited Cash with our 8 Ball Pool MOD Android.

A multi-player panel made by Miniclip is called Carrom Pool Mod Apk. The game has realistic feel elements, a reasonable view, and an ultimate appearance, making it sound authentic like playing on a real arcade board. Users must pot all of their own pucks that have been coloured by their opponents. Pot the “Queen,” controls it, and that is how a game is genuinely claimed by you. Therefore, merely bid the money, organized your strіker, and pot their pυck. It really is that simple.

Why use Carrom Pool Mod Apk?

In order to begin the game, you need to first, get familiar with the controls and play as a beginner. Moreover, if you have already played this game, you may already be familiar with terms like “coins,” “gems,” and other similar ones. You may also be aware of how challenging it is to gather these things. To gain infinite gems and coins you should download Carrom Pool MOD APK.

Today, I’ll provide you a download link to Carrom Pool MOD APK + Normal APK(this is for people who don’t want any sort of mod or stuff and feel that their carrom talents are far higher than anybody). Well, at first I had the same idea, but later I realized how vast the world is and how fierce the rivalry is among all participants.

Gameplay of Carrom Pool Mod Apk:

The Carrom Pool Mod Apk game is straightforward. The only thing you have to pay attention to is whether your tiles are black or white. Your next task is to strike them in an effort to place each one of them in the appropriate hole. On the top of the screen, directly beneath your picture, you can always see your score. This game has beautiful visuals and incredibly fluid controls that are really user-friendly. To find the throw tile, you must first tap on it. Then, tracing the trajectory with your finger, release it whenever you wish to release the tile. Unlock a variety of pucks and strikes.

Both Classic Mode and Disc Pool Mode are available in this game. With your friends from around the world, you can play online. Customize your pieces with a large selection of unlocked elements. To attract gamers from around the world, showcase your flair. You may enjoy yourself while playing this popular board game with millions of users. allows for offline play.

The game Carrom Poll is fantastic. Download APK and open it using your favorite File manager and install by tapping on the file name. If the installation does not start then you need to activate unknown sources from your Android settings. You may visit the official website for additional information if you’re interested in learning more about the Carrom Pool Mod Apk.

Carrom Pool Mod Apk

Features of Carrom Pool Mod Apk:

The game offers the following thrilling elements, to name just a few:

Play online with other players and your friends

If you’re interested, you may play the fantastic Carrom Pool Mod Apk with your friends and other online gamers. Friendly battles between players and friends frequently occur in the game of Carrom. Or enjoy more competitive challenges in the ranking process. To succeed, engage in combat and assault your foes. Get the proper place on the leaderboard in the Carrom Pool Disc Game to receive amazing rewards. And always have fun playing the games you have.

Smart Touch Controls and Reliable Physics

Carrom Pool Mod Apk provides simple tactile controls and precise game dynamics to make the game accessible and engaging. Use guidelines and interactive gesture control to encourage yourself to unleash your flawless strokes. Utilize the exact game mechanics to continue calculating and assure your victory.

Many pucks and attackers

For those of you interested, you will enjoy working on many of the upcoming Carrom Pool Mod Apk Games and pucks, each with its own unique uses. Test them all out and have fun with the tools at your disposal. It enables Android users to take full use of their favorite games.

Many Success Boxes to Enjoy

There are free win boxes available for you to pick up to obtain exclusive rewards, regardless of whether you win games, accomplish tasks, or complete various Carrom Pool Mod Apk game adventures. To get bonuses and interesting rewards, make sure you complete everything in the game.

Be Active and Receive Free Gifts

Players may win a variety of intriguing prizes at the Carrom Pool Mod Apk, which is very busy during the day. Encourage yourself to play the game daily so you can spend your free gold shots, which is a terrific opportunity to enter to win unique rewards. So if you want to enjoy the game, don’t miss them.

Many Success Boxes to Enjoy

There are free win boxes available for you to pick up to obtain exclusive rewards, regardless of whether you win games, accomplish tasks, or complete various Carrom Pool Mod Apk adventures. To get bonuses and interesting rewards, make sure you complete everything in the game.

Be Active and Receive Free Gifts

Players may win a variety of intriguing prizes at the Carrom Pool Mod Apk, which is very busy during the day. Encourage yourself to play the game daily so you can spend your free gold shots, which is a terrific opportunity to enter to win unique rewards. So if you want to enjoy the game, don’t miss them.

Increase Striker Quality and Turn on Some Effects

With the Carrom Pool Mod Apk, interested individuals can update the peak for no cost and activate several unique visual effects. The attackers are radically different from the others, owing to their upgraded qualities. With your new skills and interests, you may more fully enjoy an interesting online game.

Play the Game on Various Boards

Players using Android devices have access to the game’s stunning global venues, which adds to the appeal of the experience. Have fun experimenting with several tables that have unique setups and eye-catching aesthetics. All of these will link you to your preferred board game for mobile devices.

A fascinating game of carrom

Despite the fact that you may have played other carrom games in the past, this one is different and more engaging. You wouldn’t be able to replicate that real-world feeling in another carrom board game. The lack of functions and poor aesthetics might be the reason behind this. However, when you play Carrom Disc Pool especially, you almost teleport there. Due to its excellent features and detailed graphics, you will think you are playing a real-life carrom board game.

Carrom Pool Mod Apk

Play-Along Game

You will find it intriguing because it is a multiplayer game, which is why we say so. Playing against bots is OK up to a certain extent. But after you get proficient at it, you’ll realize that playing against bots is pointless. You will be able to play with real people when you play Carrom Disc Pool in particular. Bring your relatives or friends to the platform so they may join you in playing the game. You may contribute a little to the competition only to spice up your own experience.

Various game modes

The game has several themes. Let’s say you can switch the mode if you’re tired of playing Carrom Disc Pool in the same way. The simpler, classical, and hard modes are a few of those offered on this platform. You can begin the game on easier or simpler settings if you’re a beginner. You can transition to the classical model as you become older. When you are an expert at the task, you may select the challenging option and give it your all.

Online Friendship Gaming

Do your pals avoid you like the plague? You may download Carrom Disc Pool, tell your friends to do the same, and ask them to play with you online. You might feel like you’re all together thanks to the game’s setting. Therefore, coming home and playing online games with buddies after your workday at the workplace will clear things up.

Outstanding Graphics

You’ll have the impression that you’re living there, as we’ve already mentioned. Carrom Disc Pool has wild visuals. You wouldn’t anticipate that from a game of carrom. This distinguishes this game from all other carrom games and makes it a preferred choice for all fans of carrom boards.


If you’re searching for a fun and competitive pastime, the Carrom Pool Mod Apk is a great option. There are pockets on the board’s sides and corners, which makes it comparable to billiards. But it also includes some cool new features, including the ability to pocket discs right off of your cue-ball setup or to look for a center-pocket combination. For each successful shot, players receive one point, but lose all of their points if their opponent lifts their disc on the same turn! Even at late hours, it’s simple to learn and fun to play even if it seems complicated!

Different Game Modes

There is never a reason to grow tired of playing on the Carrom Pool table because there are so many various ways to do it! You can play one of our timed games or aim to hit just the white discs while concentrating on accuracy. You can also demonstrate some sophisticated trick shots. The Carrom Pool table offers so many choices that the amount of replay value is almost limitless.

Wonderful for All Ages

This game is great for kids since it’s simple to learn but takes practice and talent to master. Adults will also like it since they may test their talents against one another or concentrate on playing as a team with their friends or family. The Family Game Night is the ideal addition to your house since it is great for families to play together or with guests!

Night of Family Games

This game is a great option if you’re looking for a fresh and exciting method to keep up with your kids without ever leaving the sofa. What could be better than a family-friendly tournament where everyone is certain to have a good time? This game is special because it has straightforward rules that are easy to understand, even if you’ve never played it before. But the finest aspect of it, at least in my opinion, is how thrilling and quick-paced things can be!


By introducing your coworkers to the game of Carrom Pool Mod Apk, you can liven up a meeting or make your lunch break just a little bit nicer. Carrom blends talent and strategy as you attempt to accomplish a variety of goals, some of which even call for a certain amount of expertise. When it turns out that you have a game that people want to play, you’ll be surprised at how much more well-liked you become. There are modes for everyone, whether they prefer playing on the computer or watching TV; this is ideal for everyone!

Carrom Pool Mod Apk

How to Download Carrom Pool Mod Apk?

  • The Carrom pool mod apk is simple to download and set up.
  • By clicking a button, you can download this game to an Android smartphone.
  • You must first provide permission to all unknown sources before you can download this game.
  • After the download is finished, the game must be installed.
  • Download the carrom pool mod apk by following the directions we provide.

How to Install Carrom Pool Mod Apk?

  • Go to the primary settings of your device.
  • Open the security options
  • Enable all unauthorised sources needed to install the programme.
  • Permissions ought to be given
  • In the file manager, launch the game’s file.
  • When the file has been opened, click the install button.
  • The installation procedure will eventually start.
  • Open the game after the installation is finished.
  • The game is now playable.


Why should I download this game?

It is the modded version and totally different from other normal carrom games due to color pockets.

Is this game online or offline?

You can play this game both offline and online.

What to do if I find a problem in installing?

Fulfill the game requirements and allow permissions to properly install the game.

How to hack the Carrom Pool Mod Apk?

Get the carrom download from our website and get the totally hacked features.

Is this game safe or not?

Yes, surely the carrom pool mod apk is totally safe and secure. Moreover, It is completely tested by our developers.


Play Carrom Pool MOD Android with your friends and all around the world by downloading it. Carrom is a game that doesn’t need to be defined as it is well-known around the world. The ideal method to play is with a game of carrom. Carrom Pool MOD APK is the best platform to play it on since it gives you a variety of game possibilities. Why are you holding off on downloading the game so long? Play with players from around the world by downloading the app.

What's new

  • Bugs Fixed
  • Performance Improved
  • New features added



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How to install Carrom Pool Mod Apk 7.0.1 (Unlimited Coins and Gems) Download APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Carrom Pool Mod Apk 7.0.1 (Unlimited Coins and Gems) Download APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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